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[is_not_paid] [easy-pricing-table id=”2352″] [/is_not_paid] Every week Morris Sussex Sports predicts football games across all 37 morris and sussex county teams, and the warren county teams we cover. Participating in these selections is Morris Sussex Sports’ Laura Byrne and George Muha, along with George’s long time friend Brian Kaes. In an attempt to make the predictions as objective as possible, Morris Sussex Sports will give the writer with the best prediction percentage at the end of the season a cash prize–which should make things interesting and impartial. Here are this week’s picks:

Friday Night Lights

Montville (0-1) @ Morris Hills (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: After last week’s OT loss to rival Morris Knolls, Hills QB Daymon Fleming tweeted a now-famous shout-out to his Knolls counterpart, congratulating him on his rival’s win. This team is going to rally behind their super-cool quarterback and not let another “w” get away from them. PICK: Morris Hills 14-7
Brian Kaes: Morris Hills lost a heartbreaker last week but look for them to bounce back against Montville behind the strength of their home fans. Montville’s Jespersen won’t make it easy though, as he will run for one score and throw for another. PICK: Morris Hills at home, 21-14
George Muha: Montville’s lineman Hubert Bakowski will be able to penetrate the MoHills backfield all afternoon. But the shifty QB Daymon Fleming is elusive enough turn a broken play into a positive gain. Dajon “Mustard” Chappell and Nick “Pink Floyd’s The” Walls will combine for 150-yards and 2 TDs in the home opener. PICK: Red Knights 24-21

Vernon (0-1) @ Parsippany Hills (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: Following last week’s loss to West Morris, ParHills was so quiet on the bus ride home you could hear sweat drying. They’ve had a week to decide that outcome’s not getting repeated at home, on their new turf. PICK: Par Hills 42-14
Brian Kaes: I am kind of shocked that both of these teams lost last week. I’m wondering if my picks are bad luck for the Hills. Hmmmm. Getting shut out by West Morris was a big wake up call for the defending state champs, and they are going to right the ship at home against Vernon in a tough one. Look for Hill’s Alex Lermen to get in the endzone at least once in this one. PICK: Hills 20-10
George Muha: Vernon runningback Tim VanLenten and Brandon Lockhart are studying Par Hills’s film from last week’s 21-0 loss to West Morris. Stud defender Cole “Browning” Nagle is coming back from injury. Remember, these are the same players that upset Pope John last year. But I think the defending champion Par Hills Vikings are flat-out angry about last week’s shutout. Defenders Ryan Hill and Jared Salgado will not allow a loss on their brand new turf in the home opener. PICK: PH 28-24

Pope John (0-2) @ High Point (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: High Point’s running-beast George Klag is just-under six feet of solid muscle that the Pope John defense keeps hoping will go back to Bergen Catholic. But PJ had back-to-back poundings from two powerhouses that have fine-tuned Wade-Perry so much he’s been making extra money giving private lessons to the NY Giants d-linemen. PICK: PJ 35-18
Brian Kaes: Now that Pope John got all that losing business out of the way they can get back to what they do better: winning. Unfortunately for High Point, they are the Norfolk State of this equation. Look for Sonny to throw for 3 TDs in a far one. George Klag from the Point will get into the endzone at least once in a losing effort. PICK: PJ 34-13
George Muha: Don’t make him angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. Bruce Banner, ahem, Dalyn Wade-Perry isn’t smiling after two shut-out losses. Don’t be surprised if you see Wade-Perry hitchhiking down Route 94 Friday night with his clothes a torn up after his alter ego creates carnage on High Point’s field. PICK: Johnnies 42-21

