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Week 4 Players of the Week: Randolph QB Connor Logoyda & Mendham QB Jack Horan

In barn burning thriller of a game that pitted two cross county rivals leveraging for position in the National Division, Randolph and Mendham gave their fans their money’s worth in a triple overtime war. To a man, each player on both teams gave every bit of heart and soul in this contest. Although both teams wanted the clock to end with their team with the better score, the game seemed to end the way the universe wanted it to in a 38-38 tie.

Although everyone on that field this Saturday deserved the Player of the Week, Morris Sussex Football felt the two opposing field generals where the right candidates to share the honor for Week 4.

So it is our honor to introduce to you the Week 4 Players of the Week, Randolph quarterback Connor Logoyda and Mendham quarterback Jack Horan.

At the end of the day, Logoyda finished with 267 yards and five touchdowns through the air while Horan finished with 130 yards and three TDs on the ground and another one through the air. Along with a herculean effort by both teams, these two star athletes left it all on the field this past Saturday.

Connor Logoyda's five passing TDs was the best in Morris Sussex for Week 4.

Connor Logoyda’s five passing TDs was the best in Morris Sussex for Week 4 (photo credit Stephanie Hakes).

MSF caught up with Logoyda and Horan to talk about this amazing duel, discuss the makeup of their teams and joke around about some pop-culture topics.

Morris Sussex Football: Were either of you surprised at how tough the other team played?
Connor Logoyda: Not exactly. We knew it would be a four quarter game and in this case…a little longer.
Jack Horan: Randolph is always a tough opponent, but we felt that this was our year to beat them for the first time in Minutemen history.

MSF: Jack, what was it like looking at your team in the huddle after the 3rd overtime? Were they totally exhausted?
JH: After the third overtime our team must have been tired, but they didn’t show it. The desire each of us had to win overcame that exhaustion. Looking into everyone’s eyes, I felt confident that they would be fighting as hard as they could right beside me.

MSF: Connor, did you ever throw in a game as much as you did on Saturday?
CL: Yeah against Delbarton this year we had about 30-35 passes.

MSF: [To Connor] Who is your favorite target, Murphy or Corcoran?
CL: (Laughs) I can’t pick favorites! If they’re open they’ll get the ball.

MSF: [To Connor] Do feel you have an insurance policy in Frank Raggo when you get past the 50 yard line?
CL: Absolutely! As a four year starter and one of the top kickers in the state, it definitely makes it easier knowing he’s on our sideline.

Horan hands off to fullback Tim Byrne who grinded out a lot of tough yards in Week 4.

Horan hands off to fullback Tim Byrne who grinded out a lot of tough yards in Week 4 (photo credit Stephanie Hakes).

MSF: What’s next for your respective teams?
CL: There’s always room for improvement so just getting back to practice and fine tuning our game.
JH: This next week is the most important week of our season. We play West Morris Central at home on friday night; our sister school and biggest rival. This year we have a lot of confidence going into this game and it is all we are thinking about at this point.

MSF: Who on your team surprised you with how much they’ve stepped up this year?
CL: I think freshman Carlo Zarro is an obvious pick. He’s matured quickly through the first few games and he’s showing people he deserves to be on the field with us.
JH: My offensive line has stepped up tremendously. We only have one returning starter from last year, Anthony Marconi. But this change has not seemed to hurt us. Our run game has been very successful and they have all played very well.

MSF: Who is the strongest player on your team?
CL: Probably one of our senior captains Brett Gundy or Anthony Santo.
JH: Our right guard/defensive tackle Richard Masiello.

Randolph Brenan Corcoran comes close to blocking Ross Coapman's punt.

Randolph Brenan Corcoran comes close to blocking Ross Coapman’s punt (photo credit Stephanie Hakes).

MSF: Who is the fastest?
CL: James “Rabbit” Bertelle
JH: My receiver Spenser Clouse.

MSF: Who is your role model?
CL: My quarter back role model would be Peyton Manning and for life I’d say my parents.
JH: Tim Tebow.

MSF: Do you see yourselves playing college football?
CL: If the opportunity is there, yes I’d love to.
JH: Yes.

MSF: [To Connor] What is the funniest thing Coach Lusardi ever said?
CL: Coach is a great guy with a lot of experience, and all the time I’ve spent with him it’s hard to pick one.

MSF: What super power you wish you had?
CL: I wish I could slow down time like in the movie “Click”.
JH: The ability to fly.

MSF: Last book you read?
CL: The Great Gatsby in school.
JH: Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi

Mendham's Jack Horan #7 is potent when he keeps the ball and runs himself.

Mendham’s Jack Horan #7 is potent when he keeps the ball and runs himself (photo credit Stephanie Hakes).

MSF: Song you cannot stand?
CL: Anything from Lady Gaga.
JH: “6 foot 7 foot” Lil Wayne

MSF: Best dish you can cook?
CL: Haha peanut butter and jelly.
JH: Stir Fry.

MSF: Funniest person you know?
CL: Pat Rampone, our holder.
JH: Michael Frigo, always makes me laugh

MSF: App you cannot live without?
CL: Pandora
JH: Twitter

MSF: Best nickname a coach ever gave you?
CL: Coach Jeff Rutledge from FBU called me “Sunshine” from Remember the Titans.
JH: Jacky-Babes from Twin Boro Bears football.

Connor Logoyda has emerged as one of the top passing QBs in Morris Sussex.

Connor Logoyda has emerged as one of the top passing QBs in Morris Sussex (photo credit Stephane Hakes).

MSF: Movie you watch every time it’s on TV?
CL: Any sports movie and Step Brothers.
JH: The Other Guys

MSF: Toughest person you ever met?
CL: One of our assistant coaches from middle school Bob Hennig.
JH: Our linebacker Anthony Marconi.

MSF: I’m secretly afraid of _________ .
CL: Scary movies.
JH: Spiders.

MSF: If I could go pro in another sport it would be ___________ .
CL: Snowboarding.
JH: Basketball.

MSF: Congrats to the both of you on such a well played game! Best of luck the rest of the way!

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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