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The 2012 All Unruly Team

Every year, all of the writers and staff have a ritual to hash out who the top players in Morris and Sussex Counties were for that season. At the end of this season, we assemble in a conclave and barricade ourselves into a private room and no one is allowed to leave until all of the players are selected for the all star team that we call the All Unruly Team. When team is selected, we burn all the ballots and gray smoke comes out the chimney signifying to the community that the All Unruly Team has been selected.

This year’s team is loaded with state championship players, pure athletes, studs that will play in college and regular guys who just had amazing high school careers. We had a ton of fun this year and hope you did too!  Enjoy a happy and safe holiday season!

All Unruly Player of the Year
Sean Robbins – Kinnelon: As a freshman starter, Robbins finished 1-9. As he matured, he bettered his team’s record every year and capped his senior season with a 9-3 record and his school’s first state title. Not only that, but he also took his team all the way to the state finals and earned Kinnelon its first state championship in school history. Robbins also was one of the top passers in the state, the leading rusher on his team and was responsible for 37 touchdowns.

All Unruly Offensive Player of the Year
Donald Panciello – Roxbury: Panciello was the both the ground and the pound in a rushing attack that accumulated over 3,500 rushing yards and 36 touchdowns. His share was 1,700 yards and 20 touchdowns. Also the leading tackler on defense, Panciello was the keystone of this Gaels state championship team.


Sparta’s Michael Boryeskne (5) specialized in knocking down opposing defenders all season long.

All Unruly Defensive Player of the Year
Michael Boryeskne – Sparta: Boryeskne was one of the fiercest defenders in the state racking up 85 tackles, 15 sacks, 2 interceptions and a safety. His aggressive style of play was the reason the Spartans went 9-2 and was a field goal away from being state champions.

All Unruly Special Teamer of the Year
Justin Goodwin – Madison: Goodwin could frankly qualify for all of the Player of the Year Awards. The Rutgers bound senior leaves Madison with a 37 game win streak and three straight state titles. But Goodwin’s game changing abilities on special teams was a huge X-factor for the Dodgers. Of course he could and did run back punts and kickoffs for touchdowns. But setting up as punter, with the option to run on fourth down, is what gave opposing coaches agita.

All Unruly Coach of the Year
Chris Kubik – Madison: Madison Dodger football hasn’t had such a buzz around its program since Coach Monica was its head man in the 70’s and 80’s. Kubik has got it all going on right now; the 37 game win streak, the three straight state titles in a row, the feeder program from the peewee program and the offseason weight training regimen. Kubik has figured out the secret sauce and he’s well on his way to a very successful career.


The All Unruly Offensive Team



During his high school career, Justin Goodwin was a threat every time he touched the ball.

QB Sean Robbins (Senior) – Kinnelon: One of the top offensive producers in the state with 2,069 yards through the air and 1,279 yard on the ground with 37 total touchdowns to his credit. Also newly crowned state champion. NFL Player Most Resembles – Brett Favre
QB Chris Heredia (Senior) – Butler: Heredia’s 2,832 yards in the air are second to only Jon Germano of Bergen Catholic. NFL Player Most Resembles – Kurt Warner
QB Tyler Simms (Senior) – Parsippany Hills: Simms’ 2,042 yards is impressive. But the reason he is on the All Unruly Team is because he can make every single throw with pinpoint accuracy and he has the guts to throw it where only his receiver can get it. NFL Player Most Resembles – Tom Brady
QB Michael Bicknese (Senior) – Delbarton: Bicknese owned Morris and Sussex opponents, losing only twice to out of conference teams (St. Joe’s & Paramus Catholic). Without him as the field general, Delby would have been a much different team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Eli Manning
QB Carson Lassiter (Senior) – Madison: Lassiter was Madison’s secret weapon this season. If teams were too focused on Goodwin, Lassiter made them pay by keeping the ball himself. He ran for over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns this year and became a state champion for his third time. NFL Player Most Resembles – Tim Tebow
Jake Melville (Senior) – Sparta: Melville is an electric player and one of the main reasons Sparta had so much success this season. The senior threw for 1,000 ran for 1,000 and was responsible for 21 touchdowns. NFL Player Most Resembles – Robert Griffin III
RB Justin Goodwin *Captain* (Senior) – Madison: Put aside his three state titles, rushing records and his physical talents. This quote from Madison principal Greg Robertson sums up why Goodwin is the captain of the All Unruly Team, “Justin NEVER made it about him…and he easily could have. It was always about everyone else for him.” NFL Player Most Resembles – Walter Peyton

Randolph’s Brendan Mahon (70) was a man amongst boys during his high school tenure.

RB JJ Moore (Senior) – Mount Olive: I have to have JJ Moore on the All Unruly Team. The High Point transfer adapted quickly to his new team by racking up 1,372 yards and 15 touchdowns while taking the Marauders to the playoffs. NFL Player Most Resembles – Chris Johnson
RB Brian Wickkiser (Senior) – Hackettstown: Workhorse does not sum it up about this kid. The Wickkinator’s 233 times rushing was the most in the state. Not only that, he did not come close to breaking down as he nabbed 1,474 yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground. NFL Player Most Resembles – Thurman Thomas
RB Uzoma Egbuchulam (Senior) – Mountain Lakes: Appropriately nicknamed Zoom Zoom, Egbuchulam bolted for 1,625 yards and 22 touchdowns on the ground. At 5’11” and 200lbs, Egbuchulam light enough on his feet to zigzag down the field but big enough to run over defenders. NFL Player Most Resembles – Gale Sayers
FB Robbie Arancio (Junior) – Delbarton: When you mix passion, emotion and 6’ 220lbs of pure muscle you have the ingredients for Rob Arancio. The junior stud trudged out tough yards on the ground (508 yards and 8 touchdowns rushing), was a key blocker for an offense that threw for 1,500 yards and was a reliable screen pass receiver (245 yards and 3 touchdowns receiving). NFL Player Most Resembles – Tom Rathman
FB Nick Rafferty (Senior) – Lenape Valley: Rafferty leaves Lenape Valley as the all time leading rusher and scorer. As a four year starter he finnished with a 34-8 record. Just a proven winner who can do everything on the field. NFL Player Most Resembles – Priest Holmes
FB Shone Register (Senior) – Madison: I saw Register play probably six or seven times over the past few years and he is just one guy that I would not want to head to head with. Whether he is carrying the ball or blocking, he hits the hole with a fury that has literally make me cringe. One of my all time favorite players. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jerome Bettis
WR Noah Brown (Junior) – Pope John: Probably the purest athlete of all the players on the All Unruly Team. In 2012, this guy lined up all over the field. Brown was responsible for 1,500 yards of offense and 20 touchdowns from scrimmage. He also returned four kicks to the big house. NFL Player Most Resembles – Adrian Peterson

Morris Hills’ Robert Sihlanick is a fierce competitor and a key cog in the Scarlet Knights offensive attack.

WR – Kire Milevski (Senior) – Par Hills: The speedy receiver was Tyler Simms main target all season long. He nabbed 63 receptions for 862 yards and 13 touchdowns, which was seventh best in the state for receivers. NFL Player Most Resembles – Reggie Wayne
WR – Austin Bailey (Junior) – Pope John: Bailey, who would be a superstar on any other team, flies beneath the radar on talent rich Pope John. He quietly averaged 21 yards per catch and was one of the top 1% of all receivers in the state with 619 yards. NFL Player Most Resembles – Victor Cruz
WR – Sean Walsh (Senior) – Kinnelon: Walsh is like a labrador retriever. Anything Sean Robbins threw up this year, this kid ran and got without even thinking about it. At the end of the day, Walsh caught 46 balls for 820 yards and 7 touchdowns on his way to earning Kinnelon’s its first championship in school history. NFL Player Most Resembles – Wes Welker
TE Robert Sihlanick (Senior) – Morris Hills: First and foremost this kid is a football player. The 6’1” 220lb plays with passion and has the kind of X-factor that I love. Also brought in 28 receptions for 328 yards and 7 touchdowns. NFL Player Most Resembles – Mike Ditka
TE Matt Flanagan (Senior) – Mendham: Probably the player most likely to play in the NFL in Morris Sussex, Flanagan has the physical tools to do just about anything in sports. Its going to be fun following the 6’6”, 235 lb stud in college. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jimmy Graham
OL Troy Andretta (Senior) – Kinnelon: The only reason I want this kid on my team is so he can serve up pancake breakfasts…to the other team that is. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching Andretta flatten defense ends at the pulling guard position. NFL Player Most Resembes – Steve Hutchinson
OL Matt Hill (Senior) – Lenape Valley: At 6’2” 315lbs, Hill was born to play left tackle for Lenape Valley. Although this guy is a tremendous hole opener upfront but the reason he is on his team is that there is not one play that he doesn’t run down field after his initial block. Can you imagine being a 160lb safety and seeing a red bill board with the #74 painted on it running right at you at full speed? NFL Player Most Resembles – Michael Oher

West Morris’ Rob Hughes (62) was a force inside for the Wolfpack and one of the main reasons they were state champs.

OL Seamus Ryan (Senior) – Pope John: Ryan is highly intelligent and athletic. The 6’3” 265lb stud can play guard, tackle or center (and has done all three). What is impressive about this guy is that although he is 265lbs, he has the same body fat percentage as Noah Brown and can run as fast as some position players on his team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jeff Saturday
OL Kyle Adams (Senior) – Roxbury: Adams has the size (6’3” 315lbs), speed and football ability to play at all the levels. This guy is the reason reason Donny Pants and company ran for 3,500 yards and 36 touchdowns. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jake Long
OL Brendan Mahon (Senior) – Randolph: Mahon literally moves have the defense on each play. For 6’5” 315lbs, the kid can move too. This guy is the definition of offensive tackle. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jumbo Elliot
OL Joe Esposito (Senior) – Hanover Park: Hanover Park has a reputation around the league as always playing tough hard nosed football. Esposito is a beast undernearth and epitomizes what HP is all about. When it’s 3rd and 1, we are running behind this guy every time. NFL Player Most Resembles – Anthony Munoz

All Unruly Defensive Team

DL Noa Merritt (Junior) – Pope John: Seriously, this kid is insane. He’s 6’1”, 250lbs runs a 4.7 forty and bench press 326lbs…oh yeah, and he’s only a junior. You’re darn right he’s on the All Unruly Team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jason Pierre-Paul
DL Niyi Odewade (Senior) – Delbarton: Odewade is another one of those guys that I just need on my team. I might rotate him into the offensive line as well. He’s the kind of kid that is in on every single play. He was a key part of all of Delbarton’s success this year. NFL Player Most Resembles – Osi Umenyiora
DL AJ Willard (Senior) – Jefferson: Willard was the guy Jefferson ran behind when it needed to grind out yards. A true captain kind of player who played protector to junior quarterback JR Reese. On defense, he was a total wrecking ball. NFL Player Most Rsembles – Tony Siragusa

Tyler Simms has one of the best arms in North Jersey and used it to lead Parsippany Hills to two post season runs in a row.