Hackettstown (1-0) @ Parsippany (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: No one’s tougher than a wrestler, except a football player who also wrestles. To warm up for football practice this week, Joe Renne ran from Hackettstown to Parsippany and back—with a sophomore bag-holder on his back. Running the length of the football field a bunch of times will be his day off. PICK: Tigers 38-14
Brian Kaes: H-Town is coming off a dominating shut-out performance against Whippany Park and wants to continue to roll early in the season. Matty O’Brien will find the endzone twice in this one for H-Town on the way to another victory. Look for my man Brendan Finn to do something on defense to cause/get a turnover. PICK: H-Town 24-12
George Muha: I see JoJo Stanton and his Red Birds giving quite a fight. But the Renne Bros along with JJ Carrara will be too much. PICK: H-Town 32-25

Hanover Park (1-0) @ Jefferson (1-0) 7pm

LAByrne: I really want to pick against HP because George and BK are so predictably obsessive about their alma mater. I also want to pick against HP because Jefferson QB Logan Holleritter threw for 167 yards and RB Connor Brown ran for 124 yards in their game against Kinnelon. But HP is stacked all over the field, and Donato Casolaro-to-Radomski worked to the tune of 115 yards last game and they’re going to rack up even more yardage this week. PICK: HP 35-21
Brian Kaes: The Hornets continue their tour of various cities in Morris County with a stop in J-Town. Look for HP to leave this stop undefeated. Donato Casolaro was near perfect throwing the ball for the Hornets last week, and he will throw for another 200 plus yards this week, but it won’t be that easy. Logan Holleritter will be throwing well on J-Town’s side and he will also toss for two hundy. Look for the Hornets to win a close one, maybe HP’s sophomore phenom Rory DeLuca finds the endzone again in this one. PICK: HP 27-24
George Muha: I really love how these teams match up. I think HP will struggle to have an answer for Jefferson’s 6-1, 235 pound fullback Avery Sheruda. Playing mistake-free will be key for the Falcons. However, in the end, I think Donato “Mucho Dinero” Casolaro just has too many weapons at his disposal to not come out on top. PICK: Hornets 33-21

Wallkill Valley (1-0) @ Dover (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: Dover’s RB Dwayne Brown and WR Francisco Arenas are going to show off in their hometown stadium this week. PICK: Dover 21-10
Brian Kaes: Wallkill Valley’s defense was all over the field last week in a win against Parsippany. That being said, they still let up 21 points against Parsippany. They need to step it up against Dover, who is looking to impress the home crowd. Look for The Valley’s special teams to continue to impress unless Dover plans accordingly to stop them. Maybe a few squib kicks? I didn’t know Deion Sanders’ son played for the Valley! But seriously, if Dyan Harlos or Quadir Hanson get their hands on the kickoff with some blocking, they may be off to the races again! PICK: WV 21-13
George Muha: New comer QB Marko Bakovic and the rest of the Wallkill Valley Rangers are really looking very comfortable after a strong Week 1 win. However, Dover will be looking bounce back after their Week 1 loss. Look for Downtown Dwayne Brown to give his hometown crowd what they are looking for: a home-opening win. PICK: Dover 30-25

Kinnelon (0-1) @ North Warren (1-0) 7pm

LAByrne: North Warren QB Sean Thornton might get pushed around at little by Kinnelon’s battle-tested wall that includes LoCascio, Chiuchiolo, and Hoffman—but North Warren’s Thornton-to-Redmond combo worked like a machine last week. PICK: NW 21-13
Brian Kaes: Kinnelon lost a close one to J-Town last week and North Warren played well in a win over Morristown Beard. As expected, Jon Toye from Kinnelon threw for over 250 yards, but he also threw 2 picks. He will be better this week, but NW’s Sean Thornton will be the one throwing for over 250 yards and 3 scores (again) in this one. The Thornton-to-Redmond connection is on fire, I wish I had them on my fantasy team! Oh, let’s not forget NW’s Nick Heinz “57”, who will run for another hundge and a score. PICK: NW 34-24
George Muha: This will no doubt be a battle to the end. I am telling you, North Warren is going to be a team we are going to all be rallying behind in late November. But after last year’s playoff snub, there is no way Kinnelon will allow themselves to start this season 0-2. PICK: Kinnelon 35-34

