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Twenty years from now two current football players from two separate teams in Morris Sussex will be in a business meeting and the topic will come up about where they grew up.  They will soon realize they both played football around the same time, but not in the same division.

“Madison was really good that year,” one will say.  “Yeah, so was Roxbury,” the other will respond.  “Boonton was good that year too.”  The banter will continue.  “Gabe, er, Gage Cabalar was a maniac that season,” the other will recall.  “Remember Sussex Tech had a beast of a runningback?  He was, like, 230 pounds and ran like a deer.”  “Yeah, what was his name?”

Meanwhile the other people around the conference table will be like are you guys going to have this geek-out session all afternoon or can we get back to business?  But this is what makes high school football like nothing else.  You can’t explain it to people on the outside.

It is with this in mind that we sum up the season with our 2015 All Unruly Awards.

Morris Sussex Sports Awards

Madison head coach Chris Kubik was absolutely masterful in the way he prepared his Dodger's down the stretch to win his forth title as the Rose City's head man (photo by Mattie Marano).

Madison head coach Chris Kubik masterfully prepared his Dodger’s to win his forth title as the Rose City’s head man (photo by Mattie Marano).

All Unruly Coach of the Year: Chris Kubik – Madison
All Unruly Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year: Chatham
All Unruly Player of the Year: Gage Cabalar – Boonton
All Unruly Offensive Player of the Year: Grant Dixon – Roxbury
All Unruly Defensive Player of the Year: Anthony Olivieri – Hanover Park
All Unruly Quarterback of the Year: Donato Casolaro – Hanover Park
All Unruly Runningback of the Year: Shyhiem Outland – Sussex Tech
All Unruly Receiver of the Year: Tomasz Radomski – Hanover Park
All Unruly Offensive Lineman of the Year: Sam Howson – Pope John
All Unruly Defensive Lineman of the Year: Mike Aiello – Mountain Lakes
All Unruly Linebacker of the Year: Quinn Sweeney – Boonton
All Unruly Defensive Back Player of the Year: Jo Jo Mobley – Madison
All Unruly Specialist of the Year: Craig Roumes – Roxbury
All Unruly Most Versatile Player of the Year: Dan Castiglia – Butler
All Unruly Heart of a Lion Player of the Year: Dom Luppino – Madison
All Unruly Unsung Hero of the Year: Joe Lapinski – Morris Catholic
All Unruly Rookie of the Year: Chase Cramer – Newton
All Unruly Award for Leadership: Sonny Abramson – Pope John
All Unruly Selfless Award: Mike Yarosz – High Point
All Unruly Marching Band of the Year: Roxbury
All Unruly Cheerleader Team of the Year: Morristown
All Unruly Booster Club of the Year: Sussex Tech

The All Unruly Team

First Team Offense

Grant Dixon was one of the most dominating offensive players in all of Morris Sussex in 2015 (photo by and edited by Dom Falivene).

Grant Dixon was one of the most dominating offensive players in Morris Sussex (photo by and edited by Dom Falivene).

Team Captain: Sonny Abramson – Pope John, Senior

Abramson was one of the all-time greats to come out of Morris Sussex and this year’s el capitan of the All Unruly Team. The four-year starter finished with over 7,400 yards-passing and 85 TDs.
PRO COMP: Andrew Luck
Madden Rating: AWR 99

Quarterback: Donato Casolaro – Hanover Park, Junior

Casolaro guided one of the most talented teams since 1990 to the semifinals of the state tourney. He passed for 2387 yards and 21 TDs and ran for another 627 yards and 13 TDs as a junior.
PRO COMP: Fran Tarkenton
Madden Rating: AGI 98

Quarterback: Grant Dixon – Roxbury, Senior

Dixon was the best player on the field every game he played this season. He passed for 2068 yards and 18 TDs and zero INTs while leading his team in rushing with 535 yards and another 9 TDs.
PRO COMP: Cam Newton
Madden Rating: STR 98

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Quarterback: Gage Cabalar – Boonton, Senior

Gage is going to be remembered as one of the most legendary players to come out of Boonton High School. He ran for 1,282 yards and 14 TDs as he took the Bombers all the way to the semifinals with a 9-2 record.
PRO COMP: Doug Flutie
Madden Rating: ELU 98

Runningback: Shyhiem Outland – Sussex Tech, Senior

Outland rushed for over 100 yards nine times and for over 200 yards four times on his way to a 1,733-yard, 21-touchdown senior campaign. At 6-1, 225 pounds and with speed of a cheetah, Outland was terrifying to compete against, which is what helped him guide his Mustangs to their first playoff bid in school history.
PRO COMP: Bo Jackson
Madden Rating: CAR 98

Runningback: Berrell Neal – Pope John, Sophomore

As a sophomore Neal dazzled for nearly 1,400 yards and 19 TDs while leading the Johnnies to 7-3 record. He has the speed, agility and natural talent to make the moves but at 5-9, 200 pounds he also has no trouble running over a linebacker.
PRO COMP: Emmitt Smith
Madden Rating: JKM 98

