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2014 Week 2 Predictions


Boonton (1-0) @ Pequannock (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: Joe Norton is the do-it-all QB who’ll get the job done with his Bombers behind him. PICK: Boonton 28-14
Brian Kenney: Look for Boonton’s Joltin’ Joe Norton to run for over a buck in this game but Pequannock pulls it out at home in a close one. PICK: Pequannock 21-20
George Muha: Pequannock’s Dan Jachera’s was the glue in last week’s victory over Dover. This will be a close one but Boonton get’s the away-win as the Bomber’s Joe Norton controls the ground attack and Gage “The Cage” Cabalar leads the team in tackles for the second week in a row.

Mountain Lakes (1-0) @ Butler (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: The Herd is taking this one, but Butler’s not going to make it easy. Last week’s mistakes won’t be repeated on the Bulldog’s home field. PICK: Mountain Lakes 42-18
Brian Kenney: Butler will have a hard time passing when Lakes’ Ryan Decker is in the secondary. Butler loses a nail biter. PICK: Herd 14-7
Mt LakesGeorge Muha: This will surely be a packed house as the Bulldogs host Mt. Lakes in what is always the biggest game on Butler’s schedule. But unfortunately for the home team, Lakes will be way too much. The Herd’s Ryan Decker will score on a Pick-6 as his orange and blue win convincingly. PICK: The Herd 29-12

Parsippany (1-0) @ Hackettstown (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Parsippany’s Massefski’s not getting stopped this week, ground and pound at H’town. PICK: Red Hawks 21-13
Brian Kenney: I like a good Irish name and Hackettstown’s Patrick Sullivan ranks up there. Look for him to find a way into the endzone again for H-Town and as they win their home opener. PICK: H-Town 27-12
George Muha: Even though there are no tracks that connect Parsippany to Hackettstown, you’ll be able to take the A Train directly there without any stops this Friday Night! The conductor is Andrew Massefski and he and his Redhawks’ “I think I can” mentality will deliver Parsippany its second win in as many weeks. PICKS: ‘Hawks 27-24

Jefferson (0-1) @ Hanover Park (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: I feel like picking against HP just because George and BK are alum—but I can’t. Bassolino’s duel-threat is giving the Falcon’s mid-week nightmares. At home, and Hanover Park will be unstoppable. PICK: Hornets 35-10
Brian Kenney: I watched a lot of the HP game last week and I have to say they looked good on both sides of the ball and on special teams. The HP offense revolves around Christian Bassolino and unless J-Town can stop him it’s going to be all Hornets. PICK: HP 28-6
George Muha: Playing any Hanover Park team at the Hive on a Friday Night is hard enough. Throw in a Christian Bassolino who apparently spent his offseason eating a ton of Wheatie’s and forgetaboutit (I threw that in there for my old HP friends I graduated with a few decades back). PICK: HP 33-10

Hopatcong (1-0) @ Kittatinny (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: The Chiefs aren’t slowing down anytime soon. PICK: Hopatcong 35-14
Brian Kenney: I hope that the Bongiovanni family named their kid after the infamous stadium I frequented over the years. Hopatcong’s Shea is going to tear it up for at least two more scores in this one. PICK: Hopatcong 26-12
George Muha: Kittatinny was feisty and creative against a very tough Lenape Valley team last week. But Hopatcong is looking like they are on a mission. Look for Chief’s runningback Shea Bongiovanni to build on his four touchdown performance from last week while Jonathan Yanko continues to wreak havoc on opposing backfields. PICK: Da ‘Cong 29-18

North Warren (1-0) @ Kinnelon (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: The Colts D is going to stall North Warren’s running game, and send Presti’s aerial attack back to the field, and lighting up the scoreboard. PICK: Colts 38-10
Brian Kenney: What can I say, this Presti kid can throw the football! 43 attempts? 366 yards? 4 TDS? It’s going to be tough for the Patriots to stop Kinnelon at home. NW’s Ricky Baird and company will do their best. PICK: Kinnelon 27-20
George Muha: While North Warren’s gladiator of a runningack Luke Robertson will keep the game from getting out of control, Kinnelon’s passing attack will still be too much for the Pats. Kinnelon’s QB Kyle Presti and his two receivers Anello and Duncan will continue to be gelling like Magellan for another victory. PICK: Colts 35-28

