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2013: Week 5 Predictions

Friday Night Lights, October 11
Pequannock (1-3) @ Boonton (2-2)
George Muha: I love how scrappy Boonton is! And after a 14-0 loss to Hopatcong last week, there is no way Bomber QB Ian Havran and company aren’t going to come out with a vengeance this Friday night!
PICK: Boon Town 35-21

Delbarton (3-1) @ Roxbury (2-2)
George Muha: I love that I have Delbarton RB Andrew Sanders on my fantasy football team! Since he’s a sophomore, he’s definitely going to be my “carry over” player. By the way, my Matt Oplinger #7 away jersey just came in the mail! And its not the cheap one that you get from Sports Authority, its the $400 one you get from the NFL Shop. If anyone sees a creepy guy in his late 30’s eating nochos donning an Oplinger jersey at a Delbarton game, that doesn’t look like an Oplinger family member, say hi! By the way, don’t touch the jersey…it cost me a fortune!
PICK: Delby 40-25

Kittatinny (3-1) @ Dover (1-3)
George Muha: I am wanting Dover to start to show more consistency! I don’t know what it is. They proved they can beat the best in the conference with their convincing win over Jefferson earlier in the season. Yet, they keep dropping games that I feel they should win. Oh well, I know no one can deny what Garrett Armstrong and the rest of the Kittatinny Killers are doing this year. If Dover wants to change their season, they need to do it this weekend. But that is not what my crystal ball is telling me.
PICK: Kittatinny 35-7

Randolph's line has been giving QB Connor Logoyda a ton of time to find receivers this season.

Randolph’s line has been giving QB Connor Logoyda a ton of time to find receivers this season.

Chatham (0-4) @ Randolph (1-2-1)
George Muha: You know who has guts?  Randolph does, that’s who! I am still blown away with how hard Randolph battled and bounced back against Mendham last weekend! One QB that needs to be mentioned with the top throwers in Morris Sussex is Connor “Sunshine” Logoyda. Last week he joined the 5 touchdown club! Also, one of my new favorite players is Brenan Corcoran.  This kid is got All Unruly Team written all over him!
PICK: Da Rams 45-7

Hackettstown (1-3) @ Madison (2-1)
George Muha: Ouch, Hackettstown is recovering from their 47-7 loss to Newton. Meanwhile, Madison has had two weeks to think about how painful their first loss in 39 games felt. It wouldn’t matter if Don Bosco was playing Madison. There is no way they are going to lose.
PICK: Madison 40-10

Jefferson (3-1) @ Hanover Park (3-1)
George Muha: I haven’t felt this good about my Hornets in a long time! The last time HP won a state title was in 1990…ahem…the team I was also a stud DE on (okay, I was a sophomore bag holder…but I was on the team). Regardless, this game is definitely could set the tone for the rest of the season…and on into the postseason. But as much as I want my alma mater to win, I think Jefferson quarterback JR Reese is going to put on a show in front of the Hornet faithful.
PICK: Jefferson 45-40

High Point (1-3) @ Montville (1-3)
George Muha: Both these teams need to start winning pronto. In the end, I see Montville Mustang linebacker Aaron Silverstein keeping High Point in check in a low scoring affair.
PICK: Stangs 10-7

Wallkill Valley (1-3) @ Kinnelon (2-2)
George Muha: The Kinnelon Kid, Kyle Presti, will be back to himself in a bounce back game after losing big time to Butler. Look for his favorite target Connor Chiuchiolo (geez, I am exhaused after writing that name!) to go for 115 yards and two TDs receiving.
PICK: Kinnelon 34-17

Lenape Valley (3-1) @ Parsippany (0-4)
George Muha: Last week Lenape receiver Freddy Scharnikow averaged 46 yards per catch, and one TD for every reception he had. Note to LV quarterback Ryan Pangborn (who happens to have one of the coolest names in Morris Sussex Football): Throw to Schawshankredemption more…the kid can ball!
PICK: Lenape Valley 45-20

Morris Knolls (3-1) @ Morris Hills (1-3)
George Muha: Ahhh, the annual Rockaway Rumble! I was at this matchup last year and it was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in a long time. Win-loss records always get thrown out the window for this one. However, Knoll’s has shown the most consistency this year and no one seem be able to stop RB Mike Sweeney. Plus, the Knoll’s Heads (the Knoll’s student section) are one of the best student sections in Morris Sussex…which you gotta love!
PICK: Knolls 35-21 (I also predict the Knolls Heads are responsible for MoHills to call at least one timeout due to not being able to hear)

Mountain Lakes (4-0) @ North Warren (3-1)
George Muha: It used to be, Butler was the only team that seemed to give Mt. Lakes a regular season challenge. Now that North Warren is in this division, things have changed. Mt. Lakes isn’t about to lose, but Luke Robertson of North Warren is going to make the Herd earn it.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 35-34

Vernon (0-4) @ Mount Olive (1-3)
George Muha: Vernon needs to basically win all the games from here on out! Unfortunately for them, Mount Olive quarterback Alex Oriolo figured out that he can hangout all day in the pocket behind linemen Ethan Weiss and Zach Heeman. Look for Oriolo to throw for 250 yards in his second game for as many weeks.
PICK: Mount Olive 30-12