Butler (0-1) @ Mountain Lakes (0-1) 7pm

LAByrne: Mountain Lakes spent a week taking out their anger in the weight room, on the hills, at the sleds—and it only made them bigger, stronger and angrier over last week’s brutal loss to Madison. PICK: ML 49-14
Brian Kaes: Wow I didn’t see the Lakes dropping their first game in 12 years or however long it was, but they are not happy. Butler is going to suffer their wrath (in Mountain Lakes mind you) as a result. PICK: The Lakes 28-13
George Muha: Being 0-2 after two games isn’t the way Butler drew it up in the preseason. But after the whooping at the hands of Madison last week, Mountain Lakes doesn’t look like they’ll be looking to cut the Bulldogs any kind of slack. The Herd’s Mike Aiello will be a man possessed as he keeps Butler’s skill players in check. PICK: Mountain Lakes 42-7

Pequannock (1-0) @ Boonton (1-0) 7pm

LAByrne: Pequannock shouldn’t have flown under anyone’s radar last week, not with the likes of Jake Foukas, Matt Forest and Jake Kershaw on the field. This powerhouse team now tops my must-watch list. Pequannock 21-7
Brian Kaes: This is going to be a good one. Boonton destroyed Butler in Week 1, and Pequannock dismantled Dover as well in the opening week. My only question (to myself) is how did I forget about Boonton’s Gage Cabalar? That was my mistake. He will break the century mark in this one while scoring three times. Ireland’s native son Quinn Sweeney will find a way to take the ball from Pequannock as well in close one. PICK: Boonton 21-17
George Muha: Okay Boonton, we hear ya loud and clear. You don’t just want to win; you want to knock opponents out. Quinn Sweeney nabs another interception as the Bombers continue to romp. PICK: Boonton 38-18

Kittatinny (0-1) @ Hopatcong (1-0) 7pm

LAByrne: Kittatinny’s going to struggle for productivity with Wilkerson and Dorman shutting things down. And playing under the lights at Hopatcong is like trying to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. PICK: Hopatcong 28-21
Brian Kaes: Hopatcong is going to start their season 2-0 after beating a tough Kittatinny squad this Friday. Look for Jake Wilkerson to run for at least two scores while crossing the century mark for Hopatcong. PICK: The ‘Cong 20-17
George Muha: Now watch him whip, now watch him nae nae, ooh watch him watch him, ooh watch him watch him. Of course I am talking about Hopatcong’s Nene Ariza who will be doing the stanky leg on both sides of the ball all night in a convincing win. PICK: DaCong 34-21

West Morris (1-0) @ Mount Olive (1-0) 7pm

LAByrne: West Morris Will Modla decided he didn’t want Par Hills to have any fun in last week’s game. Or at this week’s practice. In fact, he decided he’d just as soon make Par Hills run about a million hills after watching film from their match-up. And I heard Will Modla has a bad attitude about Mount Olive too. PICK: West Morris 28-7
Brian Kaes: West Morris is coming off a big high after beating Par Hills last week, and that is going to continue as they will come into Mt. Olive’s house and pull out a close one. Look for Ryan Pruss to make his mark in this game on defense for West Morris in big way. PICK: WM 21-20
George Muha: The West Morris Central offensive line might be the sassiest line in all of Morris County but it’s working for them. Look for The Hogs to continue to have success driving the ball up the field this Friday night. PICK: Wolfpack 35-21

Sussex Tech (1-0) @ Bergen Tech (2-0) 7pm

LAByrne: After last year’s narrow 14-13 win against Bergen Tech it seems like this matchup could be anyone’s game. But Sussex Tech QB Kodiak Sturgess gave up his position to teammate Tyler Crum in order to make the team stronger overall. That’s the team-iron that makes Sussex Tech rebar-reinforced for the season and its close games. PICK: ST 21-20
Brian Kaes: George has brainwashed me: I am all about the Outlander. Although I don’t think you can call it brainwashing when the person giving you the ideas is 100% right! Although Bergen Tech is from Bergen County and has 2 Ws as opposed to Sussex Tech’s 1, at the end of the day the Outlander will run for two TDs and make sure that Sussex leaves Bergen victorious. PICK: ST 20-17
George Muha: The last time Sussex Tech played they had a sick runningback and they still had a ton of offensive production. This week Shyheim “The Dream” Outland is feeling great so who knows what he’s capable of. PICK: ST 35-12