Runningback: Chase Cramer – Newton, Sophomore

Cramer came on the scene like a bat out of hell with his 276-yard, 3-TD performance against MoBeard in Week 2. He seems to have an extra gear no one can shut down, and his 1,369 yards and 15-TDs for the season are among the top in the state.
PRO COMP: Devin Hester
Madden Rating: ELU 98

Fullback: Avery Sheruda – Jefferson, Senior

I don’t care that Sheruda made 106 tackles from the linebacker position, with size at 6 foot, 246 pounds, along with the speed and agility, I also want this kid carrying the ball for my team. My favorite Sheruda moment is when he leaped over a Hackettstown defensive back on his way to a big gain. They will be talking about that one for years.
PRO COMP: Larry Csonka
Madden Rating: TRK 98

Wide Receiver: Alex Lerman – Par Hills, Senior

When the Vikings needed a play everyone knew it would come from the 5-9, 170-pound Lerman, and time after time he delivered. Lerman is one of the hardest working and most improved players in Morris Sussex and he has the stats ( 816 receiving yards and 11 TDs) to prove it.
PRO COMP: Julian Edelman
Madden Rating: CTH 98

Wide Receiver – Rich Stecher – Wallkill Valley, Senior

When senior QB Marko Bakovic transferred to Walkill Valley, Stecher volunteered to step down from passer to receiver. The Bakovic-to-Stecher combo when on to connect 68 times for 1045 yards and 12 touchdowns.
PRO COMP: Marvin Harrison
Madden Rating: CIT 98

Wide Receiver: Tomasz Radomski – Hanover Park, Senior

This area has not seen  this kind of talent in a receiver since Butler’s Andrew Turzilli. At 6-2, 190 pounds, Radomski was dominant all season (58-982-10), and the main target of quarterback Donato Casolaro, who was in the Top 5 in the state for multiple passing stats.
PRO COMP: Brandon Marshal
Madden Rating: SPC 98

Tight End: Dean Gannett – Sparta, Senior

Gannett was one of the top tight ends in the state over the last two years. and leaves Sparta as their all-time leading receiver. He was a force on both sides of the ball but with 27 career-TDs he was lethal on O.
PRO COMP: Tony Gonzalez
Madden Rating: STR 98

Offensive Lineman: Sam Howson – Pope John, Senior

If the whole college thing doesn’t work out Howson can get a job as the cook at IHOP because nobody serves up more pancakes than this guy. There is no way this team rushed for 2,700 yards without him barreling over multiple defenders on every play.
PRO COMP: Eric Mangold
Madden Rating: IBL 99

Offensive Lineman: Rich Fritzky – Lenape Valley, Senior

For three years, Fritzky started for one of the deadliest running attacks in Morris Sussex. He is probably the best one-on-one blocker and a down-in-the-dirt player we just can’t get enough of.
Madden Rating: RBK 97

Offenisve Lineman: Connor Young – Roxbury, Senior

Young was the anchor of a dominant offense that produced 3,600 yards and 39 TDs. He was also a natural leader whose work ethic and attention to detail raised the standards of an entire team.
PRO COMP: Gary Zimmerman
Madden Rating: PBK 98

Offensive Lineman: Anthony Marino – Boonton, Senior

At guard Marino paved the way for this offense to rush for 3,200 yards and 38 TDs (no, that is not a misprint). He is one of the most technically sound blockers in Morris Sussex and epitomizes the phrase finish the drill.
PRO COMP: Bruce Matthews
Madden Rating: AWR 98

Offensive Lineman: Shane Horn – Madison, Senior

Horn was dominant from the first game of the season all the way to the state championships. His performance against Hanover Park, Mountain Lakes, Lenape Valley and Rutherford made some of the top defensive linemen in the state look tame.
PRO COMP: Kevin Mawae
Madden Rating: ACC 98

First Team Defense

No player brought more intensity to the gridiron this fall then Hanover Park linebacker Anthony Olivieri (photo by Lisa Mita).

No player brought more intensity to the gridiron than Hanover Park linebacker Anthony Olivieri (photo by Lisa Mita).

Defensive Lineman: Mike Aiello – Mountain Lakes, Senior

At 6-2, 260 pounds, and with the speed of a runningback, Aiello is the scariest defender in Morris Sussex. With 53 tackles, 9 sacks, 2 blocked kicks and several championship rings, Aillo is among the all-time greats to come out of Mountain Lakes.
PRO COMP: Mean Joe Greene
Madden Rating: SPD 98

Defensive Lineman: Dalyn Wade-Perry – Pope John, Junior

An offensive coordinator from a team that opposes Pope John nominated D-Wade. The coach explained Wade-Perry is just a pain to gameplan for. At 6-3, 290 pounds, and with power that is just not human, watching DWP play in high school is like watching Michael Jordan in a CYO basketball game.
PRO COMP: Dalyn Wade-Perry (it’s just a matter of time)
Madden Rating: STR 98

