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Morris Sussex Sports and Football University are teaming up this season to honor our weekly Player of the Week. Football University is the leading player development organization in the country that teaches players techniques to perform at a highest level possible on the field.

Week 2 had a ton of terrific individual performances by Morris Sussex players like Morristown-Beard quarterback Jimmy Zilinkski who threw for 320-yards and 5 TDs in a losing effort against Newton, Sparta’s Alex Milliken who had four touchdowns in the Spartans’ win over Chatham and Parsippany Hills receiver Alex Lerman who brought in six catches for 161-yards in the Vikings win over Vernon. But the one who exemplified the kind of technique and on-the-field drive that FBU instructs the most was Morris Knolls’ runningback Jayson Parisi.

Parisi and the rest of his Golden Eagle teammates hosted a heavily favored Delbarton team this past weekend. Although the Green Wave have gotten the better of this match-up in recent years, Morris Knolls came in with a game plan that included riding their workhorse senior back. Parisi responded by duking, dunking and sprinting his way for 161 yards and two touchdowns that helped Knolls control the ball to a 21-19 victory.

FBU Assistant Vice President of Player Development Joe Bouffard hand delivers the FBU Player of the Week to Morris Knolls Jayson Parisi for his outstanding performance against Delbarton.

FBU Assistant Vice President of Player Development Joe Bouffard hand delivers the FBU Player of the Week to Morris Knolls Jayson Parisi for his outstanding performance against Delbarton.

Parisi’s performance warranted a visit from FBU Assistant Vice President of Player Development Joe Bouffard so he could hand deliver his FBU Player of the Week certificate and Football University cap. I caught up with Parisi to talk about Saturday’s game, how he feels his team’s triple option offense gives an edge over opponents, and who he thinks is the fastest player on his team.

George Muha: What does this win mean for your team?
Jayson Parisi: The win over Delby is a huge confidence-booster. And it shows that all the time in the film room and the running we did over the summer paid off.

GM: What was your team’s mindset coming into this season?
JP: The team’s mindset this season was that we have a lot of talent with senior running backs and senior O-line so all we have to do is put the pieces together.

GM: Did this team come into this season with a lot of expectations?
JP: We had a lot of positive expectations because my grade has been successful since we were little. Everyone else in the league probably underestimate us which is an advantage.

GM: Do you think running the triple option Veer offense gives you an edge over teams?
JP: Running the triple option gives us a slight advantage because it puts a lot of pressure on the defensive ends.

GM: Do you guys laugh in the huddle when a player gets completely faked out by a fake hand off?
JP: When the defensive end or linebacker gets faked out it makes some people laugh in the huddle but it also makes the running back proud because they did their job when they don’t get the ball.

GM: What would surprise people about your team?
JP: Something that might surprise some people is that the day of a game our team drinks pickle juice so we don’t cramp up.

GM: What part of your team would you say is the strongest?
JP: The strongest part of are team is that we are a close group of kids so we work well together.

GM: Who on your team could beat you in the forty?
JP: I like to believe no one is faster then me but if I had to pick I would say Dylan Lesch, our other running back. The only reason why I would say that is because he has long legs.

GM: Who would be able to bench 225lbs the most times?
JP: The guys that could bench 225 the most is Dean and Luke Drugac. These two are the strongest on are team and they are twins. But the catch is they both have to one-up each other.

GM: Who is the biggest diva on the team?
JP: The biggest diva on the team is Rob Gioioso. This kid seems to always be fixing his hair when he takes his helmet off.

GM: If you had to go to war, who on your team are you taking with you?
JP: If I went to war I would take my offensive line because their job is to protect me by blocking. So then their job at war would be to protect me with weapons. They both have the same idea.

GM: Who is the funniest player on your team?
JP: The funniest kid on the team is probably Luke Drugac. The reason why is he tells corny knock-knock jokes and they are really bad. So we all laugh because they are so dumb.

GM: Who is the most serious (and why)?
JP: We don’t have a kid that is really serious but we all get serious when it’s time for business.

GM: Why do you wear the number you wear?
JP: When I was in 2nd grade my coach gave me number 23 and I did really good that year so I just kept it the rest of my football career.

GM: What’s your favorite opposing field to play on?
JP: My favorite field to play at is Morris Hills because it’s our sister school so it’s just like a home game.

GM: What NFL player most resembles your style of play?
JP: Danny Woodhead because he has a lot of heart and a small running back just like me.

GM: Who is your role model?
JP: My parents because they support me in everything I have done.

GM: What can we expect from Morris Knolls the rest of the way?
JP: I think Morris Knolls is going to surprise a lot of people.

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