2014 Mountain Lakes Herd Football Preview


Numbers barely say it: 12-0, undefeated—and still, that doesn’t speak to how dominant this team was last year. No one scored more than 14 points on them. They put in their second string in a playoff game. They were bigger, stronger, and faster in nearly every position, with athleticism up front, in the backfield, in the flats, and waiting on the sideline. They used a relentless pound-and-ground offense against every opponent, wearing them down. This is one scary team. And they have a very big roster. And they have support. In the community, the Herd is promoted almost like it’s a college team. Banners are made for spectacular team entrances. Orange-covered fans fill bleachers. They paint chests, and faces, and fingernails—orange and blue is everywhere. Within the team, Herd captains are passionate leaders, fanning flames of team spirit, unity, and dedication during speeches. This team didn’t have one good senior class that led to a 2013 championship. They have a program that rivals private schools, maybe colleges—and that’s what’s keeping their division rivals awake at night.

Best Attribute
Returning quarterback Brad Smith can run, throw, hand-off, and do it with confidence. He will lead another prolific offense, either on the ground or in the air—whatever Coach Fusco needs him to do.

Other Returning Players
TE/DE John Dubose
TE/DE Jake Schuckman
TE/LB Brian Olshanski
FB/LB Bobby Frawley
QB/CB Ryan Decker
G/LB Anthony Smith
HB/CB Brad Landry
TE/S Jimmy Schicke
G/DE Kevin Beimfohr
HB/CB Jack Palazzi

A Look Back at 2013
Against North Warren, early on the Herd struggled against pass rush, and Smith was sacked twice. And, a few missed tackles led to big plays against the Herd.

Mountain Lakes corrected. Final score: 21-7.
Winning never seemed good enough for this team. With each game, the Lakers corrected, improved, developed, and went into the next match-up newly determined. By the state championship game, it looked like the guys were actually having some fun.

Must-See Game
Butler and Mountain Lakes is the must-see match-up for the regular season (9/19, 7PM, at Butler).

Additional Awesomeness
The Herd was involved in five community service projects prior to and during their 2013 season.

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  1. herd beat dawgs

    September 16, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    shut down 28 and 7 herd win

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