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2014 Week 4 Predictions



Morris Hills (2-1) @ Parsippany Hills (2-1)
L.A. Byrne: Par Hill’s QB Nick Verducci kept his team in the game against Pope John and he’s going to do it again this week. PICK: Par Hills 42-14
Brian Kenney: Par Hills is coming off a tough loss to Pope John, and they are playing at home. That equals trouble for the other team from the Hills. Angelo Gallego of PH will score twice in a big win. PICK: PH 24-10
George Muha: Par Hills will look to blow off some steam after their big loss to Pope John last week. The Viking’s QB Nick Verducci will throw over two hundy and three TDs against a MoHills team who has been bitten by the injury bug. PICK: Vikes 28-10

Montville (0-3) @ Chatham (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: Chatham’s Alex Sands and Matt Nestler are running on high-octane fuel after last week’s big win and they want to show their former coach what they’ve got, but Montville’s Morgenroth will have the Colts well-prepared for this match-up. This is going to be a close one. PICK: Montville 14-7
Brian Kenney: Alex Sands of Time will throw for at least two scores while Chatham keeps Montville out of the win column for another week. PICK: Chatham 21-7
George Muha: No team has been playing with as much guts as the Chatham Cougars. Look for them to play with even more spirit against their former coach as runningback Matt Nestler Crunch runs for 150 on offense and nabs a pick-6 on defense (no pressure) in a convincing win. PICK: Cougars 33-12

High Point (0-3) @ Vernon (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: Vernon lost to High Point in a nail-biter last year and Vernon is ready to even the score. PICK: Vernon 14-13
Brian Kenney: High Point is coming off a tough loss and Vernon is coming off a big win. What’s that mean? Big trouble in Little Vernon for HP. Look for Cole “Browning” Nagle to pick off another one for Vernon’s second W in a row. PICK: Vernon 24-14
George Muha: High Point will smartly ride George “The Animal” Klag on most of their plays. Although he’ll have his way offensively, the Wildcat’s D won’t have much of an answer for Vernon QB Tyler “Summer Solstice” Soltes (Try saying that five times!). PICK: Vernon 22-18

Boonton (2-1) @ Mountain Lakes (3-0)
L.A. Byrne: This cross-town rivalry will end with the Herd on top, but Boonton’s Josh Corporan isn’t going to make it easy. PICK: Herd 28-21
Brian Kenney: This will prove to be one of the best games of the week. Lakes’ Brad Smith will play the Jet’s old QB of the same name and throw and run for a couple scores in a close one. PICK: Lakes 28-20
George Muha: Mt Lakes will have to contend with a hot Boonton running attack that features Jumpin’ Joe Norton, Josh “Oh My Gosh” Smith and Josh “The Scorpion” Corporan. This three headed monster will have success but I don’t see Mt. Lakes QB Brad Smith losing this one in front of his home fans at Wilkins Field. PICK: Herd 35-32

Week 4 1Hopatcong (2-1) @ Jefferson (0-3)
L.A. Byrne: Connor Brown and Brandon Magnotta were big playmakers in week three, and they’re going to do more of the same in this home field match-up. PICK: Jefferson 24-21
Brian Kenney: Jake “Ring the” Dor-man will sack J-Town’s QB at least two times in big win for Hopatcong. PICK: H 21-6
George Muha: There will be no “Would you like me to put your clubs in the back seat or the trunk Mr. Jefferson?” in this game. Nope, Jake is a much different kind of Dorman. He’s the kind who will nab two sacks for the second week in a row for Hopatcong’s third win of the season. PICK: Da ‘Cong 28-12

Hackettstown (2-1) @ Lenape Valley (2-1)
L.A. Byrne: Lenape Valley runningbacks Joey LaBell and Frank Orlando looked unstoppable in the Week 3 Hopatcong/LV match up, rushing for a combined total of over 200 yards. PICK: LV 28-13
Brian Kenney: H-Town’s Nick Renee will score on offense and defense as his squad goes into the Valley and squeaks out a victory. PICK: HTown 14-13
George Muha: After this game, one of these teams will end up in really good Power Point shape heading into the second half of the season. The biggest reason it will be Lenape Valley will be the Patriot’s middle linebacker Greg “The Runningback Scooper” Cooper who had 21 tackles last week. H-Town’s Noah will be Aussems on defense and will keep the score from getting out of control. PICK: Pats 14-7

Parsippany (2-1) @ Hanover Park (3-0)
L.A. Byrne: Malik Francis and Dan Campbell form a solid offense for Parsippany but Christian Bassolino is on fire right now. PICK: Hornets 28-21
Brian Kenney: What can Bass do for you? Umm…apparently everything. The kid accounted for six scores last week in a Hornet victory. Parsippany’s defensive game plan is to stop the Bass. It ain’t gonna happen. They will slow him down though. He will only account for 4 scores. PICK: HP 34-14
George Muha: The heart Parsippany is playing with is admirable as hell! Their success will continue…after this weekend. Defensively HP’s magnificent sophomore defensive lineman Eric Magnifico and junior defensive back Tom “Hotrod” Radomski have been stellar. A healthy Nick Chaplin at runningback adds to an already potent offensive attack. PICK: Hornets 35-19

