2013 Week 9 Player of the Week: Boonton’s Runningback Josh Smith

A few weeks ago, after losing to Mountain Lakes, it became apparent to Boonton that they would not make it into the playoffs. Although a young team, this fiesty group had every right to hang their heads low. Instead, they did the opposite. They went on to battle for wins against Whippany Park and Kinnelon in games that were all but meaningless. But Boonton is playing for something more…PRIDE.

In this past week’s victory against Kinnelon, the Bombers shelled out 35 points and kept the Colts to just 19 in an impressive road victory. During this game, Butler’s junior runningback Josh Smith jetted for 161 yards and 4 touchdowns in what turned out to be this young man’s best output of points in his whole career. This performance, backed by his teammates passion, earned Smith Morris Sussex Football’s Week 9 Player of the Week.

Morris Sussex Football caught up with Smith to talk about his team’s gumshen, this past season and what we can expect from the 2014 Bombers.

Morris Sussex Football: With you’re playoffs hopes dashed, what made you guys play so inspired?
Josh Smith: The love of the game! Who wants to lose?

MSF: It seems this Bomber team has a toughness about them. What makes you guys so gritty?
JS: Playing smashmouth Boonton football.

MSF: How much confidence does Coach Gallagher give you guys?
JS: He hypes us up and he’s our biggest supporter.

MSF: What’s the worst part of his practices?
JS: Gasers during conditioning.

MSF: What are the best thing he’s tought you guys so far?
JS: Finish the drill.

MSF: Out of the teams you played, what teams do you think can win a title?
JS: Butler or Mountain Lakes

MSF: Who is the best player you faced this year?
JS: Butler runningback Ryan Cirillo.

MSF: Who is the flat out best athlete on your team?
JS: Either me or my best friend Josh Corporan

MSF: Who is beating you in the forty?
JS: No one.

MSF: What was the funniest moment that you can share about this season?
JS: We all dressed up for Halloween.

MSF: What are your offseason goals?
JS: To get bigger, faster and stronger.

MSF: Who are your role models?
JS: Oregon running back D’anthony Thomas.

MSF: What can we expect from the 2014 Bombers?
JS: A championship.

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