2014 Kinnelon Colts Football Preview


Last year, injuries decimated the Colts, forcing a deep dive into their lineup. This year, the team will put that experience to use behind the talent trio Kyle Presti, Liam Nelson, and Connor Chiuchiolo who will lead the Colts offense.

Best Attributes
Kyle Presti, senior QB. If Presti stays healthy, this athletic quarterback with the rocket arm will lead the team in the air and on the ground. Note: Zach Moen filled in for Presti last year, when the starter was injured. Liam Nelson, RB/LB, is effective on both sides of the ball, aggressive on defense, able to get through the traffic, and with good vision in the open field. Connor Chiuchiolo, WR/FS, is 6’1, and a threat to the secondary with both speed and size.

Other Returning Players
Chris Hausler, WR/CB
Aaron Anello WR/CB
Travis Rode RB/SS
Tony Dirubba OG/LB
Patrick Stewart OT/DE
David Locascio OG/NG

Chink in the Armor
Last year’s defensive line struggled to hold gaps to stop the run game against Butler’s Ryan Cirillo and Wallkill Valley’s Jerry Struble and Alex Thompson. Returning starters Stewart and Locascio will have to lead this group in pre-season work.

Forecast for 2014
Kinnelon is in a tough conference, but I predict the 2014 Colts to be an above 500 team this year that has the ability to go far into the playoffs if they stay healthy and make the most of their opportunities.

Coach White Inside Info
In 2009, head coach Kevin White boldly started six freshmen that went on to become the senior lineup in the 2012 championship team. This is a coach that sees talent and knows how to groom it.

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