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2013 Week 3 Player of the Week: Hanover Park QB Matt Hoberman

November 26, 2009 was the last time Madison lost a football game. Until yesterday that is…when Hanover Park was finally able to wrangle down their Freedom Division foe 27-7 in front of Madison’s home crowd. But according to Hornet quarterback Matt Hoberman, that upset was a long time in the making.

“We wanted to be the team that ended Madison’s streak.” Hoberman proudly shared. “Ever since they knocked us out of the playoffs last year (57-20) we made it our goal to be the ones who were going to knock them off.”

Hoberman, who passed for 10-15 and 175 yards and a touchdown and ran for 95 yards and two more touchdowns, led a passion villed Hornet team. His performance during this win earned him Morris Sussex Football’s Week 3 Player of the Week.

We caught up with Hoberman to discuss this game, some of his teamates and some pop-culture questions.

Morris Sussex Football: At what point during this game did you start to realize that this game was in the books and you guys ended Madison’s amazing run?
Matt Hoberman: When your playing a team as good as Madison, nothing is ever in the books. We knew they wouldn’t stop fighting until the end. But when there were only seconds left in the game, and I saw the team give our Coach the Gatorade bath on the sideline. Then it started to sink in that we did it.

MSF: Was Madison upset after the game?
MH: Madison lined up after the game was over and handled it in a very classy manner.

MSF: Does this win change the way this Hornet team feels about themselves?
MH: This was a huge win for our team and program. After coming off a loss last week, we needed to come out and regain our confidence. We all understood how important this game was, and everyone did what they had to do for us to win.

MSF: Is this team as balanced as it seems?
MH: Our team is very balanced on both sides of the ball. With all the coaching and preparation, we have established a great defense, and a solid offensive attack with our run and pass game.

MSF: What do you feel is the biggest edge this team has over its opponents?
MH: Our experience and our attitude. We have a lot of guys that have either started, or played a lot of minutes in the past two years, which allows us to be more comfortable on the field. And the whole team comes every day with an attitude to work hard and win.

MSF: What is like being mentored by a Hanover Park legend like 1990 State Champion Frank Franco?
MH: Coach Franco has a great understanding of the game, especially the quarterback position. I’ve learned so much from the last three years that have helped me on the field.

MSF: Does he ever pull out his State Championship ring?
MH: I don’t remember him personally ever showing it to me, but I’m sure he has worn it.

MSF: Who is the strongest player on your team?
MH: No doubt it’s Nick LaShell. He’s a hard worker and puts up crazy numbers in the weight room. One of the strongest guys I’ve ever been around.

MSF: Who is the fastest?
MH: DeVon McGriff, kid is scary quick. He gets faster and faster every year I see him play.

MSF: Who is the funniest?
MH: There’s a ton of guys on this team that are funny, but Gabe Pelaggi is hilarious. He’s one of the only guys I know who can make everyone laugh pretty much at anytime.

MSF: Who is your role model?
MH: There are a lot of people in my life that I look up too, but my number one role model has to be my Dad. He’s there for me no matter what.

MSF: Do you see yourself playing college football?
MH: I could see myself potentially playing some college ball. I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s going to be hard to walk away from this game after this year.

MSF: What is the funniest thing Coach Moore ever said?
MH: There’s a bunch, but everyone gets a kick out of Coach Moore’s famous line after he kids around with you, “Hey if ya don’t like my jokes just let me know!”

MSF: What super power you wish you had?
MH: This was a big discussion between a bunch of us in the off-season, but I’d have to say Flying.

MSF: Last book you read?
MH: The Last Lecture. I’m not a big reader, but it actually was a pretty good book.

MSF: Song you cannot stand?
MH: Anything Bruno Mars.

MSF: Best dish you can cook?
MH: Not going to lie, I make a pretty good egg omelet.

MSF: App you cannot live without?
MH: I don’t use many Apps, but I always find myself on Twitter throughout the day.

MSF: Best nickname a coach ever gave you?
MH: Well Hobie was a nickname I was given in sports when I was younger, and it’s stuck ever since.

MSF: Movie you watch every time it’s on TV?
MH: Friday Night Lights

MSF: I’m secretly afraid of _________ .
MH: Anytime Coach Cap gets angry.

MSF: Toughest person you ever met?
MH: It has to be Nick Preziosi, our linebacker and guard. He takes pain like no one I’ve ever seen before.

MSF: If I could go pro in another sport it would be ___________ .
MH: Hockey, I’m a big Rangers fan.

MSF: Congrats again Matt! Best of luck the rest of the way!

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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