Madison (0-1) @ Lenape Valley (1-0)
Mt Lakes 2L.A. Byrne: Madison’s tough, but Pangborn has weapons and a D that’ll give him enough series to deploy them. PICK: Lenape Valley 28-14
Brian Kenney: The Valley’s Frankie O will find the endzone this week in a close one against the Dodgers. PICK: The Valley 21-13
George Muha: I see Madison making some serious noise this season. Unfortunately they are going to have to go 0-2 before they get things cooking. The problem for them in this one is they not only have to deal with heavy artillery coming from the Patriot’s LaBell and Orlando run attack, they also have to focus a lot of their attention on Lenape Valley’s Pangborn-to-Fluke passing game. PICK: Pats 39-24

Mendham (1-0) @ Roxbury (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: Two years ago Roxbury was the toughest team I’d ever watched—even inspired a scene in my novel. And they’re on their way back to that. But I gotta go with my Minutemen because they know how to work hard against big opponents. PICK: Mendham 21-14
Brian Kenney: The ‘Bury will find a way to win this one at home. Look for Roxbury’s Grant Dixon to throw a couple of TDs and run for one to boot. PICK: Roxbury 28-17
George Muha: Roxbury’s faithful will be out in droves for this game after last week’s amazing come from behind victory against a very good Sparta team. But things come back to reality for the Gaels as they face a very seasoned and disciplined Mendham team. Look for the Mendham’s Thunder & Thunder (Byrne and Jones) running attack to methodically control the clock as defensemen Powers and Masiello keep Roxbury’s offense in check. PICK: Mendham 24-21

Morristown (1-0) @ Randolph (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: RAM-nation, we love you! But Morristown’s not going to give you any (love, that is), at least until the game’s over. PICK: Morristown 28-10
Brian Kenney: Morristown will ruin Randolph’s home opening behind Dallas McCall’s 3 TDs in the air. Look for Jordan Powell to figure into the mix somehow catching a TD or running for one. PICK: Motown 27-20
George Muha: Randolph’s Brenan Corcoran will need his supporting cast to step up in a big way against the Colonials. Motown’s Dallas McCall to Jordan Powell aerial attack is the second coming of the Greatest Show on Turf. PICK: Motown 35-33

Morristown-Beard (0-1) @ Newton (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Newton’s first home game and Nick Grant will own the airspace. PICK: Newton 35-10
Brian Kenney: Newton will follow Nicky Grant to the Promised Land in this one to pick up their first W of the year. PICK: Newton 14-10
George Muha: MoBeard’s dynamo runningack Matt McFadden has three gears; fast, faster and infinity. It seems like this kid doesn’t have a speed ceiling, as Newton will soon find out. PICK: Bearded Ladies 21-14

Mount Olive (1-0) @ West Morris (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Central is balanced and tough and returns almost everyone this year. This week, they’re going to play for their downed coach Hennelly, making them more dangerous than ever. PICK: West Morris 28-21
Brian Kenney: WM’s Kevin Sears will score 2 TDs but it won’t be enough as the Mt. Olive D will stop them when it needs to in the fourth quarter. PICK: Mt. Olive 22-20
George Muha: I think my new favorite defense is Mount Olive’s. Jumuah Abdu-Salaam (I love that name!) is a sack machine, linebacker Joey DeMeo eats up any left over’s that scrape by Abdu-Salaam and Amir Germaine is Morris Sussex’s version of Deion Sanders. PICK: Marauders 24-7

Parsippany Hills (1-0) @ Vernon (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Both Par Hills and Vernon slogged it out the rain last week, and only Par Hills got the W. But that Vernon team and their coach have something special going on, and it’s going to show up on the ‘board, especially with that huge line and shifty VanLenteen in the backfield. PICK: Vernon 14-13
Brian Kenney: Angelo Gallego is Par Hills’ workhouse, and he will find the endzone at least twice in this one. PICK: PH 28-7
George Muha: Vernon’s QB Soltes gets my “Tough Man of the Week” for his gutsy performance against Mendham last week. His teammates were literally peeling him off the ground after he’d hang in the pocket to make completions. He’ll hang tough in this one too but the Vikes haven’t even unleashed their passing attack yet because their rushing game and special teams are more than getting it done. PICK: Par Hills 30-22

Morris Hills (1-0) @ Montville (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: The Fano/Manning/Harty/Ceretto defense will shut down Morris Hills and avenge the ‘Stangs first loss. PICK: Montville 35-7
Brian Kenney: Speaking of workhorses, holy cow Mikey D (aka Mike Dietrich) carried the ball 33 times in the Hills’ first game for almost 150 yards. He will carry the ball less in this one, but still score and go over a hundy running the ball. PICK: MH 24-13
George Muha: Mike Dietrich will rush for 100 and Kyle “The Babe” Gaeb will cause a turnover or two on their way to 2-0. PICK: Red Knights 30-12

