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2014 Postseason Round 2 Predictions


North 1, Group 1

4 Boonton (7-3) @ 1 Creskill (8-2)
L.A. Byrne: Here’s the thing: Creskill has more power points (133 to Boonton’s 109) but Hasbrouck Heights—the team Boonton handled last weekend in a 22-19 win—beat Creskill. Boonton can do this!!! Go Bombers!! PICK Boonton-all-the-way 21-16
BRIAN KENNEY: Boonton played great last week but Gage Cabalar and the Boots will have their hands full with a good Creskill team this week. It will come down to the wire but unfortunately the Boonton season will end on this game. PICK: Creskill 21-20
George Muha: This Boonton team is unbelievable! Their three losses were decided by only one point and two of those teams are still in the playoffs. More than that, this team has seemingly gotten stronger throughout the season. I had a friend, who was also a D1 offensive tackle, tell me after watching the Bombers, “I have not seen a team as well coached as Boonton in a long time.” He talked about how well they tackled and how it was obvious they work on a lot of things in practice. Look for the Bombers to give Cresskill a heavy dose of Smith, Cabalar and Corporan on the ground. I foresee an upset in Cresskill. PICK: Bombers 24-21

North 1, Group 2

4 Pequannock (9-1) @ 1 Waldwick (10-0)
L.A. Byrne: Waldwick and Pequannock have had very similar wins and Pequannock has a solid running game and a capable passing QB in Tim Horgan. Pequannock has got the goods to pull off the upset here. PICK Panthers 24-20
BRIAN KENNEY: This will be one heck of a game! Waldwick roughed up North Warren last week and while Brendan Monaghan will run for over 100 and a score in this one Waldwick’s offense will prove too much in barn burner. PICK: Waldwick: 42-38
George Muha: This is a brand new challenge for the Golden Panthers. Waldwick has been dishing Mike Tyson like knock out punches all season long. They’ve been blowing teams out so bad that their JV has played more in the second half of games than their varsity (literally). The key to wrestling this dragon down will be trying to control the clock with Brendan Monaghan on the ground, taking calculated chances with Tim “Hulk” Horgan through the air and playing defense like crazy. I hope Pequannock proves me wrong, but I think their stellar season comes to an end this week. PICK: Waldwick 40-39

3 Lenape Valley (8-2) @ 2 Westwood (10-0)
L.A. Byrne: I’m worried for the Patriots. Westwood’s lockdown defense isn’t going to give the Patriots much time on the field. PICK Westwood 35-14
BRIAN KENNEY: Lenape Valley had a good year and Frankie Orlando ran for over 10 yards a carry and 3 scores last week, but it won’t be that easy this week against an undefeated Westwood team. That being said, I think on any given Friday anything can happen. I think that Hayden Samiljan, Robert “Eagleheart” Engelhardt and the rest of LV’s defense is going to pull off an upset of epic proportions and advance in this one. PICK: LV 35-30
George Muha: Westwood’s senior receiver Nolan Borgersen is basically Wes Welker reincarnated as a high school player. The Cardinals also have a left tackle named Nick Poggi who serves up more flapjacks than the International House of Pancakes. Mix in the fact that Westwood is undefeated across all of their teams (varsity, JV and freshmen) and that Pat’s have an uphill battle. There is no doubt in my mind that Lenape Valley has the ability to advance from here. The guys in the trenches like Hayden “Fry” Samiljan, Ralph Hall “of Fame”, Quincy “Jones” Samson and Mike Katz “Meow” will have to know that they might not win every battle on every play, but they’ll need to keep getting back up to send a message that the Pats may bend, but they will not break. I am picking Westwood, but rooting for Lenape Valley. PICK: Westwood 20-19

North 1, Group 3

5 Mahwah (8-2) @ 1 Sparta (9-1)
L.A. Byrne: Sparta is nowhere near getting stopped by this team. This is the Patriots and the Colts, last weekend. You can think all you want about Mahwah’s potential and offensive weapons, but we’re talking SPARTA. PICK Spartans 42-0
BRIAN KENNEY: Sparta isn’t going to stop until it wins State. Their defense was terrific last week, and it is just getting started. Look for them to let up less than 10 points this week (if that) and for Mr. Argula to throw for 2 scores while Lucas Faria runs for another 2 in a big win. PICK: Spartans 30-6
George Muha: Shotgun on wearing Dean Gennat’s away jersey at the game this week. Sorry mom, I called it first! I hope college coaches are paying attention to this kid. I really don’t see anything stopping this Spartan Train. The only thing getting in their way is if they start reading their own headlines. Mahwah will be looking to capitalize if they do. This game will rely on continued inspired play by guys in the trenches like Robbie “The Hamburglar” Hornberger and Aaron “The Sackman” Keck and Dylan “The Catching Tackle” May. PICK: Spartans 45-40