Defensive Lineman: Ryan Hill – Par Hills, Senior

Hill moves so fast his highlight reel looks like it’s on fast-forward. With 6 sacks, 3 caused-fumbles, 2 blocked- punts in 2015, and a state championship ring in 2014, they’ll be telling stories about this guy for years to come.
PRO COMP: Tony Siragusa
Madden Rating: PMW 98

Defenisve Lineman: Greg Cooper – Lenape Valley, Senior

Nobody, and I mean nobody, brings more passion to the game of football than Cooper. His 28 tackles and 12 sacks are records for LV, setting his legacy with the Patriots.
PRO COMP: The Ultimate Warrior
Madden Rating: TAK 98

Linebacker: Tommy Hunt – Kittatinny, Senior

Every week for the last two years Hunt was a dominating force for the Cougars. Despite being consistently double-teamed, he was a fierce player that was in on every tackle, and finished with 95 for the season.
PRO COMP: Mike Singletary
Madden Rating: AWR 98

Linebacker: Jared Salgado – Par Hills, Senior

Salgado leaves high school with a state championship ring and 392 tackles. Yes, 392 tackles! He’s also a leader on and off the field, and I predict he will be the youngest player inducted into the Par Hills HOF.
PRO COMP: Dick Butkus
Madden Rating: POW 99

Linebacker: Anthony Olivieri – Hanover Park, Senior

No one received more nominations than Olivieri. His senior campaign included 143 tackles, 24 for loss, 5 sacks, 4 forced-fumbles and 2 recovered-fumbles while taking his Hornets to the semifinals.
PRO COMP: Ray Lewis
Madden Rating: TAK 99

Linebacker: Quinn Sweeney – Boonton, Senior

Sweeney was the heart and sole of the Boonton defense and one of the most fearless and energetic players in Morris Sussex. His leadership was a key reason the Bombers held opponents to less than 9 points per game.
PRO COMP: Brian Urlacher
Madden Rating: SPD 98

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Let everyone know how All Unruly you are with your own T-shirt! Click the picture to purchase.

Defensive Back: Tom Crooks – Pequannock, Senior

No team played with a defense as dominate as Pequannock. And one of the reasons for that domination was Crooks, who was the strongest, fastest and most ferocious player on the field in every game.
PRO COMP: Ronnie Lott
Madden Rating: STR 98

Defensive Back: Wayne Patterson – Pope John, Senior

Patterson was a lock-down defender through the 2015 season. Although he was forth on the team with tackles, his greatest achievement was shutting down every receiver he faced.
PRO COMP: Deion Sanders
Madden Rating: MCV 98

Defensive Back: Jo Jo Mobley – Madison, Senior

Mobley is probably the biggest playmaker in Morris Sussex. His Pick-6 in the state finals game at MetLife Stadium changed the momentum in Madison’s favor.
PRO COMP: Rod Woodson
Madden Rating: PRC 98

Defensive Back: Jake Spagnola – Mountain Lakes, Senior

Spagnola left it all on the field week after week. His senior-year stat line includes 43 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 INT and 3 blocked kicks. Who the hell blocks THREE kicks?
PRO COMP: Champ Bailey
Madden Rating: PUR 98

First Team Specials


Whether on offense, defense, or special teams, no player was more versatile than Roxbury’s Craig Roumes (photo by Chris Chambers).

Kicker: Joe Mahal – Hackettstown, Senior

Mahal was a special teams phenom this season by going 4-5 on FG’s (longest 42) and 28-30 on extra points. He was also an assassin with his foot in the punting game by constantly pinning opposing teams with horrible field position, including a masterful 63-yard punt.
PRO COMP: Adam Vinatieri
Madden Rating: KPW 98

Punter: Dan Duffy – Pequannock, Senior

When a team is as successful as Pequannock, there is always a good specialist behind the scenes. No one pinned more defenses as far back as the Duffinator consistently was able to do.
PRO COMP: Reggie Roby
Madden Rating: KAC 98

Punt Returner: Craig Roumes – Roxbury, Senior

When you look up a definition of “throwback football player” a picture of Roumes pops up. This guy can play any position any day of the week, and was a dependable contributor to Roxbury’s season-long success.
PRO COMP: Jim Thorpe
Madden Rating: RET 98

Kickoff Returner: Andrew Sanders – Delbarton, Senior

No skill player has been more consistent over the last three years as Sanders. He capped his senior year with 1,000+ yards of offense and 12 TDs.
PRO COMP: LaDainian Tomlinson
Madden Rating: BCV 98

Utility Player: Danny Castiglia – Butler, Senior

Pound for pound Castiglia is probably the best all around skill player in Morris Sussex. In 2015 he had 145 touches (receiving and rushing) for 1,334-yards and 14 TD’s.
PRO COMP: Marshall Faulk
Madden Rating: AGI 99

All Unruly Second Team

Second Team Offense

AAU 16

North Warren’s Nick Heinz’s consistency at runningback was a key reason the Pats went 7-3 against a tough division (photo by Doug Wetmore).

