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Coach: Jim Delaney
Year on the Job: 7th
Home Field: Grass
2015 Record: 1-9
2016 Nemesis:  Montville


Freakishly Talented: Junior Gavin Hunsicker (5-10, 170) and sophomore Jacob Liscinky (5-11, 172) are both great athletes and are both competing for the QB position. Really doesn’t matter who wins QB because the other will be a big part of the offense. Oh by the way, these two are also the starting linebackers.
Where’s the Beef: At 6-foot, 216-pounds OL/DL Cliff Rutter may not be your typical XXXL jersey wearing lineman. He’s built like an ox with technique and quickness  which makes him much bigger than he is.
Emotional Leader: Junior runningback Jake Phillip (5-8, 180) is a key cog in this offense and once he starts getting fired up, the entire team rallies behind him.
Will be a Household Name: Two guys to watch out for are 6-1, 205-pound senior TE Levi Burnell and junior RB/DB Rob Turro (5-10, 175). Both guys are quiet leader-types who have put the time in the off-season. Footage of both of these guys will get a lot of rewind time in opposing coaches film sessions.
Beast Watch: A guy who I can’t wait to see is 5-9, 181-pound fullback/tailback Chad Musilli. He can pound through defensive tackles, pancake linebackers or break the ankles of a defensive back…all on one play.

2016 Prediction

High Point went 1-9 last season but don’t think for a second it was a washout of a season. Many of those players were sophomores and juniors who got a tremendous amount of varsity experience. Now this group is another year older and had an off-season that included a significant amount of time in the weight room to build strength…which they did.

Opponents can expect a hungry High Point team to be looking to be very relavent in 2016 (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Opponents can expect a hungry High Point team to be looking to be very relevant in 2016 (photo by Lisa Mita).

The other thing you have to love about this High Point team is that its led by 7th year coach Jim Delaney. Delaney is a total X’s and O’s guy who always has his team prepared and well schooled on traditional football fundamentals – blocking, tackling and execution.

Our staff was observing during High Point’s scrimmage against Hanover Park this August. “Hanover Park seemed to be a lot bigger but the High Point line was getting so low and blocking so well. You could see the Hanover guys getting so frustrated because they couldn’t figure out how to be past these blocks,” Lisa Mita, Morris Sussex Sports photographer, said.

You can always well executed plays from a Jim Delaney coached team (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

You can always well executed plays from a Jim Delaney coached team (photo by Lisa Mita).

There are some real reasons why you should be a High Point season ticket holder this season. First of all every single game will be a barn burner. You have to like every single match-up on their schedule.

Secondly, no team has much more of a home field advantage than the Wildcats. Because High Point is basically located in upstate New York opponent’s head start playing games with them as they make the long trek on Friday evenings. Opposing coaches hate it because by the time they get off the bus, they barely have enough time to get their team stretched before the opening whistle blows.

If the Wildcats can win the battle in the trenches they can expect to play well into November and maybe even December (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

If the Wildcats can win the battle in the trenches they can expect to play well into November and maybe even December (photo by Lisa Mita).

The third reason is this Wildcat team has a quiet edge to them. “This is a hardworking group of kids,” Delaney says. “They are quiet. They are not hooting and hollering. But they are very serious about what they are doing.”

My prediction is if teams overlook this Wildcat team they will be in for a surprise. If you let High Point get ahead early, they are the kind of team that will squeeze tighter the better grip they get. Will they be hoisting the NJSIAA trophy at MetLife Stadium in December? Gaining confidence through wins will dictate that. Once this team realizes they can hang with anyone, then the sky will be their limit.

2016 Schedule

9/9 @ Jefferson
9/16 West Milford
9/23 @ Mount Olive
10/1 Montville
10/8 @ Morris Hills
10/14 @ Kittatinny
10/21 Vernon
10/28 @ Parsippany
10/4 Sparta

2016 Roster

Burnell, Levi12446'1205TEDL
Craig, Connor12
DeCarlo, Dylan12125'11157WRDB
Douma, Matt12235'9160WRDB
Eutermark, Steve12606215OLDL
Franko, Brian12215'10170WRDB
Kocher, Trevor12355'8171RBDB
Gilmore, Tommy1235'7149RBDB
Rivas, Sergio1277
Rutter, Cliff12596'0216OLDL
Borowic, Jon11165'8150WRDB
Destefano, Oak11115'11168TELB
Flores, Hunter11545,7195RBDL
Frei, Eric11676'180OLDL
Horlacher, Devin11805'11170TEDB
Hunsicker, Gavin11225'10170QBLB
Labar, Brandon11526'221OLDL
Lake, Cam1155'7165WRDB
McCarrick, Ryan11365'7168RBLB
Musilli, Chad11315'9181RBDB
Nasca, Dan11195'8170TELB
Philip, Jake1175'8180RBDB
Ratz, Shane11585'11210OLDL
Reilly, Devin11825'8'120RBDB
Turro, Rob11255'10175RBDB
Varga, James11655'9205TEDL
Yanoff, Alex11726'205OLDL
Burke, Joe10645'11200OLDL
Carter, Matthew10426'2'186TEDL
Dupont, Jake10105'10150RBDB
Dvorak, Davis10205'6162RBDB
Farischon, Cody10776'2260OLDL
Ghysels, Logan10275'9130WRDB
Goralscyk, Storm10565'9160OLLB
Lewis, Andrew10635'6186OLDL
Liscinsky, Jacob1095'11172QBLB
Liscinsky, Justin10245'11156RBLB
Mason, Tyler10455'8151RBDB
Mazz, Zach10685'8165OLDL
Millan, Raekae10505'8165OLLB
Morales, Jonathan10765'9225OLDL
Morris, Jon10576'185OLDL
Rupaul, Marquis10415'4110WRDB
Sabo, Grayson1025'10135QBDB
Scymanski, Ryan10706'4200OLDL
Seward, Aaron10145'11125WRDB
Shorr, Tyler10625'5150OLDL
Swartz, Ethan10695'6150OLDL
Sybesma, Connor10155'10165OLDL
Takacs, Kyle10555'5150OLLB
Umstead, Matt10265'6150RBDB
Whitteaker, Liam10615'9220OLDL


George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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