DL Nick Haboj (Senior) – Madison: You can’t win a state title if you don’t have a guy like Haboj on your team. A game changer kind of player who had 20 tackles for loss, 7 sacks and an interception. NFL Player Most Resembles – Bruce Smith
DL Rob Hughes (Senior) – West Morris: Hughes is a smart player who plays with a lot of emotion. In 2012 he had 54 tackles and 8 sacks while securing West Morris a state championship. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jared Allen
LB Will Reynolds (Senior) – Delbarton: Reynolds is the kind of guy who takes the pressure off its defensive backs and puts in on opposing offenses. In 2012, he was a wreaked havoc while getting 60 tackles and 3 fumble recoveries. NFL Player Most Resembles – London Fletcher
LB Donald Panciello (Senior) – Roxbury: The state championship linebacker secured 98 tackles, 6 sacks, two interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. Panciello is also the kind of guy who want marrying your sister. NFL Player Most Resembles – James Harrison
LB Matt McDonald (Senior) – Madison: How many stud football players does this family produce? This installment of the McDonald family leaves his high school career without losing a single game (including his freshman football season). This year, McDonald tallied 23 tackles for loss, 5 sacks and a defensive touchdown on his way to his third state title in a row. NFL Player Most Resembles – Clay Matthews
LB Michael Boryeskne (Senior) – Sparta: Also known as the “The Minister of Defense”, Boryeskne finnished 3rd in the state with 13 sacks and let his team to the state finals. NFL Player Most Resembles – Jack Lambert
DB Kyle Young (Senior) – Roxbury: Next to Justin Goodwin and Noah Brown, Young is probably the next best pure athlete on this team. At 6’ 200lb, he picked up 51 solo tackles and was a complete disruption to offensive passing attacks. NFL Player Most Resembles – Darrelle Revis
DB Jon Davalos (Senior) – North Warren: North Warren rival Boonton coach Bryan Gallagher said it best when describing Davalos. “There were probably better athletes in the Independence Division, but Davalos was the best pure football player.” Davalos racked up 50 solo tackles, 33 assists, 5 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries and 4 caused fumbles while taking his team to the state semi finals. NFL Player Most Resembles – John Lynch

West Morris’ John Gutowski is another Wolfpack great that can add state champion to his credentials.

DB Danny Brown (Senior) – Jefferson: Brown is a total athlete and one of those players that is in on every play. He finished with 41 solo tackles and a sack. He probably would have had double the stats if opposing offenses weren’t running plays to the opposite direction of him. NFL Player Most Resembles – Champ Bailey
DB John Gutowski (Senior) – West Morris: Nicknamed Johnny “Guts” for a reason, this kid was one of the top players in the league last year. Fought off the injury bug midseason to guide his Wolfpack team to a state title. NFL Player Most Resembles – Ronnie Lott
DB Jimmy Sivolella (Senior) – Hanover Park: Despite missing half the season, Sivolella is just too good to leave off this team. The senior defensive back has all the talent in the world, but its his heart and achievement drive that gets him on this All Unruly Team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Rod Woodson
DB Layton Lassiter (Senior) – Madison: Lassiter was one of those guys who was in on every single play. A total football player that probably could play any position on the field. Finished as the third leading rusher, second leading receiver and one of the top tacklers on this talent loaded Madison team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Troy Polamalu

All Unruly Special Teamers

K Frank Raggo (Junior) – Randolph: Raggo’s leg took the edge off Randolph once they got past opposing teams 40 yard line. The junior was money from 41, 35, 28, 36 and 24. NFL Player Most Resembles – Sebastian Janikowski

Even though Morris Knolls had a tough season, Golden Eagles’ runningback Nick Patterson show real flashes of greatness.

K Paul Tarnawski (Senior) – Mountain Lakes: Sorry Raggo, but Tarnawski gets to kick off for us. Tarnawski was pretty reliable on extra points going 51 on 54 tries. But its his 37 touchbacks which gives his defensive squad a big advantages during games. NFL Player Most Resembles – Neil Rackers
P Dan Cunico (Junior) – Pope John: Cunico is part of this juggernaut junior class of Pope John. He’s a solid football player all around, but his 43 yard average punting is what earned him on the 2012 All Unruly Team. NFL Player Most Resembles – Reggie Roby
KR Nick Patterson (Senior) – Morris Knolls: I’ve seen some great performances in my day, but I can’t think of any individual display like the one Nick Patterson put on against Morris Hills this year. The senior back was a man possessed has he ran for 353 yards on 19 carries and 5 touchdowns. NFL Players Most Resembles – Barry Sanders
PR Jamie White (Senior) – Delbarton: White is probably the fastest kid on the All Unruly Team. What I love about him is, although he can clearly outrun any defender, he prefers to run them over. Plus he returns every five kickoff to the big house. NFL Player Most Resembles – Devin Hester
ST George Scalley (Junior) – Dover: This season, Scally played runningback, quarterback and receiver on offense. On defense he’s played linebacker and defensive end. He’s scored every which way this Fall, including on punt returns and blocking punts and picking them up for touchdowns. NFL Player Most Resembles – Marcus Allen

Best of the Rest

QB Chris Herring (Senior) – Mountian Lakes
QB Durango Petit (Senior) – High Point
QB Joe LaBracio (Senior) – Whippany Park
QB John Jespersen (Senior) – Montville
QB John Palmierei (Senior) – Randolph
QB Kamau Dumas (Senior) – Morristown
QB Kyle Potten (Senior) – Kittatinny
QB Luke Foukas (Senior) – Pequannock
QB Max Berns (Senior) – Parsippany

RB Angelo Ciaramello (Senior) – Whippany Park

Morris Hill’s Kyle Corry was Mr. Reliable when it came to grinding out tough yardage.

RB Anthony DelRusso (Senior) – Mendham
RB Austin Roland (Senior) – West Morris
RB Carmine Verducci (Senior) – Parsippany Hills
RB Codie Aromando (Senior) – Sparta
RB Dylan Johnson (Senior) – Sussex Tech
RB Eric Clement (Senior) – Kinnelon
RB Eric Turner (Senior) – Morris Hills
RB Isaak Spann (Senior) – Boonton
RB Jake Brook (Senior) – Kittatinny
RB James Gangemi (Senior) – Randolph
RB Joe Garofalo (Senior) – Roxbury
RB Joe Vidal (Senior) – Morris Catholic
RB Jusin Dinelle (Senior) – Vernon
RB Kyle Corry (Senior) – Morris Hills
RB Malik Valentine (Senior) – Morristown-Beard
RB Matt Benvenuto (Senior) – Lenape Valley
RB Mike Buvis (Senior) – Wallkill Valley
RB Mike Grieco (Senior) – Lenape Valley
RB Mike Sammarro (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
RB Nick Patterson (Senior) – Morris Knolls
RB Nolan Robertson (Senior) – North Warren
RB Parker Meytrott (Senior) – Montville
RB Spencer Herman (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
RB Travis Pappas (Senior) – Vernon

FB Adam Caruso (Senior) – West Morris
FB Danny Miller (Senior) – Morristown
FB Luke Tamburello (Senior) – Mendham

TE Marco Conte (Senior) – Kinnelon
TE Mike Zvolensky (Senior) – Morris Knolls
TE Nick Falkman (Senior) – Whippany Park
TE Sam Walsh (Senior) – Mountain Lakes

WR Brendan Corcoran (Senior) – Randolph
WR Bruce Engelhardt (Senior) – Lenape Valley
WR Greg Castillo (Senior) – Hackettstown
WR Jaquill Scott (Senior) – Hanover Park
WR Jason DeLattiboudere (Senior) – Butler
WR Joe Geyer (Senior) – Madison
WR Joe Pesti (Senior) – Kinnelon
WR Justin Maksimow (Senior) – Mount Olive
WR Kye Desimone (Senior) – Dover
WR Layton Lassiter (Senior) – Madison
WR Matt Sivertsen (Senior) – Roxbury
WR Scott Smullen (Senior) – Mendham
WR Tyler Moran (Senior) – Morris Hills
WR Zach Davis (Senior) – Sparta

OL AJ Trillo (Senior) – Morris Catholic
OL Albert Tyma (Senior) – Boonton
OL Billy White (Senior) – Butler
OL Bobby Congleton (Senior) – Parsippany Hills
OL Brian Sardini (Senior) – Chatham
OL Chris Houterman (Senior) – Hopatcong
OL Chris Longyhore (Senior) – North Warren
OL Chris McGuire (Senior) – Delbarton
OL Chris Smolt (Senior) – Jefferson
OL Dan Linfante (Senior) – Whippany Park
OL Dan Mormilo (Senior) – Pequannock
OL Geoff Lareau (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
OL Joe Whitney (Senior) – Sparta
OL John Martinez (Senior) – Mount Olive
OL Ken Curet (Senior) – West Morris
OL Kyle Annese (Senior) – Parsippany Hills
OL Lucas Kiernan (Senior) – North Warren
OL Matt Kuhn (Senior) – Mendham
OL Matt Weathersby (Senior) – Morris Catholic
OL Michael Lobman (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
OL Mikaeil Kerolos (Senior) – Vernon
OL Pete Aiello (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
OL Peter Bergh (Senior) – Delbarton
OL Rob Thoma (Senior) – Delbarton
OL Robbie McCormick (Senior) – Morris Knolls
OL Sam Kaplan (Senior) – Randolph
OL Scott Flynn (Senior) – Mt. Lakes
OL Shaun Spitzer (Senior) – Roxbury
OL Tom Arabia (Senior) – Butler
OL Tom Franco (Senior) – Randolph
OL Troy Andretta (Senior) – Kinnelon
OL Tyler Maday (Senior) – Randolph
OL Tyler Rodland (Senior) – Lenape Valley
OL Tylor Salonia (Senior) – Boonton
OL Will Julich (Senior) – Hanover Park