West Morris (2-2) @ Mendham (1-2-1)
George Muha:  I’ve been watching Mendham all season long and I’ve been telling people all along that Mendham is actually a very solid football team but they were just lacking beleif in themselves.  But after last week’s 38-38 tie to Randolph in triple OT, I feel they’ve truly turned the corner from a confidence.  Not taking anything away from the Wolfpack, because at their core they are very good themselves.  But in the end, this will be a good game with Mendham grinding out tough yardage on the ground.
PICK: Mendham 24-21

Saturday Games, October 12
Sparta (4-0) @ Pope John (4-0)
George Muha: I love how all of Pope John’s players are idenfitied by their first name only and everyone knows who their talking about. I hear all the time, “Oh Sonny did this…” or “Noah did that…” or “Izzo caught for x many yards…” Don’t get me wrong, this week’s matchup is the best game of the year up until this point in Morris Sussex without a doubt. And Lucas Faria will likely have a monster game. But in the end, I see Austin capitalizing on Sparta double teaming #21 and #15.
PICK: Pope John 30-28

Morristown (2-2) @ Parsippany Hills (4-0)
George Muha: I loved how much guts Motown showed last week in their 3-0 win over WMC! Kicker Ethan Bolson’s foot was clutch and CB Leo Friedman made the play of his life intercepting the Wolpack’s pass in the endzone. I’d love for the Colonials to get some momentum. Unfortunately they have to play Par Hills this weekend who’s offense is like the 2007 Patriots and their defense is like ’85 Bears.
PICK: Par Hills 35-14

Mendham fullback Tim Byrne and the rest of the Minuteman offense run a pound and ground style of offense.

Mendham fullback Tim Byrne and the rest of the Minuteman offense run a pound and ground style of offense.

Hopatcong (2-2) @ Whippany Park (1-3)
George Muha: Hey Hopatcong, can you just humor me and allow QB Ryan Clark to throw 30 times? I know, I know…if I had Johann Lara I’d be running it like crazy too. But let’s get the RPMs revving here and see what this engine’s got brah!
PICK: Da Cong 40-25

Butler (4-0) @ Morris Catholic (0-4)
George Muha: Okay, okay…I’m done picking against Butler! There is just no stopping the two headed ground attack of Glenn Reger and Ryan Cirillo who combined for 287 yards and 4 touchdowns on 25 carries (which is 11.48 yards per carry for you stat nerds).
PICK: Butler 42-15

Sussex Tech (2-2) @ Morristown-Beard (4-0)
George Muha: Mo-Beard’s Matt Reilly, Matt Stark and Cole Steinfeldt are a very tough linebacking corps that opposing teams have a hard time getting around.  Although the Crimson is coming off a bye, I am not expecting to see much rust in what I envision a convincing win.
PICK: Bearded Ladies 43-21

Bye Week: Newton

How I’m Doing
Last Week: 11-7 (61.11%)
Overall: 56-20 (73.68%)

Goal: To pick over 80% of the games correctly…last week killed me!

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are a very important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community, to the Morris-Sussex area is his mission.



  1. Joe

    October 9, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    I think Mo Hills is taking down Knolls this week. Knolls has 3 wins against teams with a combined record of 2-10. They have not been challenged and Morris Hills has with coming off a tough loss at PJ.

  2. John Donderz Dondero

    October 10, 2013 at 8:44 am

    I hope my fellow teammates do really really good today! I have a big nose gooooooo lenapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yayayayayayay

  3. Hayden Dupont

    October 11, 2013 at 10:20 am

    I do a great job with filming and keeping track on hudl. come watch me do work tonight at Parsippany high school. Wish me luck. I don’t want to mess up the filming. I also have to shave… BAD!

  4. Pat Togno

    October 11, 2013 at 10:23 am

    im fat

  5. Jim Leonardis

    October 12, 2013 at 7:43 am

    Hey Guys,

    Never a sleeper when Knolls and Hills get together!!! Another great match between sister schools where rankings, win and losses are definitely put aside. Extremely Happy to see such student support!!! Just wondering how many folks are actually aware that Knolls lost one of their best Coaches to Hills to be a ‘D’ coordinator knowing Knoll’s ‘O’ inside and out calling plays from his new sideline. Hills did a real nice defensive job holding down the Houston Veer….

    • George Muha

      October 12, 2013 at 10:31 am

      Jim, thanks for the comment! I always love it when these two schools get together. The school spirit is the best in the county! But I kind of chuckled about your comment about the Knolls coordinator going to Hills. Hills knows the Veer as good as Knolls…without any inside secret. Joey Bencel of Hills is a master at defending it. I’m not suprised it was such a battle.

      Since we are on the topic of the Veer, I have a theory that one of the reasons Knolls is killing all these Sussex county teams is the Veer is so new to them and they do not know how to defend it. Its so complicated for look teams to mimmic it in practice that the defense really doesn’t get a good luck at it until they play Knolls. Where the Morris County teams, who are familiar, are at least making the score respectable. Don’t mean to take away from this Knolls group. They certainly are impressive Veer aside.

      Way to deliver on all the hype to both teams!!!

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