QB – Marko Bakovic – Wallkill Valley, Senior : Steve Young
QB – Nick Verducci – Par Hills, Sophomore PRO COMP: Eli Manning
QB – Kyle Lisa – Whippany Park, Sophomore PRO COMP: Russell Wilson
RB: Nick Heinz – North Warren, Junior PRO COMP: Earl Campbell
RB – Stevie Leyden – Lenape Valley, Junior PRO COMP: Marcus Allen
RB – Dom Luppino – Madison, Senior PRO COMP: Curtis Martin
FB – Brandon Reis – Lenape Valley, Senior PRO COMP: John Riggins
WR – Tucker Voelbel – Roxbury, Senior PRO COMP: Greg Jennings
WR – Robert Greenwald – Whippany Park, Senior PRO COMP: Reggie Wayne
WR – Michael Josephs – Lenape Valley, Junior PRO COMP: Steve Smith
TE – Sam Johnson – Delbarton, Senior PRO COMP: Jeremy Shockey
OL – Taylor Parkison-Gee – West Morris Central, Senior PRO COMP: Jumbo Elliot
OL – Joe Lapinski – Morris Catholic, Senior PRO COMP: Walter Jones
OL – Hubert Bakowski – Montville, Senior PRO COMP: Walter Jones
OL – Luke Degroat – Kittatinny, Senior PRO COMP: Joe Jacoby
OL – Troy Perry – Vernon, Senior PRO COMP: Bruce Matthews

Second Team Defense

Madison's defense was turning opponents upside down as they made their state championship run (photo by Mattie Marano).

Madison’s defense was turning opponents upside down as they made their state championship run (photo by Mattie Marano).

DL – Brandon Yaw – Roxbury, Senior PRO COMP: Bruce Smith
DL – Eric Magnifico – Hanover Park, Junior PRO COMP: Charles Haley
DL – Michael Huston – Delbarton, Senior PRO COMP: Jared Allen
DL – Jake Foukas – Pequannock, Senior PRO COMP: Dwight Freeney
LB – Jake Dorman – Hopatcong, Senior PRO COMP: Bill Romanowski
LB – Ryan Barnett – Chatham, Senior PRO COMP: Jack Lambert
LB – Malik Goldberry – Roxbury, Senior PRO COMP: Lawrence Taylor
LB – Justin Dalena – Madison, Senior PRO COMP: Derrick Thomas
DB – Chris Russell – Kittatinny, Senior PRO COMP: Jack Tatum
DB – Mike Dalena – Madison, Senior PRO COMP: Charles Woodson
DB – Peter Palumbo – Morris Catholic, Senior PRO COMP: Troy Polamalu
DB – Jack Clevenger – Roxbury, Senior PRO COMP: Ed Reed

Second Team Specials

Lenape Valley's special teams were among the best in Morris Sussex in 2015 (photo by Mattie Marano).

Lenape Valley’s special teams were among the best in Morris Sussex in 2015 (photo by Mattie Marano).

K – Mateo Zapata – Pope John, Senior PRO COMP: Jason Elam
P – Matt Douglas – Delbarton, Junior PRO COMP: Steve Weatherford
PR – Zach Shupe – Madison, Senior PRO COMP: Josh Cribbs
KR – Sekayi Rudolph – Pope John, Senior PRO COMP: Desmond Howard
UT – Timmy Adams – Chatham, Junior PRO COMP: Troy Brown

All Unruly Third Team

Third Team Offense


Boonton center Connor Davis (57) was one of the big reasons the Bombers put up so many offensive yards (photo by Doug Wetmore).

QB – Alex Sands – Chatham, Senior MADDEN RATING: AWR 96
QB – Matt Zebrowski – Delbarton, Senior MADDEN RATING: PAC 97
QB – Jason Drury – Mount Olive, Senior MADDEN RATING: THAD 96
RB – Alex Milliken – Sparta, Junior MADDEN RATING: BCV 97
RB – Sean Klimek – Pequannock, Sophomore MADDEN RATING: ACC 97
RB – Carlo Zarro – Randolph, Sophomore MADDEN RATING: STR 96
FB – Frank Hofmann – Sussex Tech, Junior MADDEN RATING: TRK 97
WR – Rich McDonald – Sparta, Junior MADDEN RATING: AGI 97
WR – Brian Brady – Chatham, Senior MADDEN RATING: CIT 96
WR – Darian Redmond – North Warren, Senior MADDEN RATING: SPC 97
TE – Nick DeNucci – Pope John, Junior MADDEN RATING: CIT 96
OL – Alex Motley – Morristown Beard, Senior MADDEN RATING: PBK 97
OL – Rene Garin – Dover, Junior MADDEN RATING: IBL 96
OL – Ryan George – Hanover Park, Senior MADDEN RATING: RBK 97
OL – Ralph Hall – Lenape Valley, Senior MADDEN RATING: STR 96
OL – Connor Davis – Boonton, Senior MADDEN RATING: AWR 97

Third Team Defense

AAU 12

Sparta safety Louis Ferrara (44) was one of the top defensive backs in Morris Sussex (photo by Chris Chambers).