DL Anthony Trezza (Senior) – Hanover Park
DL Billy Kennedy (Senior) – Madison
DL Brendan Huston (Senior) – Delbarton
DL Brian Corcoran (Senior) – Hanover Park
DL Dan Kica (Senior) – Pequannock
DL Evan Bernstein (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
DL Isaiah Bryant (Senior) – Pope John
DL John Magi (Senior) – Roxbury
DL Kristian Barrett (Senior) – Lenape Valley
DL Luke D’Amico (Senior) – Kinnelon
DL Mike Rettino (Senior) – Morris Knolls
DL Mike Walsh (Senior) – Sparta
DL Paul Murch (Senior) – Parsippany Hills
DL Rob Burns (Senior) – Sparta
DL Tim Kelly (Senior) – Whippany Park

LB A.J. Bongiovanni (Senior) – Hopatcong
LB Alex Sterphone (Senior) – Hackettstown
LB Andrew Roeting (Senior) – Boonton
LB Andrew Vittorio (Senior) – Delbarton
LB Bobby Russell (Senior) – Wallkill Valley
LB Brett Gundy (Senior) – Randolph
LB Brian Bernard (Senior) – Mount Olive
LB Brian Ensley (Senior) – Butler
LB Brian Mills (Senior) – Vernon
LB Chris Collucci (Senior) – Roxbury
LB Colin Scarpello (Senior) – Madison
LB Cory Pitts (Senior) – Kinnelon
LB Dan Whelan (Senior) – Morris Hills
LB Jeremy Rodriguez (Senior) – Pope John
LB Jim Braun (Senior) – Lenape Valley
LB Nick Jannarone (Senior) – Parsippany
LB Nick Pizzuta (Senior) – Parsippany
LB Ryan Hall (Senior) – Morris Catholic
LB Stephen Nalepka (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
LB Tyler Amandos (Senior) – West Morris
LB Tyler Lombardo (Senior) – Newton
LB Tyler Stecher (Senior) – Parsippany Hills
LB Wyatt Gehring (Senior) – Hopatcong

DB Aaron Harris (Senior) – Randolph
DB Andrew McGrath (Senior) – Delbarton
DB Andrew Vittorio (Senior) – Delbarton
DB Asad Braswell (Senior) – Delbarton
DB Blake Isakson (Senior) – Roxbury
DB Cory Betz (Senior) – Morristown-Beard
DB Devin Koep (Senior) – Madison
DB Eric Fajardo (Senior) – Delbarton
DB Frank Merrill (Senior) – Mountain Lakes
DB Geovani O’Campo (Senior) – Dover
DB Jeremy Feland (Senior) – Boonton
DB John Cordovano (Senior) – Hanover Park
DB JP Campbell (Senior) – Delbarton
DB Justin Mancini (Senior) – Mount Olive
DB Kyle Shannon (Senior) – Lenape Valley
DB Mark DiMatteo (Senior) – Pope John
DB Matt Sinatra (Senior) – Morris Catholic
DB Nick Behrens (Senior) – Mount Olive
DB Ryan Ward (Senior) – Vernon (Sr.)
DB Tom Keller (Senior) – Sparta
DB Trent Simmons (Senior) – North Warren
DB Tyler Bartro (Senior) – Parsippany Hills

K Alex Pedersen (Senior) – Mount Olive
K Brian Smith (Senior) – Montville
K Evan Argiriou (Senior) – Kinnelon
K Nick Muccia (Senior) – Jefferson
K Roussell Vazquez (Senior) – Dover

P Dave Ferrara (Senior) – Morris Catholic

Top Player’s of Tomorrow

QB Jack Horan (Junior) – Mendham
QB Jordan Powell (Sophomore) – Morristown
QB JR Reese (Junior) – Jefferson
QB Mike Moran (Junior) – Mount Olive
QB Sonny Abramson (Freshman) – Pope John
QB Thomas Guida (Junior) – Chatham
QB Willy Hansen (Sophomore) – Morris Hills


Dashawn Chatelier is part of a Pope John junior class that is loaded with talent.

RB Anthony Bassolino (Junior) – Hanover Park
RB Ben Cramer (Junior) – Newton
RB Chris Jones (Sophomore) – Mendham
RB Cody Niedzinski (Junior) – Hanover Park
RB Dashawn Chatelier (Junior) – Pope John
RB Dillon Artigilere (Junior) – Roxbury
RB Johann Lara (Junior) – Hopatcong
RB Kevin Hennelly (Junior) – West Morris
RB Kyle Neuschatz (Junior) – Jefferson
RB Liam Nelson (Sophomore) – Kinnelon
RB Luke Robertson (Sophomore) – North Warren RB Matt McFadden (Sophomore) – Morristown-Beard
RB Nick Rella (Sophomore) – Morristown-Beard

TE Joe Repasy (Junior) – Kittatinny
TE Ryan Izzo (Junior) – Pope John
TE Sean Murphy (Junior) – Randolph
TE Vinny Ginefra (Junior) – Jefferson

WR Brandon Katzenberger (Junior) – Parsippany Hills
WR Nick Ballestreri (Junior) – Butler
WR Teddy Fischer (Sophomore) – Sparta
WR Tom Adams (Junior) – Pope John
WR Tommy Bluj (Junior) – Parsippany Hills
WR Tyler Zimmerman (Junior) – Jefferson


Morris Hill’s Tyler Moran (83) was a popular target for sophomore quarterback Willy Hansen.

OL Aaron Slodowitz (Junior) – Delbarton
OL Angel Tapia (Junior) – Dover
OL Christian Graupe (Junior) – Kinnelon
OL Conor McClain (Junior) – Morris Hills
OL Devin Verderber (Junior) – Parsippany Hills
OL Greg Galante (Junior) – North Warren
OL Jaywon Brown (Junior) – Madison
OL Kevin Foulds (Junior) – Sparta
OL Kyle Guldner (Junior) – West Morris
OL Kyle McGeough (Junior) – Chatham
OL Mike Parowski (Junior) – Delbarton
OL Mike Ubertaccio (Junior) – Madison
OL Nick Boyle (Junior) – Dover
OL Nick LaShell (Junior) – Hanover Park
OL Paul Wallek (Junior) – Par Hills
OL Ryan Mack (Junior) – Butler
OL Ryan Walsh (Junior) – Pope John
OL Steven Acevedo (Junior) – Morris Hills
OL Vin Parrotta (Junior) – Pequannock
OL Vinny Cannarozzi (Junior) – Jefferson
OL Zack Heeman (Junior) – Mount Olive

DL Anthony Policastro (Junior) – Parsippany Hills
DL David LoCascio (Freshman) – Kinnelon
DL Dean Grogg (Sophomore) – Morristown-Beard
DL Ethan Weiss (Junior) – Mount Olive
DL Jake Butkus (Junior) – West Morris
DL Joe Bencel (Junior) – Morris Hills
DL Nick Tosh (Junior) – North Warren
DL Noa Merritt (Junior) – Pope John
DL Reagan Penner (Junior) – Sparta
DL Steven Hill (Junior) – Par Hills
DL Tom Vadakkedam (Junior) – Hanover Park
DL Troy Bongiovanni (Junior) – Hopatcong
DL Tyler Hunt (Junior) – Kittatinny
DL Will Mottola (Junior) – Madison
DL Zack Kuehm (Junior) – Mountain Lakes

LB Andrew Park (Junior) – Kinnelon
LB Anthony Marconi (Junior) – Mendham

Sparta’s Randy May (4) is poised to be one of the premiere players in the area next year.

LB Anthony Santo (Junior) – Randolph
LB Anthony Volante (Junior) – Hanover Park
LB Dan Limone (Junior) – Randolph
LB Glenn Reger (Junior) – Butler
LB Jake Davis (Junior) – Sparta
LB John Spagnola (Junior) – Mountain Lakes
LB Kyle Bergman (Junior) – Sussex Tech
LB Kyle Stoll (Junior) – High Point
LB Luke Bohn (Sophomore) – Jefferson
LB Matt Carfaro (Junior) – West Morris
LB Michael Barkley (Junior) – Jefferson
LB Michael Dogbe (Junior) – Parsippany Hills
LB Michael Parowski (Junior) – Delbarton
LB Nick Esposito (Sophomore) – Pope John
LB Randall May (Junior) – Sparta
LB Scott Kenney (Junior) – Hanover Park
LB Scott Lynch (Junior) – Chatham
LB Travis Pappas (Junior) – Vernon

DB Bryce Lewis (Sophomore) – Sussex Tech
DB Casey Thomas (Junior) – Newton
DB Christian Cuccinello – Mountain Lakes
DB Connor Villante (Junior) – Kinnelon
DB Dan Struble (Junior) – Sussex Tech
DB Drew Daniel (Sophomore) – Pope John
DB Eric Reinhard (Junior) – Sparta
DB Garrett Armstrong (Junior) – Kittatinny
DB Luis Rodriguez (Junior) – Dover
DB Mason Shaw (Junior) – Pope John
DB Matt Oplinger (Junior) – Delbarton
DB Shane Park (Junior) – Kinnelon
DB Tim Byrne (Sophomore) – Mendham
DB Travis Canty (Junior) – Butler

K John Coleman (Junior) – Sparta
K Jonathan Schiable (Junior) – Delbarton
K Tauland Coma (Junior) – Boonton