Madison (2-1) @ Dover (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: AJ Schmidt rushed for over an astonishing two hundred yards last week but he’s going to meet a tough Dover D. PICK: Dover 21-10
Brian Kenney: The Dodgers seem to be hitting their stride and that does not bode well for Dover. It helps that Madison’s AJ Schmitz can run for miles like he did last week racking up over 200 yards on 10 yards per carry. FYI that is a first down every time he touches the ball. Dover will keep him under the 200 mark but he still scores at least twice in a victory. PICK: Madison 27-13
George Muha: A win here would give Dover all the confidence it needs to plow through the rest of their schedule. It’s not out of the question either. This one will be a nail biter with the Dodgers coming out with the win. PICK: Madison 35-33

Week 4 2Delbarton (3-0) @ Mount Olive (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: Jason Drury has been lighting up the skies for Mount Olive but the Marauders are going to meet the Delbarton defensive wall. At the Week 3 Delbarton/Central game the Green Wave defense stopped West Morris four times in the red zone. PICK: Delbarton 28-7
Brian Kenney: Delby is on a roll. Andrew “Barry” Sanders will run for over a buck fifty and two scores in a Green Wave win. PICK: Delby 31-10
George Muha: The 2014 Marauders play with a lot of grid. However, Delby is playing in another stratosphere this year. Mt Olive will keep it respectable but Delby’s Andrew “Big Papi” Papantonis will return his second kick to the big house in as many weeks in the win. PICK: Delby 34-24

Morristown (2-1) @ Roxbury (3-0)
L.A. Byrne: Roxbury’s beating everyone all over the field, but Morristown is going to give them a huge test with Dallas McCall and Jordan Powell making big plays on both offense and defense. PICK: Gaels 35-28
Brian Kenney: This one will be closer than the ‘Bury expects. Motown’s Dallas McCall won’t go down without a fight, and look for him to throw for a couple of scores in this one. However Roxbury will pull away in the last quarter as the Grant and Roumes combo will be too much to handle for Motown’s defense. PICK: Roxbury 24-21
George Muha: Roxbury has just been blazing through the competition this year! But they’ll come back to reality this week as Motown’s Dallas McCall “You Maybe” and the Colonials come to town with their free wheelin’ offense. PICK: Motown 34-28

Randolph (3-0) @ West Morris (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: Carlo Zarro is impossible to stop. He’s agile and fast as a cat, and rumor has it he slathers butter on his jersey before games. PICK: Rams 35-38
Brian Kenney: Randolph is going all out this year and in light of what happened prior to the season starting you have to give these kids a lot of credit. This may be their year. Connor Logoyda connected on 9 of 12 passes last week for almost 200 yards and 4 scores. That means 44% of his passes went for touchdowns. Throw in Carlo Zarro’s over two hundey yards rushing and James Bertelle running and catching the rock and you have an offense better than the Jets this year. PICK: Rams 35-13
George Muha: Wolfpack QB Colin “Loco” Sokolowski is connecting on a crazy amount of his passes. Unfortunately, Randolph is playing like the New England Patriots when they used to be good. The Ram’s lighting fast runningback Carlo “Ciao” Zarro will bolt for over two hundred yards for the second week in a row for the win. PICK: Randolph 45-21


Week 4 4Pequannock (3-0) @ Whippany Park (2-1)
L.A. Byrne: Tim Horgan and the Panthers are hitting their stride after their third straight win. Whippany Park has also come out of the blocks strong with big wins against Mo Catholic and H’town. PICK: Pequannock 28-7
Brian Kenney: Pequannock will roll as Whippany Park drops a second straight game. Tim Horgan will open it up a little more this week and throw for almost 200 yards and 2 scores for Pequannock. PICK: P 28-14
George Muha: I love how tough Whippany Park has been playing so far! But Pequannock has been playing like a team possessed. Quarterback Tim “Hulk” Horgan and runningback Brendan “Mankind” Monaghan will tag team for 300 total yards to get the Golden Panthers to 4-0. PICK: G-Pants 30-21

Wallkill Valley (0-3) @ Kinnelon (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: Kinnelon’s Kyle Presti threw for about a million yards and a dozen or so TD’s in the Jefferson game and we’re going to see him return to that kind of productivity this week. PICK: Kinnelon 34-14
Brian Kenney: Wallkill Valley is on the cusp of their first win but I think Kinnelon’s home crowd will help tip the scales in favor of the home team in this one. PICK: Kinnelon 14-10
George Muha: Relax everybody, Kinnelon is about to right their ship. Wideout Sean “Slam” Duncan is going to remind everyone just how good the Colts are as they win in convincing fashion. PICK: Colts 35-7