Saturday Afternoon Specials

Sparta (0-1) @ Chatham (1-0) 1pm

LAByrne: Chatham showed it has the talent and tenacity to take down the perennial powerhouse at Randolph, even with a backup quarterback Tim Adams taking over for the injured Alex Sands. But Sparta’s playing for pride this week. PICK: Sparta 21-20
Brian Kaes: The Cougars’ Tim Adams did a good job in stepping in as QB for Alex Sands last week in a Chatham win. 2 TD passes while running for one? Sounds like a QB Controversy. All kidding aside, Sparta is coming off a rough game against Roxbury and will be amped up for this trip East. Looking for Sparta’s Tommy D (DeGasperies) to throw for over 200 yards and 3 scores in a Sparta win. PICK: Spartans 20-10
George Muha: This game is going to be a scoring fiesta with the last team to score being the victor. Sparta’s Dean Gennat will be the one who puts the ball over the goal line for the walk off TD. PICK: Sparta 42-38

Lenape Valley (1-0) @ Madison (1-0) 1pm

LAByrne: My son wrestled Lenape Valley’s Ralph Hall and he said shooting on Hall was like throwing his body at a Sequoia tree, but Hall’s going to have his work cut out for him against Madison all-stars Zach Shupe, Dom Luppino, and Joe Mobley. PICK: Madison 35-7
Brian Kaes: Wow Madison really turned it on last week and beat a very good Mt. Lakes squad. Can they do it again and beat the Valley this week? Yes, yes they can. Especially at home. One caveat, they need to stop the Valley’s Stevie Leyden. The kid is a speed demon/freak. He rushes for 90 yards and then returns not one but TWO kickoffs for touchdowns?? First job of Madison’s kicker – don’t kick to Leyden! If they shut him down they will win a close one. PICK: Dodgers 28-21
George Muha: It’s amazing how this matchup has been such a rivalry. Cooper, Hall, Leyden and Reis will cancel out the Delena bros, Luppino and Mobley. However, it will be the inspired play by PJ “Father” Mulcahy that will be the X-Factor for the Dodgers. PICK: Madison 35-34

Morris Catholic (0-1) @ Whippany Park (0-1) 1pm

LAByrne: Morris Catholic’s loss to Hopatcong went in the books but did not dent the determination of this team lead by the indomitable Paul Onorati. This week they’re going to show everyone what they already know: this team is a force. PICK: MC 21-14
Brian Kaes: Turns out a buddy from my work’s son plays for MC. He is a big kid, and his dad has a sick gym in his garage that I am pretty sure churns out MMA fighters. I don’t know, I’m not tough enough to train there so I’ve never been inside but that is what I have heard. But I know his kid is training there and is on the O-line for MC. Based on conjecture and circumstantial evidence, I’m going to say that MC is going to start to move the ball better on offense and beat Whippany in a close one. PICK: MC 14-10
George Muha: This is actually a great matchup. I see this being a Battle Royale of sorts. Look for Whippany’s Andrew Lake to be the last man standing. PICK: The ‘Cats 30-28

Newton (0-1) @ Morristown-Beard (0-1) 1pm

LAByrne: Titus and Motley. Titus and Motley. (That is, Morristown-Beard guard Markel Titus and tackle Alex Motley.) I’ve heard these names over and over this preseason. I ran into Mike Briggs, assistant coach at Morristown Beard, and asked about the team. He started with, “We have these two guys, Titus and Motley…” They’re going to be the most-talked-about difference-makers in this game. PICK: MoBeard 14-7
Brian Kaes: Newton had a rough outing against a good HP team last week while the Beard held their own against North Warren. Look for the Beard to build on last week, and for Calvin Wetmore to make a big play on defense for MoBeard. PICK: The Beard 17-14
George Muha: Last year MoBeard’s linebacker Calvin Wetmore filled in for an injured player and hadn’t come out of the starting lineup since. This kid can ball, as Newton will soon find out. PICK: The Beards 30-10