P Dan Cunico (Junior) – Pope John

Morris Sussex Football 2012 Twitter Timeline – @UnrulyFan

That’s it, thanks for a great season! This year on Morris Sussex Football was just an appetizer for next season!
Hint: This year’s All Unruly QB ran for more yds and passed for more yrds than 95% RBs and QBs in Morris Sussex. Dec 16, 2012
Can’t imagine the heartbreak. I feel so sorry for the families. #PrayforNewtownCT Dec 15, 2012
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The All Unruly Awards are comin’ Dec 14, 2012
Okay footballers, its all about the All Unruly Team now! Stay tuned to see if you made Morris Sussex’s elite! Dec 09, 2012
Congrats to WMC, Madison, Kinnelon and Roxbury! Thanks to Mt Lakes, Delby and Sparta for representing! Dec 09, 2012
Sparta up over Ramapo 26-7! Dec 08, 2012
Big congrats to Kinnelon for achieving their first state title in school history! Way to go boys!!! Dec 08, 2012
Delby gets their 3rd turnover!!! Gets the ball on St Joes 9. Delby looking great on D! Dec 08, 2012
Delby’s big #32 FB runs a 27 yarder on 1st down! Miss xp try. 9-0 Delby Dec 08, 2012
Schiable not so reliable after missing a 27 yard FG. Still 3-0 Delby. Wait, fumble on the KO. Delby gets it back on the 27! Dec 08, 2012
Delby up 3-0 after one. They side on the 10 with a 3rd down. Dec 08, 2012
On a 4th and 9 from the 36 Delby…converts on a tip drill pass play!!! Ball on 14. Dec 08, 2012
Delby capitalizing on a fumble. Driving with some awesome plays by Bick and receivers. Dec 08, 2012
Reliable Schiable makes it 3-0 after drilling an impressive 36 yarder! Dec 08, 2012
White takes it to the 42!!! Nice run! Dec 08, 2012
Delby loses toss, will receive. Its on! Dec 08, 2012
So far with batting 1000 for Morris Sussex teams winning state titles! Next up, Delby and Kinnelon! Dec 08, 2012
6:00 till KO. Still no teams in sight. Dec 08, 2012
Okay, Delby’s student section is starting to fill in. I hope they make those insane seagull sounds bc Delby needs the support. Dec 08, 2012
Oh crap, St Joes student section looks insane. I hope Delby’s can win the battle of the student section. #LosingSoFar Dec 08, 2012
Delby fans trickling in. One kid in the student section is wearing no shirt, just a tie. Its friggin cold. #LoveTheSchoolSpirit Dec 08, 2012
Interviewed Johnny Guts after the WMC game! Kid was so happy. Will forever be a state champion! Congrats! Dec 08, 2012
Congrats WMC! Dec 08, 2012
Its official, WMC are the second Morris Sussex State Champions of the day!!! Dec 08, 2012
WMC sideline starting to get emotional with 3:35 left. Hugs and tears all around. Well done boys! Dec 08, 2012
The Delby tailgate is looking sweet! I got to find someone to invite me in! Dec 08, 2012
WMC 35 Warren Hills 7 4Q 8:24 Dec 08, 2012
Jkm Dec 08, 2012
I’m at Rutgers today! Will be Tweeting from the stands. Dec 08, 2012
IT’S GO TIME Dec 08, 2012
Okay Madison & Mt Lakes, I’m so conflicted about this game. Just both go out and play some freaking football will ya? #RepresentMorrisSussex Dec 08, 2012
Okay Roxbury, I picked you in the summer to win this thing. Now go win it for yourselves! Dec 08, 2012
West Morris, fire it up!!! You don’t get this far by accident. We don’t have to shut them out, but that’s what I’m counting on!!! Dec 08, 2012
Delby, St. Joes has pushed us around for the last time last year. This is our time! Let’s unleash hell on those guys!!, Dec 08, 2012
Kinnelon, let’s get Sean “Tony” Robbins his title! You all deserve it!!! Dec 08, 2012
Sparta, good luck guys! Make it hurt…for them. Dec 08, 2012
Who can update me on scores tomorrow? Dec 08, 2012
Early to bed tonight boys. I’m expecting six state titles for Morris Sussex tomorrow! Dec 08, 2012
What Roxbury sophomore will let me where their uniform this Saturday? I’m not even joking. Cosmo doesn’t have to know. #DyingToPlay Dec 07, 2012
Predictions are up! Lets get some freaking hardware boys!!! Dec 06, 2012
Player of the Week is up! Check out who won! Dec 05, 2012
Had an awesome conversation with this week’s Player of the Week. Article to come out shortly! Any guesses? (Don’t say if u already know) Dec 05, 2012
Not for nothing, but I wish I was playing for a freaking state championship this weekend!!! Dec 04, 2012
College Recruiting: This just in, Lenape Valley LB Jimmy Braun will be ripping peoples heads off for Marist next season! Dec 03, 2012
Thinking About 2013: Par Hills JV buzz sawed through their schedule going 9-0. Don’t think they aren’t thinking about avenging this class. Dec 01, 2012
It sucks that no Morris Sussex teams were invited to play at MetLife. Oh well, we are going to romp on everyone regardless!!! Dec 01, 2012
State Finals Schedule: St. Joes (Mont) vs. Delby at Rutgers Saturday at 1pm. Dec 01, 2012
State FInals Schedule: Madison vs. Mt. Lakes at Kean 10am on Saturday. Dec 01, 2012
State Finals Schedule: Warren Hills vs. WMC at Rutgers Saturday at 10am. Dec 01, 2012
State Finals Schedule: New Milford vs. Kinnelon at 1pm Saturday at Kean. Dec 01, 2012
State Finals Schedule: N1G3 Sparta vs. Ramapo Saturday 4pm at Kean. Dec 01, 2012
State Finals Schedule: N1,G4 Roxbury vs. Pascack Valley Saturday at 7pm at Kean. Dec 01, 2012
WMC 26 Irvington 0 F. Nice job getting to the BIG DANCE!!! Get Hennelly another trophy!!! Dec 01, 2012
Par Hills 13 Summit 30 F. Par Hills, don’t hang your head low for one second. Great season! You were one of the most exciting teams in MSF! Dec 01, 2012
Camden Cath. 6 Delby 45 F. Way to not mess around! Man, you guys really bounced back after that week 1 loss. Great job boys! Dec 01, 2012
Caldwell 20 Mt. Lakes 26 F. Nice job Lakes!!! Now get some rest and enjoy the win for 24 hours before you start thinking about next week. Dec 01, 2012
Bernards 21 Madison 46 F. Well done Madison! Way to keep the streak alive! Dec 01, 2012
Any score at Delby? Dec 01, 2012
Any score at Madison? Dec 01, 2012
Big congrats to Kinnelon, Roxbury and Sparta for getting to the finals!!! So psyched!!! Dec 01, 2012
We have 3 Morris Sussex teams in the finals with 5 more teams with a chance to get in today. I believe all 5 will get in. LETS GIT ER DONE! Dec 01, 2012
Kinnelon 35 North Warren 33 F Way to battle NW and K! That’s the way Morris Sussex teams play each other! You both made a big statement! Dec 01, 2012
Kinnelon 35 N. Warren 33 F. Congrats to Kinnelon for advancing to the State Final! Dec 01, 2012
Roxbury coming back! Just scored to make it 15-12 over Paramus in the 3rd. Dec 01, 2012
Sparta 36 River Dell 15 F. Sparta is the first Morris Sussex team to make it to the BIG DANCE! Congrats!!! Way to represent!!! Dec 01, 2012
Anyone keep me posted with the North Warren, Roxbury and Sparta scores? Nov 30, 2012
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MetLife, here we come!!! Playoff Predictions are posted! Check em out right now! Nov 29, 2012
I’m actually really liking how Par Hills matches up against Summit. Nov 28, 2012
One opposing coach in the Independence Division calls North Warren’s Jon Davalos the “best, most complete player we’ve faced.” Nov 27, 2012
In case u missed it, Player of the Week is up at!!! Nov 27, 2012
Check out who won the Playoff Week 1 Player of the Week: Nov 26, 2012
Fireman Ed is retiring from what??? Nov 26, 2012
Good players get hidden on bad teams. But Morris Sussex Football doesn’t let good players slip through the cracks. #AllUnrulyTeam2012 Nov 24, 2012
I love it how opposing coaches know opposing good players by their numbers, not their names. #AllUnrulyTeam2012 Nov 24, 2012
Honestly, the way Lenape Valley runs their football program BLOWS AWAY the way the Jets run theirs!!! Nov 23, 2012
I bet Madison could score 77 points against the Jets! Nov 23, 2012
Newton could do better against the Jets! No offense Newton. Nov 23, 2012
“@michelinNJHS: At halftime, Madison leads millburn 42-14 #njfootball” Why r the Dodgers so soft today? Nov 22, 2012
Family. Friends. Football. Food. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe and enjoy! Nov 22, 2012
Anyone have any updates on Madison – Milburn? Nov 22, 2012
Just read about the tree that went through Tyler Simms house! That was nuts! Way to rally around Vikings! Nov 22, 2012
Right now there are nine Morris Sussex teams remaining in the tourney. Any guesses at how many state champs there will be? I say three. Nov 20, 2012
I’m posting where football players are going to college on Let me know when decisions are made! Nov 20, 2012
Morris Sussex Football MMQB – Nov 19, 2012
Remember, football is not over for those out of the Tourney. Go to to sign up to get the The All Unruly Team! Nov 17, 2012
Camden Catholic 28 Pope John 21 F Nov 17, 2012
Delbarton 55 St John Vanilla 14 F Nov 17, 2012
Mt Lakes 28 Rutherford 7 F Nov 17, 2012
Madison 57 Hanover Park 20 F Nov 17, 2012
Par Hills 35 Vorhees 0 F Nov 17, 2012
What Morris teams are destined for this…??? Nov 16, 2012
In case you missed it, playoff predictions are up on Check ’em out! Nov 16, 2012
Playoff predictions are up at Morris Sussex Football! Check ’em out here: Nov 15, 2012
Check out who won the Morris Sussex Football Week 9 Player of the Week: Nov 14, 2012
Had an awesome conversation with the Player of the Week today. It will be up in a bit. any guess who it might be? Nov 13, 2012
As of today, I officially am on the board of the MorrisSussex Chapter of the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame. Got heem! Nov 13, 2012
Morris Sussex consolation matchups posted at You got to love the randomness of these games! Nov 13, 2012
Reminder: All Unruly Awards for subscribers only. Join right now for FREE at so u don’t miss out! It costs $0.00! Nov 13, 2012
By the way, the top NJ HS football tweeter is @SeanReillyHS. He’s the most tenured writer who uses twitter. Always solid, ez to read Tweets. Nov 12, 2012
Morris Sussex Football MMQB – Nov 12, 2012