Kittatinny (1-2) @ Newton (0-3)
L.A. Byrne: Kittatinny beat Newton last year 14-7, so Newton’s going to take their home field with attitude. PICK: Newton 14-7
Brian Kenney: Kittatinny will get to .500 this week by beating Newton in a close one. How about Kit’s defense last week? Look for another good showing by Foster, Franco and Waldron on the defensive side of the ball as they blank Newton. PICK: Kittatinny 21-0
George Muha: Newton is better than their record indicates so don’t think this will be a pushover game by any means. However, Kittatinny’s defense played like the ’85 Bears last week. Tyler “The Fridge” Foster records two sacks, a forced fumble and ten tackles in a close one. PICK: Kittatinny 21-18

North Warren (3-0) @ Morris Catholic (0-3)
L.A. Byrne: Last week North Warren’s Sean Thornton threw for 110 yards and Luke Robertson ran for over 250, and they play with a line roughly the size of the away bleachers at Mo Catholic. PICK: North Warren 27-10
Brian Kenney: My message to Morris Catholic – I have a feeling NW is going to hand the ball off a few times to this kid Luke Robertson. It’s just a guess, but I heard they hand him the rock a couple times a game, and he runs for miles. Try to focus on him in practice, and see what happens. Oh, and watch out, that kid plays defense too. PICK: NW 28-7
George Muha: Am I the only one who’s had it with all the Luke Robertson news? Luke Robertson runs for 200 yards this, Luke Robertson scores three TDs that. Oh did you hear, Luke Robertson won Player of the Week? Guess who’s going to be the homecoming king, Luke Robertson. Hey, look who gets all straight A’s? Yup, Luke freaking Robertson. Why don’t you tone it down hotshot! PICK: North Warren 45-18 (Luke Robertson runs for 230 yards and 4 TDs…puke!)

Morris Knolls (0-3) @ Mendham (1-2)
L.A. Byrne: What’s important now (W.I.N) to the Minutemen is to come out strong, and rumor has it they’ve been slurping raw eggs and running steps to make it happen. PICK: Mendham 35-10
Brian Kenney: Hey the good news somebody is walking out of Mendham with a W after Friday! Rikkola of Mendham will lead his team to victory for the first time this year before the home-town fans. PICK: Mendham 14-7
George Muha: I think Mendham can hang with the best of them…when they are put in the right position to compete. But after last week’s debacle against Randolph, I am not sure they will be handed the right playbook against Bill Regan’s veer offense. Look for the Golden Eagles to keep the Minutemen on their heels as they sweep and pass their way to their first win. PICK: Knolls 48-13


Morristown-Beard (1-2) @ Butler (0-3)
L.A. Byrne: Butler’s had three tough losses and Cirillo’s going to stop the bleeding this week. PICK Butler 51-31
Brian Kenney: I am still kind of wondering why Butler hasn’t won a game yet. Morristown-Beard got smoked by HP last week but their offense showed some spark, especially from Matt McFadden, who ran for over 150 yards on six (yes, six) carries. He will get into the endzone this week. By the way I heard some Mo-Beard fans got in trouble for holding a sign that inferred HP kids still couldn’t afford Beard even if HP beat them in football. Being an HP graduate, I thought that was hilarious and a good exercise of freedom of speech. That’s just my two cents though. PICK: MB 24-14
George Muha: I do believe Butler is way better than their record indicates and this win means a lot to them. But last week’s loss to the Hornets is still stinging the Bearded Ladies bad. Look for Grog, Rella, Reilly and McFadden to leave the Bulldogs winless on their home turf. PICK: MoBeard 30-28

Week 4 5Pope John (2-2) @ Sparta (2-1)
L.A. Byrne: Between Abramson’s arm and Faria’s running game Sparta is the place to be in North Jersey this Sunday. In Week 3 PJ proved they can handle a strong running game. PICK PJ 48-28
Brian Kenney: Sparta can score at will. However, now that PJ is playing regular teams (no offense to anyone playing them the rest of the year) I see a major win streak for them the rest of the year. It is a cross-town rivalry (oh wait, the same town) that will be a fun game to watch. Sparta’s Argula will throw for over 200 yards and Sonny Abramson will match him for Pope John. The difference will be Nicky Esposito on the ground for PJ and their defense and special teams. PICK: PJ in a battle, 38-20
George Muha: Uggh…this one is so hard. I can tell you for sure this will be the first playoff atmosphere game of the season. I also guarantee Sparta will win the battle of the student sections. But as for the game, I just am not sure. Does Sparta’s snack shack still have the deal where you buy a mug for $5.00 and you get free soda refills for the entire season? Okay, I am totally stalling. Okay, here we go. PICK: PJ 25-24

Laura 11-8 (57.89%)
Brian 13-6 (68.42%)
George 13-6 (68.42%)

Laura 35-24 (59.32%)
Brian 36-23 (61.01%)
George 38-21 ((64.40%)

Photos by Chris Chambers

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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