DL – Mike Maddaluna – Hopatcong, Senior MADDEN RATING: POW 96
DL – Mike Warren – Butler, Junior MADDEN RATING: PMW 97
DL – Dylan Faner – Sparta, Senior MADDEN RATING: FMV 96
DL – Petar Haboj – Madison, Senior MADDEN RATING: TAK 97
LB – Andrew Lake – Whippany Park, Junior MADDEN RATING: PUR 97
LB – Rory DeLuca – Hanover Park, Junior MADDEN RATING: PRC 96
LB – Andrew Nieves – Pope John, Senior MADDEN RATING: BSH 96
LB – Alex LaShell – Hanover Park, Senior MADDEN RATING: AWR 95
DB – Michal Radomski – Hanover Park, Sophomore MADDEN RATING: ZCV 96
DB – Connor Frehill – North Warren, Senior MADDEN RATING: TAK 97
DB – Louis Ferrara – Sparta, Senior MADDEN RATING: PUR 96
DB – Vinny Giordano – Hopatcong, Senior MADDEN RATING: AGI 97

Third Team Specials


MoBeard’s Calvin Wetmore and Hopatcong’s Mike Maddaluna prepare to battle it out during a regular season matchup (pick by Doug Wetmore).

K – Kevin Lenthe – Mountain Lakes, Senior MADDEN RATING: KPW 97
P – Cameron Sparta – Vernon, Senior MADDEN RATING: KAC 96
KR – Dwayne Brown – Dover, Senior MADDEN RATING: ACC 96
PR – Jack Anderson, Mendham, Junior MADDEN RATING: ELU 96
UT – Colin Myles, Pope John, Senior MADDEN RATING: PMW 96

All Unruly Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Quarterbacks

West Morris QB Cooper Sloan led the Wolfpack in a very spirited win over rival Morris Knolls during the 2015 season (photo by Chris Henwood).

West Morris QB Cooper Sloan led the Wolfpack in a spirited win over rival Morris Knolls (photo by Chris Henwood).

Adrian Vargas (Dover) Junior
Alex Vanderbilt (Randolph) Senior
Bart Yarosz (Hopatcong) Junior
Brandon Lavorini (Vernon) Junior
Cooper Sloan (West Morris) Senior
Dan McHugh (Mendham) Senior
Daymon Fleming (Morris Hills) Junior
Dominic Gentile (Butler) Junior
Dylan Lesch (Morris Knolls) Senior
Graham Jespersen (Montville) Senior
Griffin Baker (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Joe Stanton (Parsippany) Senior
Luke Young (Newton) Senior
Matt Maute (Sparta) Junior
Mike Yarosz (High Point) Senior
Nick Coviello (Madison) Senior
Nick Geimer (Kittatinny) Junior
Nick Verducci (Par Hills) Sophomore
Nick Vittorio (Morris Knolls) Junior
Sean Thornton (North Warren) Senior
Tom DeGasperis (Sparta) Senior
Ty Haranicka (Pope John) Sophomore
Zach Poreman (Morris Catholic) Senior

Honorable Mention Runningbacks


Hanover Park’s Junaid Olanipekun was a lightning bolt each time the Hornet’s needed a spark (photo by Lisa Mita).

Chad Musilli (High Point) Sophomore
Chris Hausler (Kinnelon) Senior
Cody Romano (Kittatinny) Junior
Cole Draghi (West Morris) Junior
Cole Kreshpane (Delbarton) Sophomore
Connor Brown (Jefferson) Junior
Dajon Chappell (Morris Hills) Junior
Drew Chilson (Morristown) Sophomore
Dylan Gottesman (Mountain Lakes) Senior
George Klag (High Point) Senior
Jake Wilkerson (Hopatcong) Junior
Jason Parisi (Morris Knolls) Senior
Jhamil King (Morristown) Sophomore
Josh Klimek (Kittatinny) Junior
Junaid Olanipekun (Hanover Park) Senior
Kai Dickerson (Lenape Valley) Junior
Kwaku Agyemang (Parsippany) Junior
Luca Tria (Delbarton) Junior
Madison Evans (Morris Catholic) Senior
Masyn Sanchez (Dover) Sophomore
Matt Nestler (Chatham) Senior
Michael Castellano (Hackettstown) Senior
Mike Katz (Lenape Valley) Senior
Nick Hafner (Randolph) Senior
P.J. Mulcahy (Madison) Junior
PJ Mulcahy (Madison) Junior
Reid Randolph (Mendham) Sophomore
Ricky Baird (North Warren) Senior
Sean Centinaro (Butler) Freshman
Sean McKeown (Boonton) Senior
Solomon Holzworth (West Morris) Senior
Steven Sylvester (Lenape Valley) Junior
Stevie Leyden (Lenape Valley) Junior
Tahj Valentine (Morristown-Beard) Sophomore
Tyler Tarnowski (Lenape Valley) Junior
Will Larsen (Newton) Sophomore
Jeremy Cerbo (Kittatinny) Senior

Honorable Mention Fullbacks

AAU 20

Hanover Park’s star linebacker Anthony Olivieri was also vital to the Hornet offense from the fullback position (photo by Lisa Mita).