Sorry, that link might be broken. See Morris Sussex consolation matchups here: Nov 12, 2012
Consolation Games for Morris Sussex teams have decided. See the matchups here: Nov 12, 2012
Who’s home field gives them the best advantage? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented COACH you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented KICKER you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented PUNTER you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented KR/PR you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented DB you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented LB you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented DT you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented DE you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented CENTER you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented GUARD you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented OT you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented TE you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented WR you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented FB you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented RB you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
Who was the most talented QB you played against this year? Nov 12, 2012
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I never lit myself on fire before, but I bet its the same feeling as being a Jets fan. Nov 12, 2012
Starting to compile info for the All Unruly Awards for top Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders, Band Members and Fans. Nov 11, 2012
Who do u think deserves the Player of the Week this weekend? Nov 11, 2012
Sorry Mendham. Tough day, losing to Montville and getting nipped out of the postseason. Good luck seniors, c u next year juniors and sophs! Nov 10, 2012
Mendham’s game winning FG…hits the upright!!! Montville wins the game 24-23. Nov 10, 2012
Smolen brings back the KO to the Mustang 45. Nov 10, 2012
Keep me posted on scores! Nov 10, 2012
Anyone, please keep me posted about scores. Thank you! Nov 10, 2012
Predictions are up! Good luck boys! Nov 09, 2012
Predictions coming out tomorrow am. Sorry for the delay, I’m still out of pwr. Nov 09, 2012
Not having power is awesome. But not having heat is literally the tops. I am definitely never getting a generator. Nov 06, 2012
Week 8 Player of the Week is finally up: Stop feeling sorry for yourself, FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Nov 05, 2012
Just got word the Commons in Mendham has pwr. Its coming! Nov 04, 2012
Who has power? Please provide your town. Nov 03, 2012
Player of the Week: Anthony Delrusso from Mendham for willing his way to the Tourney. Awesome interview coming as soon as power comes back! Nov 02, 2012
High school football is cancelled this weekend. Sorry guys and gals! Oct 31, 2012
Serious: Please be careful with generators. My neighbor’s just blew up and almost burned the house down. #HurricaneSandy Oct 30, 2012
Morris Sussex Football MMQB – Oct 29, 2012
Who do u think deserves the Player of the Week? Oct 29, 2012
For those of you State Tourney qualifiers, I thought you’d like to get a taste of what’s possible for your team. Oct 28, 2012
I wish I had a reason to wear a football helmet. Some of them are so cool looking. Oct 28, 2012
“@SeanReillyHS: @UnrulyFan Linden could also hve snuck in by winning their last two games, but they lost on Friday night. Mendham makes it.” Oct 28, 2012
Anyone want to let me know how the Par Hills Randolph game is going? Oct 28, 2012
For the players that are officially out of the state tourney, u now have the MSF post season awards to play for! #ImWatchingEveryone Oct 27, 2012
From my calculations, I think Mendham’s win over Motown and Kearny’s loss today qualifies them for the State Tournament. Can anyone confirm? Oct 27, 2012
Morris Catholic 13. Pequannocl 6. First win of season Oct 27, 2012
What’s up with Pope and Mt Olive??? Oct 27, 2012
Can anyone Tweet me some game scores today? Oct 27, 2012
Good luck Mendham & Motown! This is the playoffs for u two. Oct 27, 2012
Vernon 35 Montville 34 F (confirmed) Oct 27, 2012
Newark Central lost tonight so I think that means Hanover Park slips into the Tourney with their win tonight! Oct 27, 2012
Lenape Valley is definitely in the State Tourney! Oct 27, 2012
Kinnelon has qualified for the Tourney, despite their loss. Oct 27, 2012
Even with Jefferson’s shallacking tonight, looks like their still in the Tourney. Oct 27, 2012
Despite their loss, MoBeard’s has officially qualified for the State Tourney, Oct 27, 2012
Marist 24 Mo-Beard 13 F Oct 27, 2012
Hanover Park 28 Hackettstown 7 F Oct 27, 2012
Whippany Park 21 Boonton 14 F Oct 27, 2012
Butler 27 Hopatcong 10 F Oct 27, 2012
North Warren 22 Kinnelon 21 F Oct 27, 2012
What happened with Boonton vs Whip Park and Montville vs Vernon? Oct 27, 2012
Lenape 28 Dover 21 F Oct 27, 2012
“@jthsathletics: Not a good night for the Falcons. With 2 minutes to go Hoboken is winning 55-7. Boys worked hard.” OUCH!!! Oct 27, 2012
Hanover Park up 28-7 over Hackettstown. Hornets shutting down Wickkiser. Oct 27, 2012
What’s going on at ParHills and Randolph? Oct 27, 2012
Who’s going to games tonight? Can some of you all keep me posted with scores? Oct 26, 2012
I Have Arrived When: A Morris Sussex player puts All Unruly First Team on their recruiting video! Oct 26, 2012
Game Day! Its “Upset Friday” so which team is going to sting their big shot opponent tonight? Oct 26, 2012
There have been no real surprise upsets this year. Who’s gonna change that this weekend??? Oct 26, 2012
In case you didn’t see, Week 8 predictions are up at (Halloween Edition)!!! Oct 25, 2012
Stat Prediction: MoHills Hansen will have his best game as a starter and set the tone for next season. Oct 25, 2012
Stat Predictions: Montville’s Jaspersen is due for 150 in the air and 150 on the ground. Oct 25, 2012
Stat Predictions: I say Roxbury’s Donny Pants scores three TDs in the first half this weekend. Oct 25, 2012
Vegas Bets: I also put $50 down that Mendham’s Delrusso will run for 200 yards. Ur due bro. Get ‘er done! Oct 25, 2012
Vegas Bets: I just put $50 on Butler’s Heredia to throw for 400 yards this weekend. No pressure bro! Oct 25, 2012
Does Mt Olive have enough juice left the beat Pope John for the division title??? Oct 25, 2012
Will Par Hills cower under the shadow of Mahon’s Rams, or will they begin their journey back to the State Finals??? Oct 25, 2012
Can someone new follow me? I am stuck at 666 and would like to move past that number. Cheers! Oct 25, 2012
Took awhile, but predictions are finally up! Thank you for your patience! Oct 25, 2012
Just to let u know, our predictions for Week 8 are Holloweenified! Come out tomorrow! Oct 24, 2012
Hey @TCabarle, you got big props by our Player of the Week this week! Check it out at! Oct 24, 2012
Check out who won MSF’s Week 7 Player of the Week: Oct 24, 2012
Do 1-6 Mendham and Morristown understand that both are actually playing for a playoff spot this weekend? #WhyAmITheOnlyOneWhoCares Oct 23, 2012
Just had an awesome chat with this week’s Player of the Week! Any guess who it might be??? Oct 23, 2012
Morris Sussex Football MMQB – Oct 22, 2012
All Unruly Awards: Coaches and writers will help, but I’d like to know which opponents the players respected. Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best Coach you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best DB you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best LB you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best DT you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best DE you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best KR you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best Punter you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best Kicker you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best TE you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best Center you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best G you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best OT you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best WR you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best RB you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
All Unruly Poll: Who was the best QB you faced this season so far? Oct 21, 2012
Who do u think deserves the Player of the Week this weekend??? Oct 20, 2012
12-6 Mendham over Chatham F Oct 20, 2012
Anyone going to the Seton Hall-Montclair game today? My nephews playing and want to know what’s going on. Oct 20, 2012
Stay tuned to score updates today! Oct 20, 2012
I know I’m out of it but what does swag mean? I just want to make sure its not off color if I use it in my predictions. Oct 20, 2012
Tonight’s Highlight: Both LV and Madison guys hugging after the game. Great sportsmanship after a great game. Total class by both sides. Oct 20, 2012
Lenape misses the 28 yard game winning FG. Madison wins 17-15! Oct 20, 2012
Burning those TOs might come back to bite them Oct 20, 2012
What’s up with Hanover Park??? Oct 20, 2012
FG GOOD!!! 17-15 Madison regains the lead over Lenape. 4:01 4Q Oct 20, 2012
Smolyn ices the kicker again for his 2nd time out in a row. Oct 20, 2012
Madison about to attempt a FG. Smolyn is icing him right now. Oct 20, 2012
FACT: Besides Good-Win, none of the Madison starters ever experienced a loss (freshman, JV or varsity). Oct 20, 2012
Good-Win busted out for a 50 yd TD…but a flag brings it back. Oct 20, 2012
Grieco’s 30 yd run and Rafferty’s 2 pt conversion makes it 15-14 Lenape Valley over Madison! 11:10 4Q Oct 20, 2012
Still 14-7 Madison over Lenape w 1:50in the 3q Oct 20, 2012
What’s the significance of 78? Oct 20, 2012
