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“I feel good as I ever have about our skill positions and our ability to score with this year’s team.”

If you are an opposing team, you need to pay very close attention to that quote from Kinnelon coach Kevin White with regard to his 2015 Colts.

This is the same coach who last year had the leading passer in New Jersey state history in Kyle Presti. This is the same coach who last year averaged over 34 points in eight games. The same coach whose offense scored over 68 points in one game last year. If he says he’s feels this team is one of the best he’s had, I wouldn’t take that lightly.

Junior Seamus Nelson is an imposing figure on both sides of the ball and will be a key part of the Kinnelon offense and defense (photo by George Muha).

Junior Seamus Nelson is an imposing figure on both sides of the ball and will be a key part of the Kinnelon offense and defense (photo by George Muha).

I know Presti and most of his receiving weapons graduated last year, but trust me, somehow these guys are stacked again. Leading the offensive firepower is junior split end Seamus Nelson (6-4, 210) and senior runningback Chris Hausler (6, 205). Nelson is a baller who was clocked at 4.6 in the forty, and Hausler, who missed all last year with injuries, runs like he’s on fire.

Runningback Chris Hausler is playing with a chip on his shoulder after missing his entire junior year due to injury (photo by George Muha).

Runningback Chris Hausler is playing with a chip on his shoulder after missing his entire junior year due to injury (photo by George Muha).

Senior runningback Zack Koster will also bring a change of pace to the backfield and White describes him as “an explosion waiting to happen.” Replacing Presti at quarterback is junior Jon Toye. Toye is an athletic player with an excellent arm. “Toye will be a player for us,” White says. “He’s a real athlete and has a really nice arm.”

Up front will be senior David LoCascio and juniors Dylan Chiuchiolo and Rich Hoffman. These are all athletic linemen with excellent technique, which is needed because Coach White runs a high flying, fast-paced offense.

Quarterback (photo by George Muha).

Jon Toye brings leadership, a nice arm and the ability to run to the quarterback position  (photo by George Muha).

Last season, Kinnelon finished 6-3 in the regular season and were almost unfairly left out of the playoffs. There’s no bitterness on White’s part but this year they know every win counts. “We have a hard division,” White says of last year’s playoff miss. “And our state section is very competitive.”

As for my outlook, I am very high on Kinnelon this year. I would guarantee they make it to the playoffs but after last year, I think it is going to take being 6-2 at the eight game cutoff to get invited to the dance. And against this schedule, that is no easy task.

Coach White is high about this teams personnel and his Colt's chances of being relevant this season (photo by George Muha).

Coach White is high about this team’s personnel and his Colt’s chances of being relevant this season (photo by George Muha).

Right out of the gate, the Colts face Jefferson, North Warren and Mountain Lakes – all of which come with just as much fanfare as Kinnelon. You might think the second half of the season will be easier but even teams like Kittatinny, Whippany Park and Wallkill Valley are competitive this season.

Every win will count for the Colts this year. The postseason might even be the easy part for them; getting to the postseason is going to be the trick. But if they can make it, there is a great chance this group can find themselves walking through the tunnels of MetLife Stadium come December.

Kinnelon Colts

2014 Record: (7-3-0)
Head Coach: Kevin White
League: Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference
Section: North 1, Group 2

2014 Recap

High Point: Finishing the last seven games with a 6-1 record.
Low Point: Getting cheated out of a playoff bid.

Season Breakdown & Prediction

Games to Watch: The first three versus Jefferson, North Warren and Mountain Lakes. All three teams are just as stacked as Kinnelon should all be very close games.
Position to Watch: Chris Hausler at runningback is the guy to watch. He would have been a stud last season if he wasn’t injured. He’s going to be All Everything, just watch.
Young Guns to Watch: Seamus Nelson at receiver and defensive back. The kid can ball.
In a Nutshell: This team is good and very much a preseason favorite to hoist the NJSIAA Cup at MetLife Stadium in December.
Dream Season: Winning it all.
Nightmare Season: Not having a seat in the playoffs again.

Postseason History

Playoff Appearances: 4
Finals Appearances: 1
State Titles: 1
Playoff Record: 3-3 (.500)


9/11@ Jefferson
9/18@ North Warren
9/25Mountain Lakes
10/2@ Wallkill Valley
10/10@ Kittatinny
10/16@ Pequannock
10/23Whippany Park
11/6@ Newton


2Hausler, Chris12
3Chiuchiolo, Gannon10
4Nelson, Seamus11
5Lewis, Tyler12
6Elefonte, Michael12
7Matthews, Peter12
8Koster, Zack12
9Panucci, Frank9
10Owens, Van10
11Akin, Dan10
13Toye, Jon11
14LaFergola, Ryan9
15Rymarz, Joe9
16Belanger, Kyle11
22Duffy, Quinn9
23Duffy, Tyler9
24Elefonte, Timothy10
25Kasabri, Sam9
27Goldenberg, Jakob9
28Smith, Craig9
29Moody, Eric10
30Farallo, Michael9
33Krippner, Calvin10
43Bonanno, Felice (Philip)9
50LoCascio, David12
52Lukaszek, Kevin10
53Ruehle, Kevin9
55Krauskopf, Dylan9
56Owens, Kelton12
57Coppola, Mark10
58Masherelli, Christopher9
61Kelly, Andrew12
64Dromsky-Reed, Robert11
65Chiuchiolo, Dillon11
68LoCascio, Jacob9
71Caprio, Vito9
72Hoffman, Rich11
74Wolak, Ray11
77Ferraro, Joe11
80Owens, Grayson9
86Olimpio, Steven9
89Prescott, Ryan10
Abedrabbo, Todd12
Abdallah, Adam9

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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1 Comment

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