Alex Thompson (Wallkill Valley) Senior
Anthony Gonzalez (Hackettstown) Junior
Drew Robshaw (Mendham) Senior
Mike Stefkovich (Vernon) Sophomore
Nick Renne (Hackettstown) Senior
Nick Walls (Morris Hills) Junior
Nigel Feliz (Parsippany) Senior
Tommy Miller (Roxbury) Senior

Honorable Mention Wide Receivers

Roxbury's Stephen Loreng (4) was a nifty receiver and a favorite target for QB Grant Dixon (photo by Chris Chambers).

Roxbury’s Stephen Loreng (4) was a favorite target for QB Grant Dixon (photo by Chris Chambers).

Alec Haddad (Mendham) Senior
Amaro Anderson (Boonton) Junior
Brandon Magnotta (Jefferson) Junior
Brian Dolan (Pope John) Junior
Chris Bredahl (Chatham) Senior
Conor Frehill (North Warren) Senior
Derek Nelson (Pequannock) Senior
Greg Olson (Delbarton) Junior
Jhadir Charles (Pope John) Sophomore
Jimmy Fortier (Hanover Park) Junior
Jimmy Schicke (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Jordan Spencer (Morris Catholic) Senior
Justin Burke (Morristown) Junior
Kevin Hartley (Delbarton) Senior
Mark Basista (Whippany Park) Senior
Mike Elefonte (Kinnelon) Senior
Phil Metta (Parsippany) Senior
Robbie Moskowitz (Chatham) Senior
Ryan Russo (Morristown-Beard) Sophomore
Sean Mefford (Butler) Senior
Stephen Loreng (Roxbury) Senior
Tim Fitzpatrick (Pope John) Sophomore
Willie Ruppel (West Morris) Senior
Zach Wierzbicki (Mendham) Senior
Brandon Bendes (Sussex Tech) Junior
Brandon Magnotta (Jefferson) Junior

Honorable Mention Tight Ends

AAU 22

The Roxbury vs Par Hills rivalry features another battle in the trenches (photo by Chris Chambers).

Brian Chegwidden (Morris Knolls) Senior
Danny Allison (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Griffin Reilly (Jefferson) Senior
Kodiak Sturges (Sussex Tech) Senior
Ryan Pruss (West Morris) Senior

Honorable Mention Offensive Linemen

Hanover Park's Jon Romaniello helped anchor an offensive line that produced a ton of offensive yards (photo by Lisa Mita).

Hanover Park’s Jon Romaniello helped anchor the line for a prolific offense (photo by Lisa Mita).

Adam Vanderweile (Wallkill Valley) Junior
Alex Carpentiere (Morris Hills) Junior
Alex Van Ness  (Newton) Senior
Anthony Imperato (Jefferson) Senior
Anthony Otto (Hanover Park) Junior
Austin Reinauer (Sparta) Senior
Billy Frazier (North Warren) Senior
Billy Taylor (Parsippany Hills) Junior
Brandon Boyd (Sussex Tech) Senior
Brandon Mickelson (North Warren) Senior
Brian Jewitt (Butler) Senior
Chris Gorab (Kittatinny) Senior
Chris Woelkers (North Warren) Senior
Chris Wojtukiewicz (Par Hills) Senior
Cliff Rutter (High Point) Junior
Cole Benfatti (Jefferson) Junior
Cole Rhinesmith (Butler) Senior
Colin Ness (Chatham) Senior
Colin Peterson (Hanover Park) Senior
Connahr Lalley (Vernon) Newton
Connor McHugh (Par Hills) Senior
Dante DiIonno (Madison) Junior
Dean Drugac (Morris Knolls) Senior
Dillon Chiuchiolo (Kinnelon) Senior
Duffy Brennan (Sparta) Senior
Dylan Hayduk (Whippany Park) Junior
Dylan May (Sparta) Senior
Eric Ganz (Wallkill Valley) Senior
Eric Henwood (West Morris) Junior
Evan Marquez (Boonton) Senior
Grady Smith (Mendham) Sophomore
Griffin Meister (Madison) Junior
Griffin Waldron (Kittatinny) Senior
Jake Ducey (Madison) Senior
Jake Wyciskala (Mountain Lakes) Senior
James Roberts (Boonton) Senior
James Roberts (Roxbury) Senior
Jeff Sica (Mendham) Senior
Jeff Wear (Parsippany) Junior
Joe DeMeo (Mount Olive) Senior
Joe Leszczynski (Pequannock) Sophomore
John Cogis (Pope John) Junior
John Donovan (North Warren) Senior
John Vitone (Butler) Junior
Jon Romaniello (Hanover Park) Senior
Jonah Lyons (Delbarton) Junior
Kostantinos Pavloyianis (Par Hills) Senior
Kyler Weir (Morris Hills) Senior
Luke Drugac (Morris Knolls) Senior
Markel Titus (Morristown-Beard) Senior
Max Downing (Madison) Junior
Michael Kellstrom (Chatham) Senior
Mike Yaconis (Pequannock) Senior
Nick Khalaf (Montville) Senior
Nick O’Leary (Pope John) Junior
Nick Zack (Chatham) Senior
Parker Fox (Montville) Junior
Patrick Julich (Hanover Park) Senior
Paul Onorati (Morris Catholic) Sophomore
Rich Martin (Parsippany) Senior
Ryan Bixler (Dover) Senior
Ryan Fields (Whippany Park) Senior
Sam Drake (Morris Catholic) Senior
Sam Loeffler (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Samari Robinson (Morristown) Senior
Santiago Arango (Madison) Senior
Stephen Lengkong (Hopatcong) Junior
Steven Delaporte (Boonton) Junior
Tyler Somers (Mount Olive) Senior
Vinny Bianchi (Parsippany Hills) Sophomore
Will Anderson (Delbarton) Sophomore
Will Modla (West Morris) Senior
Yiakos Kostidakis (Madison) Junior
Zack Sieb (Morris Catholic) Junior