I don’t know if I like all the bats flying around. Oct 19, 2012
14-7 Madison over Lenape. 8:36 2Q Oct 19, 2012
7-6 Lenape over Madison at the end of the 1st Q Oct 19, 2012
94 yard Lenape TD called back!!! Oct 19, 2012
HUGE goal line stop, Lenape gets ball back! Still 7-6 Lenape Oct 19, 2012
7-6 Lenape Valley over Madison. 10:11 in the 1Q. Oct 19, 2012
Just met with The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame about awarding MSF players recognition & scholarships! #WhoLovesYa??? Oct 19, 2012
Hey Madison & Lenape, how you feeling about the rain??? Oct 19, 2012
What two top Morris Sussex freshman or sophomores deserve a free ride to Football University’s camp this spring? Oct 19, 2012
What 2 Morris Sussex juniors deserve to be one of 500 players in the country to be invited to the Army All American combine in San Antonio? Oct 19, 2012
Predictions are up! Enjoy! Oct 19, 2012
Fantasy K Start’em: Delby’s Jon Schaible & Sparta’s John Coleman. Oct 18, 2012
Fantasy WR Start’em: PJ’s Austin Bailey, Wallkill’s Alec Bolio, Mt. Lakes Paul Tarnawski, Whip Pk’s Nick Falkman and Dover’s Kye Desimone Oct 18, 2012
Fantasy RB Start’em: Sparta’s Codie Aromando, N. Warren’s Nolan Robertson, Hopatcong’s Johann Lara and Kittatinny’s Garrett Armstrong. Oct 18, 2012
Fantasy QB Start ’em: Vernon’s Tyler Soltes, Hopatcong’s Ryan Clarke and Wallkill Valley’s Mike Astor. Oct 18, 2012
Madison RB Shone Register is now known as the R-Train. That kid is a freaking monster!!! Oct 16, 2012
Week 6 Player of the Week is up at! Oct 15, 2012
Morris Sussex Football MMQB – Oct 15, 2012
Week 6 Player of the Week coming out tomorrow. Any guess who it is??? Oct 15, 2012
What’s up w Delby ParHills? Oct 13, 2012
What’s going on with Delby ParHills? Oct 13, 2012
Riverdale Prep 14 Hanover Park 41 F Oct 13, 2012
Kittatinny 34 Parsippany 15 F Oct 13, 2012
Jefferson 8 Madison 56 F Oct 13, 2012
Hopatcong 29 Kinnelon 36 F Oct 13, 2012
Hackettstown 21 Dover 36 F Oct 13, 2012
Mt Lakes 14 Butler 13 F Oct 13, 2012
North Warren 50 Boonton 14 F Oct 13, 2012
Mendham 0 Roxbury 43 F Oct 13, 2012
Morristown 6 Randolph 33 F Oct 13, 2012
Morris Hills 18 Mount Olive 23 F Oct 13, 2012
Lenape Valley 28 Newton 7 F Oct 13, 2012
What happened with Pequannock and Whippany Park? Oct 13, 2012
Update on Mohiils v Mt Olive? Oct 13, 2012
Mohills-Mount Olive update? Oct 13, 2012
What’s going on with Mount Olive and MoHills? Oct 13, 2012
This is the Mt Lake-Butler game “@AlbertoBresett: @UnrulyFan 14 14 3:20 left” Oct 13, 2012
Lassiter’s 5 yard run makes it 28-0 8:01 2Q Oct 12, 2012
21-0 Hanover Park over Riverdale NY in the 1st. Oct 12, 2012
21-0 Madison over Jefferson on a 21 yard Register run. 4:17 1Q. I’m going home. Oct 12, 2012
#27 for Jefferson has to be sick!!! Just dropped an easy pass with NOBODY in front of him!!! Oct 12, 2012
Where is Jefferson’s student section??? Madison is representing big time! Oct 12, 2012
10 yard Good-Win run makes it 14-0 Madison over Jefferson. 5:24 1Q Oct 12, 2012
7-0 Madison over Jefferson. 7:21 in 1Q Oct 12, 2012
If I don’t see some good student sections tonight at Madison vs Jefferson, I’ll be disappointed. Oct 12, 2012
I call if I catch a pass on the sidelines I’m the automatic Player of the Week. Got heem! Oct 12, 2012
Who’s due to win Player of the Week this weekend? Oct 12, 2012
Please keep me posted about all the games tonight! I’ll be Tweeting and retweeting results as they come in. Oct 12, 2012
Please keep me posted about all the games tonight! I’ll be Twittin Oct 12, 2012
LIVE TWEETS FROM MADISON TONIGHT: I’ll be in Madison watching Jefferson try to pull the upset of the century. Oct 12, 2012
Its Friday Night Lights tonight!!! I’m wearing my old raggedy Hanover Park jersey to work today!!! Oct 12, 2012
What happened to MoTown this year??? Sorry no nicknames, just can’t believe they’re non-existant! Oct 12, 2012
Fantasy: PJ’s Down Town Noah Brown is due for a 200 yard, 2 TD game! Start him for sure! Oct 12, 2012
Madison vs Jefferson X-Factor = Shone “Cash” Register. Kid will be difference in this game. Oct 12, 2012
Can Anthony “Large Mouth” Bassolino rush for 200 yards this weekend against Riverdale NY??? Oct 12, 2012
How many sacks will Joey “The Pencil” Bencel have for MoHills this weekend??? Oct 12, 2012
Will John “Guts” Gutowski throw for three TDs for the Wolfpack on Sat??? Oct 12, 2012
By the way, in case u didn’t see, predictions are up at Oct 12, 2012
Will MoBeard’s Malik “The Freak” Valentine break 300 yards rushing this weekend? Oct 12, 2012
Will Scalley and Desimone get Dover their 2nd win of the season or will their playoff hopes get dashed this weekend? Oct 12, 2012
Will Jake “Herman” Melville and the Sparta Spartans respond this in a BIG way to last week’s loss to Pope John??? Oct 12, 2012
Hot off the presses! Week 6 Predictions: Oct 11, 2012
Predictions coming out early this afternoon!!! Oct 11, 2012
Keep me posted on your college plans! I am posting them on the site under the tab “College Corner”. Oct 10, 2012
Week 5 Player of the Week is up! Oct 10, 2012
Just met with Jon @JointCarePT. His exercise beliefs are crazy cutting edge! We’ll be filming videos with some Morris Sussex players soon! Oct 09, 2012
Delby has a good student section too! They make these insane duck sounds when an opposing QBs drop back. Its actually kind of freaky! Oct 08, 2012
Big props to the Knolls student section! Those guys really brought it this past weekend! Oct 08, 2012
Who has the coolest uniforms in Morris Sussex? I think Hanover Parks are sweet! I love their helmets! Oct 08, 2012
Nick Patterson was a (VERY) close second for POW! It pained me not to give it to him. Please run for 350yds and 5TDs again bro and its urs! Oct 08, 2012
Just finished interview with Week 5’s POW! Any ideas of who it might be??? Oct 08, 2012
Morris Sussex Football: Monday Morning QB & Top 10 Rankings – Oct 08, 2012
If I ever own a professional football team, I’m having the Knolls announcer call all the games. That guy is great! Oct 07, 2012
Remember to send me ur college plans! I am building a list of every seniors plans. Don’t have to be playing a sport. Let me know when u know Oct 07, 2012
By the way, Leonardis from Knolls is nuts to run the Veer. That O is designed so the QB gets clocked when the defense doesn’t get tricked. Oct 07, 2012
Big changed in the Morris Sussex Power rankings!!! More in my MMQB exclusive FREE newsletter. Sign up on Oct 07, 2012
During the whole Knolls-Hills game I keyed on Hills DE Joe Bencel. Kid did a superb job defending the Veer. More in my MMQB newsletter… Oct 07, 2012
The All Unruly Team is going to be brutal to pick this year. Sooo many good players in Morris Sussex. Oct 07, 2012
Nobody like to score 5 TDs anymore. Who deserves Player of the Week this week? Oct 06, 2012
Big shake up in the Power Rankings this week! Sign up for our newsletter to see at Oct 06, 2012
Keep me posted on scores! Oct 06, 2012
Pequannock and Vernon pulled off big upsets last night. Who’s poised for a Saturday upset? Oct 06, 2012
Who had big performances last night??? Oct 06, 2012
UPSET ALERT: Vernon upsets Mt. Olive 35-14!!! Oct 06, 2012
Hopatcong 28 Whippany 23 F Oct 06, 2012
Parsippany 15 Lenape Valley 35 F Oct 06, 2012
Morris Hills 52 Morris Knolls 42 F Oct 06, 2012
Morris Catholic 0 Butler 42 F Oct 06, 2012
Montville 14 High Point 7 F Oct 06, 2012
Mendham 0 West Morris 21 F Oct 06, 2012
Madison 48 Hackettstown 7 F Oct 06, 2012
Hanover Park 14 Jefferson 21 F Oct 06, 2012
Boonton 7 Pequannock 21 F Oct 06, 2012
52-42 Hills over Knolls. Corry and Rome stepping up big in Turners absence. Hope ET is okay. Oct 06, 2012
46-35 Hills 4Q Oct 06, 2012
38-35 Hills over Knolls. Patterson just bolted for a long score. Oct 06, 2012
38-28 Hills over Knolls on Rome 40 yrd dash. 3Q Oct 06, 2012
32-28 Hills over Knolls on a 10 yrd Corry run. 3Q Oct 06, 2012
28-26 Knolls over Hills. 3Q Oct 06, 2012
Is the Knolls announcer feeling good or is it me? Oct 06, 2012
Anyone have any scores??? Oct 06, 2012
21-20 Knolls over Hills. 2nd Q. Oct 05, 2012
14-20 Mohills over Knolls to start the 2nd Q. Oct 05, 2012
Please keep me updated on scores tonight! Oct 05, 2012
Week 5 Predictions are up! Tell your friends: Oct 04, 2012
Just came up with the perfect nickname for the Morris Hills team!!! See what it is tomorrow in the Week 5 Predictions. Oct 03, 2012
Here is a breakdown of all Morris Sussex teams Post Season realities: Oct 03, 2012
If you’re not on board yet, my Monday Morning QB is loaded with stats, Power Rankings, etc. Subscribe right now at Oct 03, 2012
Check out where MSF players are going to college. Tell me where your’re going and I’ll post it too. Oct 03, 2012
If you have decided on college, let me know. I’m posting here everyone is going (whether or not they are playing). Oct 02, 2012
Do you know if your team will make the State playoffs? Find out later tonight as breaks it all down! Oct 02, 2012
Player of the Week is up: Oct 02, 2012
Mid season playoff outlook report coming out this week…how every team is shaping up according to Power Points. Will be good! Oct 02, 2012
Anyone have a guess who will win the Week 4 Player of the Week? Oct 01, 2012
Morris Sussex Football: Monday Morning QB & Top 10 Rankings – Oct 01, 2012
What happened with Butler and Kinnelon today? Oct 01, 2012
Here comes Tebow. Sep 30, 2012
Way to go Whippany Park Wildcats!!! Is this team for real or what? And thanks for making me look good in my prediction…for a 2nd time! Sep 30, 2012
Whippany Park 35 Wallkill Valley 7 Sep 30, 2012
There’s got to be a POW in that Sparta MoHills game…who had the biggest game? Sep 29, 2012
anyone know whats going on in Sussex with Butler and Kinnelon or Wallkill? Sep 29, 2012
Sparta 59 MoHills 47 F Sep 29, 2012
Pope John 36 Montville 6 F Sep 29, 2012