Delbarton (0-1) @ Morris Knolls (1-0) 1pm

LAByrne: Delbarton’s loss of superstar Andrew Papantonis was obvious last week, despite huge performances by Lucas Trio and Andrew Sanders. They’re going to get the job done at Morris Knolls, though, even against the dreaded veer offense. PICK: Delby 35-10
Brian Kaes: Delby lost a tough one to a team from NY last week while Knolls beat up Morris Hills. Knolls has so momentum leading into this one and it’s not going to be easy for the Green Wave to pull this one out in enemy territory. Delby’s Andrew Sanders will be the difference in this one, running for two scores and over 100 yards can do that. PICK: Delby 24-16
George Muha: Junior quarterback Nick Vittorio makes this Knoll’s team very dynamic with his ability to throw and run the Veer. Delby will get tripped up initially but Andrew “The Colonel” Sanders will turn on the jets in the second half while Matt “INT” Douglas continues to wreak havoc on D.  PICK: Delby 42-28

Roxbury (1-0) @ Mendham (1-0) 1pm

LAByrne: Against Vernon, Mendham showed more passion in one possession than they did in an entire scrimmage the week before. With McHugh at the helm, and Anderson, Robshaw, and sophomore sensation Reid Randolph behind him, they have the talent to take it to Roxbury—they just need to keep the fire going, even against Grant Dixon, with his Tom Brady arm and Michael Vick feet. PICK: Roxbury 28-27
Brian Kaes: Wow I have to say I was wrong about Mendham last week, but unfortunately this week I am going to be right. While they will hopefully have a decent season they are going to have their hands full with Grant Dixon and the rest of the Gaels on Saturday. Look for Dixon to throw for at least 250 yards and 2 scores while running for another. Tommy Morrell from Mendham (and Rage Against the Machine?) will do some damage on defense for Mendham and Jack “Mister” Anderson will score once for Mendham but it won’t be enough in this one. PICK: Roxbury 30-14
George Muha: Yes, Roxbury is as amazing as advertised. However, if Mendham brings the kind of intensity as they brought last week there is no reason this can’t be a game. Keeping the ball out of Gaels’ Dixon’s hands will be important. However, in the end I see Roxbury defensive linemen Brandon Yaw and Na’sear Robinson wreaking too much havoc for the Minutemen. PICK: Gaels 42-21

Randolph (0-1) @ Morristown (1-0) 1pm

LAByrne: Morristown’s Ricky Lorenzo stole the show last week and he’s up for round two against a Randolph squad that’s just getting on their feet with a new coach. PICK: Morristown 21-15
Brian Kaes: Morristown’s Cam “Newton” Boswell had an amazing day in a drubbing of Montville last week. Look for him to continue to play well in a barn burner against the Rams. Look for Nick Hafner to score once for the Rams in this one but Morristown wins this one at home. PICK: Morristown 27-20
George Muha: The last thing Randolph’s Hafner and Zarro want to do is start the season 0-2. However, the Boswell-to-Lorenzo duo is the hottest QB-WR connection in Morris Sussex right now. PICK: Motown 32-28

Last Week’s Predictons

Laura 9-10 (47.36%)
Brian 9-10 (47.36%)
George 12-7 (63.15%)

How We’re Doing So far

Laura 11-10 (52.38%)
Brian 11-10 (52.38%)
George 13-8 (61.90%)

Last Year’s Prediction Percentages

Laura (67.54%)
Brian (68.21%)
George (70.19%)

*Cartoon by the super talented Emily Cody.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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