Honorable Mention Defensive Linemen

Par Hill's Ryan Hill spent more time in opposing backfields than the opposing team's skill players (photo by Chris Chambers).

Par Hill’s Ryan Hill (36) spent more time in opposing backfields than the other team’s skill players (photo by Chris Chambers).

Aaron Agyei (Newton) Senior
Aiden Singalli (Jefferson) Junior
Alfred Battipede (Butler) Junior
Brandon Caplan (Hopatcong) Senior
Charles Zarzecki (Boonton) Junior
Chase Samman (Sussex Tech) Senior
Chris Rabel (Madison) Senior
Connor Albanese (Morris Knolls) Senior
Dan Orth (Sparta) Senior
Dan Rogers (Lenape Valley) Senior
David Locascio (Kinnelon) Senior
Davon Smith (Butler) Junior
Drew Croessmann (Hanover Park) Senior
Drue MIlligan (Wallkill Valley) Junior
Felix Boerstoel (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Jahanzahb Khan (Chatham) Senior
Jake Maciejewski (Delbarton) Junior
Joe Fullum (Morris Knolls) Senior
John Burns (North Warren) Senior
John Romaniello (Hanover Park) Senior
John Taggart (Butler) Junior
Jon Marquez (Pope John) Sophomore
Jonathan Montoya (Dover) Senior
Justin Fuss (Pequannock) Junior
Kienan Lyons (Mendham) Senior
Levi Burnell (High Point) Junior
Nene Ariza (Hopatcong) Senior
Nick Caruso (Hanover Park) Senior
Nick Foglia (Whippany Park) Sophomore
Nick Zach (Randolph) Junior
Peter Haboj (Madison) Senior
Ryan Durling (North Warren) Sophomore
Sam Palumbo (Lenape Valley) Senior
Scott MacLean (Dover) Senior
Scott Watters (Randolph) Senior
Steve Adams (Pope John) Senior
TJ Bohm (Morris Catholic) Junior
Trey Zgombic (Delbarton) Sophomore
Tyler Piekarz (Mount Olive) Senior
Zach Herbert (Sparta) Junior

Honorable Mention Linebackers

Par Hill's linebacker Jared Salgado was a ferocious tackler during his entire high school career (photo by Chris Chambers).

Par Hill’s linebacker Jared Salgado was a ferocious tackler during his high school career (photo by Chris Chambers).

Anthony Siragusa (Delbarton) Sophomore
Braden Stagg (Mendham) Junior
Brayan Rodriguez (Hopatcong) Senior
Brian Kraska (Madison) Junior
Calvin Wetmore (Morristown-Beard) Senior
Cole VanLuvender (Newton) Senior
Colin Myles (Pope John) Senior
Cory Mack (Butler) Junior
David Koval (Boonton) Senior
David Park (Morris Catholic) Senior
Dillon Fazliu (Montville) Senior
Dominic Grauso (West Morris) Senior
Doug Ackerstrom (North Warren) Senior
Dylan McDonald (Parsippany Hills) Junior
Jake Brown (Pope John) Sophomore
Jake Kershaw (Pequannock) Senior
Jakob Jackova (Jefferson) Junior
Jalen Torres (Jefferson) Junior
Jeff Wear (Parsippany) Junior
Josh Kurawitz (Madison) Senior
Kohl Shaffer (Delbarton) Junior
Kyle Connelly (Hackettstown) Junior
Liam Higgins (Delbarton) Junior
Marco Falivene (Par Hills) Junior
Matt Boyd (Madison) Junior
Matt Forrest (Pequannock) Senior
Matt Galante (Sparta) Senior
Matthew Burke (Montville) Junior
Michael Bomensatt (Sparta) Senior
Michael Ilic (Parsippany) Junior
Mike Castellano (Hackettstown) Senior
Nick Catalina (Sussex Tech) Senior
Nick Donadio (Morris Knolls) Junior
Richie Hofmann (Sussex Tech) Sophomore
Rob Hockey (Parsippany) Junior
Robbie Hockey (Parsippany) Junior
Rory DeLuca (Hanover Park) Junior Cathy
Rourke Colligan (WMC) Sophomore
Ryan Greenhagen (Pope John) Sophomore
Sal Piscotto (High Point) Junior
Sami Cazimoski (Morristown) Senior
Scott Price (Newton) Senior
Seamus Hughes (Vernon) Senior
Tom Morrell (Mendham) Senior
Tom Spinelli (Mendham) Junior
Trevor Baldwin (North Warren) Senior
Tyler Foster (Kittatinny) Senior
Vincent Rapisardi (Vernon) Junior
Vinnie Bianchi (Par Hills) Sophomore
Zach Stanilious (Mount Olive) Senior
Zack Toback (Pequannock) Junior