Delby 42 Chatham 0 F Sep 29, 2012
Mt. Lakes 42 MoCatholic 12 F Sep 29, 2012
Roxbury 14 Par Hills 7 Sep 29, 2012
MoBeard 42 Dwight-Englewood 8 F Sep 29, 2012
Any scores out there??? Sep 29, 2012
What’s happening at the games??? Sep 29, 2012
Keep me posted on scores folks! Sep 29, 2012
Any teams plan on upsetting their opponents today? Sep 29, 2012
Any Player of the Week performances tonight? Sep 29, 2012
Pequannock 6 North Warren 41 F Sep 29, 2012
Morristown 8 West Morris 35 F Sep 29, 2012
Morris Knolls 13 Mount Olive 35 F Sep 29, 2012
Mendham 0 Randolph 23 F Sep 29, 2012
Kittatinny 19 Lenape Valley 54 F Sep 29, 2012
Jefferson 34 Parsippany 0 F Sep 29, 2012
Hopatcong 22 Boonton 20 F Sep 29, 2012
Hanover Park 21 Dover 14 F Sep 29, 2012
Hackettstown 27 Newton 19 F Sep 29, 2012
WFAN Play of the Game: Jaquill Scott’s tackle of George Scalley on the 2 yd line on his 60 yd run…Dover didn’t end up scoring. Sep 29, 2012
21-14 Hanover Park over Dover. Great game!!! Sep 29, 2012
Dover back in it after a DeSimone TD catch. 21-14 HP over Dover Sep 29, 2012
Man, where did all these fans come from. Dover is hopping now! Sep 29, 2012
21-7 Hanover Park over Dover on a Bassolino 10 yd dash. 4:53 4Q Sep 29, 2012
Still 14-7 Hp over Dover..but after I’m feeling a shift in the atmosphere. Sep 29, 2012
Dovers cheerleaders literally are rooting for Dover like die hard fans. Its actually really cool. Plus their band is playing Rocky music. Sep 29, 2012
Still 14-7 HP over Dover. But Dover has forced HP to two 3 and outs in a row. Sep 29, 2012
Any score updates from Morris or Sussex? Sep 29, 2012
Sivolella 1 yd keeper makes it 14-7 HP over Dover. 4:08 2nd Sep 28, 2012
Scalley responds in a BIG way with a 63 yd run, but hold on a TD led to a missed FG. Still 7-7 HP Dover Sep 28, 2012
Dover 7 Hanover Park 7 on a Sivilella 4 yard run. 9:53 in 2Q Sep 28, 2012
This Dover field is freaking sweet! Sep 28, 2012
Dover 7 HP 0 on a 6 yard Scalley run on opening drive. Sep 28, 2012
Dover – HP: where the hell are the fans??? Sep 28, 2012
Just kidding…game didn’t start yet! Sep 28, 2012
Hanover Park @ Dover Update: Whoaaa, George Scalley returns the opening KO 87 yds for a TD. 7-0 Dover!!! Sep 28, 2012
Keep me posted on all Morris and Sussex games! Sep 28, 2012
Let’s go tonight!!! You gotta make your own luck if u plan on being in MetLife in December!!! Sep 28, 2012
Game with most implications: Hanover Park @ Dover. A loss for Dover puts them deeper in the hole. For HP, it messes with their identity. Sep 28, 2012
Hey 0-3 teams (and there are a bunch of them), you need to start winning this weekend if you want to make it into the State Tourney! Sep 28, 2012
Nothing like football in the rain! Friday night lights fellas! Sep 28, 2012
Got predictions done a little early this week. Week 4 predictions are up at Sep 27, 2012
Does anyone know what happened to Manny? I keep seeing Tweets. What happened to this young guy? Private message me. Sep 26, 2012
Who are you taking: Roxbury @ Par Hills giving 3 1/2? Sep 26, 2012
Who are you taking: MoHills @ Sparta taking 8 points? Sep 26, 2012
Who are you taking: Motown @ WMC taking 4 points? Sep 26, 2012
Who are you taking: Butler @ Kinnelon giving 6 points? Sep 26, 2012
Remember: Top 2 juniors get an exclusive invite @FBUexperience college showcase in San Antonio the weekend of the Army All American Bowl. Sep 26, 2012
The over/under for the Hanover Park – Dover Game is 44. What are you taking? Sep 26, 2012
What QB should I start this week, Jefferson’s JR Reese or Sparta’s Jake Melville? Sep 26, 2012
My Starting Fantasy Receivers This Week: Randolph’s Sean Murphy, Butler’s Kirc and Delby’s Matt Oplinger. Sep 26, 2012
Rise and shine…stay focused today. 60 more days till MetLife. I know I’m going to be there. Who else is in??? Sep 25, 2012
Player of the Week is up! Guess who it is!!! Sep 24, 2012
Morris Sussex Football: Monday Morning QB & Top 10 Rankings – Sep 24, 2012
26 more followers till I am at 500…who’s the most popular guy in high school now brah!!! Sep 24, 2012
Just so u all know, I write a MMQB and Top 10 Power Rankings for my newsletter that u only get if u subscribe at Sep 23, 2012
Dude, I love how Justin Good-Win is going to Rutgers! This program looks like they finally have arrived! Sep 23, 2012
Who had big individual performances this afternoon??? Sep 22, 2012
Delby 32 Randolph 16 F Sep 22, 2012
Kinnelon 42 MoCatholic 7 F Sep 22, 2012
Mt. Lakes 35 Pequannock 7 F Sep 22, 2012
MoBeard 26 Bergen Tech 0 Sep 22, 2012
Morris Knolls 35 High Point 14 Sep 22, 2012
Pope John 35 MoHills 21 F Sep 22, 2012
What’s up Mohills and PJ??? Sep 22, 2012
All sports writers should learn to Tweet from Jim Hague @ogsmar. Scores need to be on every tweet. Sep 22, 2012
Any update on the Pope John – MoHills game? Sep 22, 2012
Right now, I got two in the running for POW. Who else wants the Week 3 Player of the Week for this week? Sep 22, 2012
Thank you for all the new followers! You’re all great! Sep 22, 2012
Madison 48 Hanover Park 25 F Sep 22, 2012
Jefferson 34 Dover 12 F Sep 22, 2012
Sussex Tech 12 Lenape Valley 24 Sep 22, 2012
Whippany Park 0 Butler 32 F Sep 22, 2012
WMC 6 Roxbury 21 F Sep 22, 2012
Sparta 33 Vernon 3 F Sep 22, 2012
North Warren 42 Hopatcong 7 F Sep 22, 2012
Mount Olive 37 Montville 21 F Sep 22, 2012
28-6 after a Tyler B. pick6. Par Hills over Mendham in the 4th. Sep 22, 2012
I love Albano…the guy is hilarious! Sep 22, 2012
CARMINE VERDUCCI!!!!!!!! 21-6 Par Hills Sep 22, 2012
Loving the Par Hills student sections!!! Sep 22, 2012
Mendham has no luck. Sep 22, 2012
Still 14-6 Par Hills over Mendham in the 3rd. Sep 22, 2012
Anyone have any more scores??? What’s happening in Jefferson? Sep 22, 2012
By the way Tyler Simms is the real dealio and so are all his weapons. Very solid team. Sep 21, 2012
Par Hills has a solid student section. That’s what I’m talking about!!! Sep 21, 2012
4 yard Verducci screen makes it 14-6 Par Hills over Mendham. 2nd Q 7:51 Sep 21, 2012
Whoa, Mendhams QB runs for 60 yards. Boys got wheels!!! Sep 21, 2012
Par Hills 7 Mendham 6 – 2:12 Q1 Sep 21, 2012
Sorry Dover-Jefferson, I got called to fill in for broadcasting at the Mendham-ParHills game. See u both soon. Someone score 5 TDs!!! Sep 21, 2012
Okay, Friday Night Lights…keep me posted on scores and individual performances. Let me know of any potential POW’s!!! Sep 21, 2012
Is there a 5 TD performance brewing for Week 3? Sep 21, 2012
Anyone know how many tackles Wallkill’s Bobby Russell has already? #ThursdayNightLights Sep 20, 2012
Week 3 Predictions are up! Sep 20, 2012
Game O’da Week: Pope John vs. MoHills. Big test for both teams! Match up well together. What do u think will be the final score? Sep 20, 2012
Does Hanover Park have the fire power to take down the Evil Empire (aka Madison)? Sep 19, 2012
End of the Season Awards Reminder: Two fully paid scholarships to @FBUexperience two top sophs and frosh in Mo and Su counties. Sep 19, 2012
End of the Season Awards Reminder: Golden Ticket – Two invites to top MS juniors to FBU’s national showcase combine in San Antonio, TX. Sep 19, 2012
End of the Season Awards Reminder: The All Unruly Team. Given to the top offensive, defensive and special teams players. Sep 19, 2012
Five TDs Is The New Three: In the first 2 weeks, three Morris Sussex players scored 5 TDs. Who will be this week’s “cinconator”??? Sep 19, 2012
Anybody have any suggestions of people or businesses that would be good advertisers for MSF? #WePromoteTheHeckOutOfOurPartners Sep 18, 2012
Would my followers go to @morristapngrill after games if they advertised with MSF? #TheirOnTheFence #TryingToJustify #EvenThoughCheap Sep 18, 2012
RIP Steve Sabol, NFL Films. Gave all employees the “freedom to fail” so creativity could flourish. End product was gold. God bless Steve. Sep 18, 2012
All Unruly Watch List: Chris Heredia – Butler. If the season ended today, he’s my All Unruly QB. Sep 18, 2012
Week 2 Player of the Week is up: How do you like my first question? Sep 18, 2012
Had a great conversation with this weeks POW last night. Was very impressed with his maturity, especially considering his age. Sep 17, 2012
One more follow till 400!!! Actually got 60 followers this weekend! Thanks everyone for all the support!!! Sep 17, 2012
Morris Sussex Football: Monday Morning QB & Top 10 Rankings – Sep 17, 2012
Being a Jets fan is awesome! #JoeWillySoldHisSoleToTheDevil Sep 16, 2012
Player of the Week has been decided! Find out who it is on Tuesday at!!! Sep 16, 2012
I got 50 new Twitter followers this weekend! Thanks everyone for following, also check for other great stuff! Sep 16, 2012
Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter at to get my weekly Monday Morning QB notes and Top 10 power rankings. Sep 16, 2012
Anyone have a Hanover Park Newton update? Sep 16, 2012
Anyone have any suggestions for Player of the Week for Week 2? Sep 15, 2012
Any big time individual stats at the Rox-Motown game? I’m looking for player of the week. Sep 15, 2012
What happened in Sussex Tech and in CT with Mobeard? Sep 15, 2012
21-7 Delby over Mendham F Sep 15, 2012
Come back will have to wait! Delby INT!!! Sep 15, 2012
Mendham gets the ball back with 4:00. Need two TDs to tie. Come back of the year??? Sep 15, 2012
Still Delby 21 Mendham 7 in the 4th with Delby driving. Sep 15, 2012
What’s going on in Motown? Sep 15, 2012
Oooooh…huge hit by Delby #56 on a 3rd down completion. Knocked the ball loose. Sep 15, 2012
Delby up 21-7 in the 3rd. Delbys uni”s look like the Jets. Actually pretty sweet. Sep 15, 2012
Jamie White is out with an apparent shoulder injury. Sep 15, 2012
Sorry about the mis-info. Its 7-14 Debly’s up. Sep 15, 2012
Mendham up 14-7 over Delby!!! Sep 15, 2012
Keep me updated on scores mates! Sep 15, 2012
Off to Delby vs. Mendham today! Great day for the foosball! Sep 15, 2012
