2014 Week 8 Player of the Week – Roxbury’s Quarterback Grant Dixon


This past week there were a ton of great performances; Butler quarterback Dominic Gentile busted out for nearly 400-yards and three touchdowns in the air, Sussex Tech’s big bruiser of a runningback Shyheim Outland rushed for 230-yards and four touchdowns and the entire Vernon team played an incredibly inspired game in their 24-17 upset over Pope John.  But no performance was more scintillating than Morris Sussex Football’s Week 8 Player of the Week, Roxbury’s quarterback Grant Dixon.

The junior was a man possessed as he lead his Gaels through a back-and-forth battle over their arch nemesis Randolph in a 49-35 victory.  Dixon was sensational through the air, going 18 for 33, 323-yards and two touchdowns.  But he was most deadly with his feet as he duked, dashed and eluded defenders, racking up 158 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

Morris Sussex Football caught up with Dixon to talk about this thrilling game, the make up of this Roxbury team and who is role models are.

Morris Sussex Football: How much fun is it playing a game like you did vs Randolph this past weekend?
Grant Dixon: Coach always says there is nothing like playing in Roxbury on a Friday night. He is right, from the crazy crowd to the best band around. It’s a great atmosphere.

MSF: What does it mean to this team that you are now in the playoffs?
GD: It means we have one more guaranteed game on the schedule, but we still have a lot of work to do.

MSF: How does a team go from a mediocre 4-6 last year to such a dominant force the next year like you guys are doing?
GD: We put a lot of work in during the off season! We are a year older, stronger, and faster. Our core group got together and put extra work in aside from team activities.

MSF: What kind of confidence does Cosmo Lorusso give you guys knowing that he has several rings already?
GD: We just know him as our coach. We know he has been there before along with the rest of our coaching staff, and we buy in to what he instills in us as a team.

MSF: What is it about Roxbury that it just seems to breed football players?
GD: It’s about tradition and when we were growing up always wanting to play on friday nights.

MSF: How would you describe the make-up of this team?
GD: No superstars and no egos.  We are a tight knit group of friends who have played with each other since we were little. We are all about the team. Our team slogan is “Our Strength is Our Team.”

MSF: Has anyone ever asked you what a Gael is?
GD: Yes!

MSF: What is a Gael?
GD: It’s a Gael is a Irish Warrior.

MSF: Who on your team would beat you in the forty?
GD: Max Russ, Stephen Loreng and maybe Tuck Voelbel – he might have the slight edge, but it would be close.

MSF: Who is the flat out strongest kid on your team?
GD: Phil (Infermo) is pretty strong

MSF: Who would you not want to get tackled by?
GD: Brandon Yaw

MSF: Who is Mr. Serious on your team?
GD: Coach Bischoff

MSF: Who keeps your team loose with humor?
GD: Justin Bacilo, James Roberts,and Tommy Miller

MSF: What was the funniest thing he did or said this season?
GD: Not sure? (laughs) They are always doing something goofy!

MSF: Who was the best athlete you’ve faced as a varsity player so far?
GD: The kid from Delby number 7 from last year. He was a beast! Matt Oplinger

MSF: What NFL player do you think most resembles your style of play?
GD: They aren’t in the NFL but I like the way Dak Prescott of Mississippi State, Nick Marshall of Auburn play because we run similar offenses.

MSF: Who is your role model?
GD: My parents.

MSF: Congrats again Grant and good luck this week against Par Hills!

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