Honorable Mention Defensive Back


Two of the area’s top receivers and defensive backs, Alex Lerman of Par Hills and Tucker Voelbel of Roxbury, battle it out to bring down the ball (photo by Chris Chambers).

Al Falco (Sparta) Senior
Ben Adams (Mountain Lakes) Junior
Brandon Capel (Sussex Tech) Senior
Brandon Gaceta (Delbarton) Senior
Bryce Sokowski (WMC) Sophomore
Chad Musilli (High Point) Sophomore
Cole Nagle (Vernon) Senior
Dalton Smart (Delbarton) Senior
Danny Polons (Butler) Junior
Dylan Brancaccio (Butler) Junior Vito
Jack Dugan (Mendham) Senior
Jaiden Elliott (Newton) Sophomore
Jayner Gorospe (Morris Catholic) Senior
JJ Carrara (Hackettstown) Junior
Joe Michalewsky (Whippany Park) Senior
Joe Renne (Hackettstown) Senior
John Tachon (Pequannock) Senior
Jon Catania (Delbarton) Junior
Justin Brunda (Pequannock) Senior
Justin Contreras (Morristown) Senior
Justin Hayes (Chatham) Senior
Kyle Dixon (Hopatcong) Senior
Kyle Waters (Boonton) Senior
Matt Ungar (Delbarton) Senior
Michael Centanni (Hanover Park) Senior
Mike Centanni (Hanover Park) Senior
Mike Lacitignola (Whippany Park) Senior
Mike Matirano (Madison) Senior
Mike O’Connell (Chatham) Senior
Nick Carriera (Kittatinny) Senior
Nick Guagliardi (Butler) Senior
Pat Aufiero (Hopatcong) Junior
Ron Lubertazzo (North Warren) Junior
Ryan Schmitz (Madison) Sophomore
Samir Wheeler (Newton) Senior
Sean Conley (Hanover Park) Sophomore
Seamus Nelson (Kinnelon) Junior
T.J. Green (Boonton) Senior
Zach Dexter (Mountain Lakes) Senior
Zach Nesheiwat (Hackettstown) Junior
Zack Wierzbicki (Mendham) Senior

Honorable Mention Kickers

MoBeard's Brad Dallas used his talents to be a big part of the Crimson's special teams (photo by Doug Wetmore).

MoBeard’s Brad Dallas used his talents on the Crimson’s special teams (photo by Doug Wetmore).

Andrew Flockhart (Sparta) Freshman
Ben Levitt (Morris Catholic) Senior
Bradley Dallas (Morristown-Beard) Sophomore
Cormac Bradley (Par Hills) Junior
Drew Walker (Kittatinny) Senior
Ethan Bolson (Morristown) Senior
Guiseppe Canino (Mendham) Sophomore
Jayner Gorospe (Morris Catholic) Senior
Mike Egan (West Morris) Junior
Paul Padilla (Whippany Park) Sophomore
Tristan Ahart (Parsippany) Senior
Tyler Weiss (Montville) Junior
Steve Leyden (Lenape Valley) Junior
Zack Warcola (Mendham) Senior

Madden Skills Breakdown Key


Speed (SPD)
Strength (STR)
Agility (AGI)
Acceleration (ACC)
Awareness (AWR)
Catching (CTH)
Jumping (JMP)
Stamina (STA)
Injury (INJ)


Tackle (TAK)
Hit Power (POW)
Power Move (PMW)
Finesse Move (FMV)
Block Shedding (BSH)
Pursuit (PUR)
Play Recognition (PRC)
Man Coverage (MCV)
Zone Coverage (ZCV)
Press (PRS)


Trucking (TRK)
Elusiveness (ELU)
Ball Carrier Vision (BCV)
Stiff Arm (SFA)
Spin Move (SPM)
Juke Move (JKM)
Carrying (CAR)
Route Running (RTE)
Catch in Traffic (CIT)
Spectacular Catch (SPC)
Release (RLS)
Throw Power (THP)
Throw Accuracy Short (THAS)
Throw Accuracy Med (THAM)
Throw Accuracy Deep (THAD)
Throw on the Run (RUN)
Play Action (PAC)
Run Block (RBK)
Pass Block (PBK)
Impact Block (IBL)

Special Teams

Kick Power (KPW)
Kick Accuracy (KAC)
Return (RET)
Honorable Mention Quarterbacks

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George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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