Whippany Park (1-0) @ Morris Catholic (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Whippany Park showed up big against Hackettstown, with the 200-pound sophomore ‘backer Andrew Lake, who’s just getting warmed up for the season. PICK: Whippany Park 28-10
Brian Kenney: Park’s Andrew “Go Jump In A” Lake is a beast on defense, recording 10 tackles last week in the Wildcat’s win. Look for him to get a turnover or cause one this week against MC. PICK: Park 14-6
George Muha: There are three reasons why Morris Catholic will have a hard time getting their offense cranking this weekend. Those reasons are Michalewsky, Poulter and Soto. Remember I said that! PICK: ‘Cats 22-12

High Point (0-1) @ Pope John (0-2)
L.A. Byrne: High Point’s going to take some knocks in this game, but it’ll make ‘em stronger down the road. PICK: Pope John 38-10
Brian Kenney: I have to say PJ doesn’t shy away from a rough schedule, and they deserve a lot of credit for that. They will get their first W at home this week. PJ’s Sonny Abramson will complete more than 50% of his passes this week for a few scores in a win. PICK: PJ 28-6
George Muha: Everyone needs to just chillax okay! Yes, Pope John is 0-2 but they played two teams that are basically 1AA college teams. I applaud them for putting those teams on their schedules. Sonny will be back to throwing for 200 and Espo rushing for 100 in the win. Keep an eye out for Bergen Catholic transfer stud runningback George Klag for the Wildcats though. PICK: Johnnies 33-24

Morris Knolls (0-1) @ Delbarton (1-0)
L.A. Byrne: I wouldn’t want to step on the field against Delbarton after the Green Wave crushed a tough New York team. PICK: Delbarton 48-6
Brian Kenney: Delby’s Primetime Andrew Sanders (not sure if he is related to Deion Sanders or not) will run for over 100 yards in a big win over Knolls. PICK: Delby 34-13
George Muha: I can’t wait for the second installment of the Andrew Sanders Show. Look for the shifty Curtis Martin look-a-like to rush for another 150 in the win. PICK: Delby 22-6

Dover (0-1) @ Wallkill Valley (0-1)
L.A. Byrne: Both teams looking for their first win, and Dover’s got the offense to get it done. PICK: Tigers: 21-7
Brian Kenney: Dover had a rough game last week and will hopefully rebound against the Valley. It won’t be easy on the Valley’s home field, but the Tigers will squeak out a W. PICK: Dover 14-12
George Muha: When I played back in the day (yes, here comes some of my Al Bundy moments), Dover had a runningback named Jessie Williams that was 6’1”, 235lbs and literally ran like a gazelle. Now the Tigers have a new Jesse…Jesse Maka. And he’s creating his own legacy. Wallkill Valley will soon find out what I’m talking about. PICK: Tigers 21-10

Chatham (0-1) @ Sparta (0-1)
Mt. Lakes 3L.A. Byrne: Sparta’s still in a rage over last weekend’s loss and they’re going to unleash it on Chatham. PICK: Sparta 48-12
Brian Kenney: Chatham’s Alex Sands had a decent game last week in a loss. This week he will be even better in a win. PICK: Chatham 24-14
George Muha: It wouldn’t matter if Sparta was playing the Green Bay Packers this weekend. Whoever they play is going to take a whooping from last week’s last minute loss to Roxbury. Look for Faria to rush for two bills and three touchdowns in a convincing win. PICK: Spartans 38-19

Bergen Tech (1-1) @ Sussex Tech (1-1)
L.A. Byrne: Outland, Struble and Hofmann led Sussex Tech to a halftime lead of 40-0 last week, and they’ve barely gotten started on their season. PICK: Sussex Tech 40-10
Brian Kenney: Sussex Tech has a running back with the last name “Outland.” Pretty cool. Did I mention he ran 5 times for a buck twenty and a TD last week? I like that average yard per carry. That average may drop a few yards but he’ll find paydirt once or twice this week in a ST win. PICK: Sussex Tech 21-14
George Muha: Look for the Shyheim Outland Extravaganza to continue at Sussex Tech. Watch this super stud be all over the field as ST moves to a 2-1 record. PICK: ‘Stangs 21-18

How We’re Doing With Our Predictions

Last Week
Laura 13-7 (65%)
Brian 10-10 (50%)
George 13-7 (65%)

Laura 14-7 (66.66%)
Brian 10-11 (47.61%)
George 13-8 (61.9%

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George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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