2015 FBU Player of the Week for Week 4: Gage Cabalar – Boonton

Morris Sussex Sports and Football University are teaming up this season to honor our weekly Player of the Week. Football University is the leading player development organization in the country that teaches players techniques to perform at a highest level possible on the field.

Week 4 wasn’t absent of amazing performances headlined by Wallkill Valley’s Richard Stecher who was all over the field in an upset win over Kinnelon by scoring two touchdowns, intercepting two passes – one for a pick-6 and making countless tackles; Pope John’s Berrell Neal who busted out for 246-yards and 3 touchdowns in the Johnnies thrilling win over rival Sparta; and Mr Dynamic, Stevie Leyden from Lenape Valley who continues to be the best player on the field at any given moment by scoring three TDs in a big win over Hackettstown.

But the player who we felt deserved the FBU Player of the Week 4 is Boonton’s Gage Cabalar. Cabalar’s on-the-field performance, which included 182-yards rushing and two TDs, was instrumental in taking down cross-town rival Mountain Lakes for the first time in 10 years by the score of 14-7, and helping the Bombers stay perfect at 4-0.

I caught up with Cabalar to talk about this game, how some of the younger guy have been stepping up to help the Bombers to a 4-0 record so far and what we can expect from his squad from here on out.

George Muha: How important was this win for the Bombers?
Gage Cabalar: We’ve been saying all year, our goal is to go 1-0 each week. Last Friday’s game was simply Week 4.

GM: Did you think you’d open up your season 4-0 before the season started?
GC: With big aspirations for this season. We all worked hard throughout the winter and summer, hoping to be successful. Truth is, you’re never as good or as bad as you think you are. With that being said, it’s difficult to determine how successful a team will be before actually being thrown into the season.

GM: You lost a lot really good players to graduation last season. Who has stepped up to fill in their shoes?
GC: The number of guys who have stepped up big time this year for us has been amazing. It’s been a big reason for our success – by making us a very dynamic team. Players like Charles Zarzecki on the line, TJ Green and Julien Kempf in the backfield, and Steven Delaporte, have all filled in huge roles along with a bunch of other guys as well.

GM: How would you describe the makeup this team – close knit, aggressive, hard working, smart, etc?
GC: While all of the adjectives listed do a good job describing our team, we like to take on the personality of our sled. A bunch of tough football players, always there ready for a fight, and always doing their job. Everyone buying in and believing in the system, by simply doing their job has been key for us this year.

During our phone interview Gage spend most of the time highlighting many of the other players on his team that helped him earn the FBU Player of the Week for Week 4.

During our phone interview Gage spend most of the time highlighting many of the other players on his starting offense (pictured) that helped him earn the FBU Player of the Week for Week 4.

GM: What’s it like playing for Coach Gallagher?
GC: Coach Gallagher is undoubtedly my favorite coach I’ve ever had. Both at the level of a mentor and a friend. He’s one of the hardest working men I’ve ever met and will have your back in any situation. I can remember very well how amazed my dad and I were when we drove through the school parking lot at 5:00 in the morning one Saturday, just seven or so hours removed from our game the night before, to find coach’s truck sitting in the parking lot, with him inside working on a game plan for the next week. He’s made it very easy for all of us to believe in what he and the rest of our coaching staff are trying to do, and it’s an honor to play for a coach as great as Coach Gallagher.

GM: What would we surprised to know about him?
GC: Two years ago during baseball season, I found out that Coach Gallagher likes to relax to some reggae music. With how intense he can be at times, and knowing him pretty well, this came as a real surprise to me.

GM: Who is the funniest kid on your team?
GC: TJ Green is in my opinion, the funniest guy we have on our team. Whether he means to or not, he always has something to say that can get a good chuckle out of the rest of us. Joey Statuto also has flawless delivery of jokes, making almost everything he says hilarious too.

GM: Who on your takes himself the most serious?
GC: Sean McKeown can be pretty serious at times. As a team we try to stay pretty level emotionally, as you can never let yourself get too high or too low. Sean, however, is very serious when it comes to assignments. He will ask ten consecutive questions about each and every possible situation before being fully satisfied with his understanding of the play.

GM: Who on your team is the biggest gym rat?
GC: Anthony Marino without a doubt. Like many of our linemen, he would be considered by most to be undersized. As a result, he prides himself on his toughness and strength. There isn’t a single lift we do where Anthony isn’t doing the most, or close to the most weight, and he always has perfect form. Anthony doesn’t waste a single rep in the weight room.

GM: Who on your team could lift 225 lbs the most times?
GC: Charles Zarzecki has the most pure strength of anyone on our team. At 6-8, 340lbs., he makes benching 225 look like it’s easy. It’s always a spectacle when Charles is about to lift, with there constantly being an insane amount of weight on the bar.

GM: In a 40-yard dash, who from your team is finishing 1, 2 and 3?
GC: 1st place would definitely go to Omar Anderson. 2nd and 3rd though would be a tossup between TJ Green, Maleek Awan, and myself. Any number of minor factors could determine which of the three of us came out in second or third.

GM: Who’s finishing last?
GC: Skyler Rionda. What he lacks in speed though, this guy makes up tenfold with heart and effort. He’s an animal at nose guard for us, and a big part of the team.

GM: If you going do spend a week in the woods, who would be your teammate with the best survival skills?
GC: If I could choose who I’d be stranded with for a week, it’d have to be James Roberts. He’s one of the toughest guys on our team, and is ridiculously smart. There’s not a problem James will ever be faced with that he can’t solve.

GM: Who on your team would win a hot dog eating contest?
GC: Honestly almost any of us could win. Even the smaller guys on our team can really eat. At our Thursday night lock-ins, a ton of food is consumed.

GM: When it’s game time, who becomes the most intense?
GC: Quinn Sweeney is one of the more intense players on our team. As the game gets closer, he gets more and more fired up. He’s the one who’s always yelling and verbally motivating the team. It’s great having him around because he helps to get everyone else ready to go as well.

GM: What is your favorite offense play to run?
GC: There isn’t any one play that’s my favorite in our offense. It’s a lot of fun to watch each and every one of our backs run the ball because any play can become a big one with the talent we have at the skill positions, as well as the wide holes our line opens up for us.

GM: What would it mean to step on the field at MetLife Stadium with the friends you grew up with and win a State Championship in December?
GC: All we are worried about is Week 5 at North Warren. Stepping on the field each and every week with the guys I grew up with is a great experience and something I know won’t be around for too much longer. We are just having a great time playing for these last few months together, making as many memories as possible.

GM: Congrats again Gage and best of luck the rest of the way!

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