North 1, Group 4

3 Paramus (9-1) @ 2 Roxbury (8-2)
L.A. Byrne: This is going to be a really good game. Paramus has been shutting down offenses all season, but Roxbury has so many scoring options they adjust mid-series, and no one seems to be able to keep up. PICK Gaels 35-27
BRIAN KENNEY: Roxbury dominated a decent Randolph team last week and is not looking to get slowed down by an even better Paramus team. That being said, Grant Dixon is going to have to step it up even more if Roxbury is going to get through this one. Tommy Miller is going to get to the QB early and often to mess up Paramus’ game plan, but I think he will. It’s going to be a battle until the end, but I think Roxbury and their home field advantage will take the close victory. PICK: Roxbury 21-17
George Muha: Roxbury would probably prefer me to pick against them because whenever I do, they win. But I think their schedule as readied them for their toughest challenge of the year. Plus, I think Paramus will be too mesmerized by Craig Roumes’ nicely shampooed locks flowing out of his helmet to focus on football for the first half of the game. Obviously I am jealous the kid’s hair. Rox has got this one! PICK: Gaels 38-28

North 2, Group 2

4 Ridgefield Park (7-3) @ 1 Mountain Lakes (10-0)
L.A. Byrne: The Herd can beat this team with their freshmen squad (sorry, Ridgefield). PICK Mountain Lakes 35-0
BRIAN KENNEY: Mountain Lakes won’t fall in this one, as Bobby Frawley will continue his stellar season and run for a buck fifty and 2 scores in a big win by the Lakes. PICK: ML 42-20
George Muha: I don’t hear anyone giving Mt Lakes’ coach Darrell Fusco any credit. Since taking over the reigns from legendary head coach Doug Wilkins in 2011, he’s 41-3. He’s lost three stinking games! And he’s current on a 22-0 win streak! Those first couple of years you could have argued that he inherited a lot of Wilkin’s players. But you have to throw that out the window now because this success is all him. Ridgefield Park did just dismantle a very good Hanover Park team, but this Lakes team is a different deal all together. Look for Bobby “Flawless” Frawley to rush 28 times for 210 yards and three TDs in a convincing win. PICK: Herd 34-21

3 Lincoln (8-1) @ 2 Madison (8-1)
L.A. Byrne: Madison can’t stand that loss at the top of their schedule and will blow Lincoln away just for the opportunity to meet Mountain Lakes in the finals. PICK Madison 28-7
BRIAN KENNEY: This is a toss up, but I think Madison can prevail at home. It was a complete team effort last week by the Dodgers, and that doesn’t surprise me. Look for AJ and the boys to score at least 30 in this one, and that will be enough to beat a very good team named after George’s favorite president. PICK: Madison 38-27
George Muha: This will be an unbelievable game, no doubt. But the way AJ Schmitz and Dom Luppino have been gelling, I don’t how they drop this on their home field. I predict the Dodgers advance for a Finals against Mt. Lakes after this one. PICK: Madison 34-28

North 2, Group 3

3 Par Hills (8-2) @ 2 Summit (9-1)
L.A. Byrne: Last weekend’s Summit/MoHills should be all the evidence Par Hills needs: this team is beatable. Vikings, it’s all you! Come out to win! PICK Par Hills 22-21
BRIAN KENNEY: Summit beat up on Morris Hills last week but just because they are playing a team with “Hills” in it doesn’t mean they can expect the same results. From what I heard Par Hills travels well, and doesn’t ever quit. Nick Verducci is going to have to step up his game and his completion percentage but he is more than ready for the challenge. Look for an upset here as the Hills are again alive with the sound of … victory! PICK: PH 27-24
George Muha: This Viking team is battle tested. But Summit will be their fiercest opponent to date. I think Par Hills has a lot to be proud of this year. I want them to advance in the worst way, but I think their amazing run comes to an end. PICK: Summit 38-36

Non-Public, Group 3

4 St John Vianney (10-0) @ 1 Delbarton (8-1)
L.A. Byrne: St. John Vianney shut down Pope John 56-7 last week. This is a tough team with an even tougher defense. Delbarton has got this one, but it’s going to be a slugfest. PICK Delbarton 35-33
BRIAN KENNEY: I don’t know what to say because St. John’s literally destroyed PJ last week. Local alumni are still up in arms about it from what I have heard. Delby is a higher seed and has home field advantage but I don’t see how they are going to beat them. Seriously. Nothing tells me Delbarton is going to win this game, except for the fact that Andrew Sanders and the Delby O-line and offense are good. Not to mention, their defense is pretty decent. And one of my brothers graduated from there. Soooooo, why not. I hope they make me look smart by picking them, because St. John’s is no joke. Something tells me that they will dig deep and not let down the home-town fans in this one though. Plus my brother will be mad if I pick against them, so I have no choice. PICK: Delby 38-35
George Muha: I am a little nervous about what St John did to PJ last week. But Delby is just so strong and has a ton of depth and I just don’t see them dropping this one. Plus their shovel pass in short yardage is a killer to defend against. PICK: Delby 40-39

Laura 8-7 (53%)
Brian 12-3 (80%)
George 11-4 (73%)


George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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