Top 10 Superheroes of Morris Sussex Sports

Coming into the 2015 season Morris Sussex Sports thought it is important to identify who the Top 10 Superheroes in Morris and Sussex counties. Once we found who was deserving of this honor, we wanted to tell the story of who these fine young men are on and off the field. Below is a list of the Morris Sussex Sports Top 10 Superheroes with links to their personal stories. Enjoy!

10. Butler’s Danny “Daredevil” Castiglia

Castiglia 615
9. Hopatcong’s Vince “Spiderman” Giordano

Spiderman (1)
8. Par Hill’s Jared “The Punisher” Salgado

7. Dover’s Dwayne “Ironman” Brown

Dwayne Iron Man
6. Hanover Park’s Thomasz “The Dark Knight” Radomski

The Dark Knight
5. Lenape Valley’s Greg “Wolverine” Cooper

Cooper Wolverine
4. Roxbury’s Grant “Superman” Dixon

Grant Superman
3. Delbarton’s Andrew “the Flash” Papantonis

2. Pope John’s Dalyn “The Hulk” Wade-Perry

HULK (1)
1. Pope John’s Sonny “Captain America” Abramson

Captain America

 Header graphic and graphic of Jared Salgado done by Domenic Falivene.  The other grpahics are done by Chris Redstone.

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