Good luck today boys! Let’s get ‘er done. Sep 15, 2012
Wallkill Valley 14 N. Warren 48 F Sep 15, 2012
Morris Knolls 29 Vernon 32 F Sep 15, 2012
Looking to find out who had monster games to see who gets Player of the Week. Sep 15, 2012
Anyone have any stats? What did Zoom Zoom rush for? How many TDs for Goodwin? What about Raff and Grieco? Heredia? Sep 15, 2012
Pope John 54 High Point 6 F Sep 15, 2012
Lenape Valley 27 Jefferson 14 F Sep 15, 2012
Butler 34 Boonton 16 F Sep 15, 2012
Pequannock 6 Hopatcong 12 F Sep 15, 2012
Sparta 31 Mt Olive 7 F Sep 15, 2012
Randolph 12 WMC 0 F Sep 15, 2012
Madison 52 Parsippany 0 F Sep 15, 2012
MoHills 30 Montville 0 F Sep 15, 2012
Any scores yet? Tweet them to me! Sep 14, 2012
Shoot me scores throughout the night if you can! Sep 14, 2012
Alright boys, its on! Good luck tonight! Sep 14, 2012
Stud Blue Chipper: Ty Teresa from Montville. Eighth grader who makes ever single tackle (literally). Planning on Montville HS next year. Sep 14, 2012
“@morristapngrill: @UnrulyFan OK Roxbury 21 – 7 :)” the bars in Motown are even making predictions! Big game boys!!! Sep 14, 2012
If anyone needs PT, you gotta go to in Florham Park. Jon DiLauri is a master healer and an exercise scientist! Sep 14, 2012
Hand it off to Burton!!! Sep 14, 2012
Hand it off the Burton!!! Sep 14, 2012
Unruly Watch: I’ll be at Mendham-Delby on Sat. Making a guest appearance on Mendham TV. Sep 13, 2012
Who should I start on my fantasy team this week, LP’s Rafferty or Madison’s Good-Win? Sep 13, 2012
Week 2 Predictions are up at Check out what MSF thinks is going to happen this weekend! Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Can Delby’s Jamie White join the 250 yds in a game club this weekend? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Can Whippany Park’s Joe Lobracio guide the Wildcats win over MoCath? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: How many tackles for losses will MoHill’s Danny Whelan have? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: How will Motown’s Kamau Dumas going to respond after their OT loss to SHP? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Is Hanover Park QB Jimmy Sivolella the second coming of Frank Franco? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Can H-Town’s Brian Wickkiser beat Kittatinny on their home court? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Is Mt. Lakes Zoom Zoom Egbuchulam going to make the 3 TD club this weekend? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Is Butler QB Chris Heredia going to throw for 250+ yards on Boonton? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Can N. Warren slow down the McLean & Buvis train? Sep 13, 2012
I call if Parsippany scores any points vs Madison they should get the win! Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Can Lenape’s Rafferty and Grieco run for 400 total yards? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Will Pope John RB Noah Brown break 200 yards and 3 TDs? (that’s my prediction!) Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Will Mount Olive come up and bite Sparta for a loss? Sep 13, 2012
Questions for Week 2: Will a good MoHills team be 0-2 after this weekend? Sep 13, 2012
Are you on Twellow yet? I just registered my profile: Sep 13, 2012
What are the Vegas odds on Parsippany taking down Madison this weekend? Might be worth putting a $10 spot on. Sep 13, 2012
Weekly Predictions are up at! See who we’re picking this week and how we did last week! Sep 13, 2012
Predictions are up early this week: Tell ur mates! Good luck this weekend boys! Sep 13, 2012
Predictions come out tomorrow morning! Sep 12, 2012
Not sure who to start on my fantasy team this week; Chris Heredia of Butler or John Gutowski of WMC. Sep 12, 2012
Game o’da Week: Jefferson vs. Lenape Valley. Tough one to pick! Both have lots of real players! Gonna be awesome! Sep 11, 2012
Did anyone miss who was the Week 1 Player of the Week? Check it out at Sep 11, 2012
Let us not forget those who lost their lives protecting our freedom. Honor them by practicing extra hard today fellas! God bless the U.S.A. Sep 11, 2012
Week 1 Player of the Week is up! Come and meet who absolutely mashed it up this past weekend! Sep 11, 2012
If I had this weeks Player of the Week winner playing MNF it wouldn’t matter that I am 45 points down!!! How about that for a teaser!!! Sep 10, 2012
Just watched some Jimmy Braun (Len Val MLB) junior highlights on YouTube. The kid is the reincarnation of Dick Butkus!!! Sep 10, 2012
GoDaddy was hacked and every site in the world is down that has them as a host…including MSF!!! I’ll keep u posted. Plyr of Wk tomorrow! Sep 10, 2012
Morris Sussex Football: MMQB & Top 10 Rankings – Sep 10, 2012
Join my newsletter to get my MMQB article and Top 10 Power Rankings at! Sep 09, 2012
Who do you think will win the Player of the Week for Week 1? Sep 09, 2012
What happened in Madison? Sep 08, 2012
High Point and Kitt tied at 14 at the half. Sep 08, 2012
Delby up on Paramus Cath 9-0 after 1q. WOW!!! Sep 08, 2012
Seton Hall up on Motown 7-6…but that was awhile ago. Sep 08, 2012
Par Hills leading Morris Hills 14-6 in the 2nd. Sep 08, 2012
Keep me posted on scores! Just Tweet me with updates! Sep 08, 2012
More games today! Please Tweet me the scores in #LiveAction if possible. Good luck today! Sep 08, 2012
“@UnrulyFan: Pequannock 0 @ Wallkill Valley 40 F” Wow, I really whiffed on this one! Sep 08, 2012
Pequannock 0 @ Wallkill Valley 40 F Sep 08, 2012
For a frosh Sonny Abrahamson for PJ did a solid job in his first game as QB. Give him some more games and he’ll be real good! Sep 08, 2012
Noah Brown from Pope is a stud. Kid looks like the reincarnation of Gale Sayers! Sep 08, 2012
Must admit: Very impressed with Randolphs execution tonight. Good QB, grinders running the ball and #15 is the real dealio! Sep 08, 2012
Any Pequannock Wallkill score? Sep 08, 2012
Scores are always updated at Sep 08, 2012
Mendham Mt Olive? Sep 08, 2012
Anyone know the Mendham MONTH outcome? Sep 08, 2012
N. Warren 7 @ Butler 34 F Sep 08, 2012
Whippany Park 7 @ Kinnelon 14 F Sep 08, 2012
Vernon 0 @ Roxbury 33 (game called at half bc of lightning) Sep 08, 2012
Pope John 18 @ Randolph 27 F Sep 08, 2012
Parsippany 0 @ Hanover Park 30 Sep 08, 2012
Chatham 13 @ Montville 14 F Sep 08, 2012
Big fake punt on 4th w Noah making long run. Gutsy call Sep 08, 2012
Randolphs Palmeri QB keeps to make it 20-12 in the 4th. 4:05 left in the game. Sep 08, 2012
Noah Brown’s scores on a big run for PJ! The kid broke 5 tackles on his way. Missed XP. 13-12 rams in the 4th with 11:37 to go. Sep 08, 2012
Rams Nick Roche INTs Sonny Abrahamson. Rams get the ball again. Sep 08, 2012
13 – 6 Rams on a long pass to Sean Murphy. He kicks too. He has all of Rams pts. Sep 08, 2012
6-6 at the half, PJ @ Randolph. R has two long FGs. Sonny (PJ frosh qb) looks good. Hit a on a few long passes. Sep 08, 2012
6-6 Tie Pope John at Randolph. 2nd q. Sep 07, 2012
Please give score updates for Morris and Sussex games! Sep 07, 2012
Check out this video describing the #GoldenTicket. Ur welcome by the way! PS: I know, I suck in front of the camera! Sep 07, 2012
Tweet me scores tonight in live action and I’ll update the site. Looks like I’m going to be at the Pope John – Randolph Game. Sep 07, 2012
Its game day! I am going to show up at a game tonight in a sophs uniform and sub myself in. It all starts tonight boys!!! #GoldenTicket Sep 07, 2012
Week 1 Predictions are up at Sep 06, 2012
Does anyone know if the Madison boosters have kid sized away Goodwin jerseys? I need to get one for my kid. Sep 05, 2012
Pregame pasta dinners are not nutritionally smart. People should go to @MMGMorristown for their pregame meals. Feed ur bodies good stuff! Sep 05, 2012
Who will be on the featured photo for tomorrows predictions? Sep 05, 2012
Opening day is not tonight, its Friday night…isn’t that right Pope John?!?! Sep 05, 2012
Check out the awards at MSF that all of you can win: I’m thinking its about time to play some foosball!! Sep 05, 2012
Top Selling Jersey: Sparta quarterback Jake Melville’s #6 white jersey. Sep 05, 2012
Start the school year off strong fellas! Good luck this week! Sep 04, 2012
Player Match-Up of Week 1: Pope John OT/DT Seamus Ryan against Randolph’s OT/DT Brendan Mahon. Two of the NJAC’s top lineman facing off!!! Sep 03, 2012
I heard the new Delby uni’s are all pimped out! Can anyone give me a little preview of what they look like? Sep 03, 2012
Dude, how do I get my hands on one of those Pope John practice jerseys? Those things are freaking sweet! Sep 03, 2012
Okay boys, your a few days away from kickoff! Don’t forget, juniors are playing for two #GoldenTickets to the FBU college showcase. Sep 03, 2012
Morris Sussex Football Newsletter: MMQB & Top 10 Rankings – Sep 03, 2012
Jefferson’s QB JR Reese is a player, I’m telling you! He’s not getting much love from the Ledger. Big mistake. Sep 03, 2012
Just signed on to do the play by play for the Mendham home games (Mendham TV). I think most people in the County can see them. Details soon. Sep 02, 2012
Week 1 Games of the Week: Dover @ Madison and Pope John @ Randolph. Sep 01, 2012
Weekly predictions (which include hilarious nicknames) start next Thursday and continue to the State Finals! Sep 01, 2012
Don’t forget to check out the football previews at!!! Sep 01, 2012
Just in case you missed it, football previews are up at Its the first installment of the craziness that’s coming! Sep 01, 2012
Preview is up at Tell all ur friends and family!!! Aug 31, 2012
In all seriousness, stuff is about to go down in a big way starting tomorrow and lasting till Dec. Spread the word. No 1 can afford to miss Aug 31, 2012
George Scalley is a freaking player! Wow! Very fast and powerful. He is also a very good linebacker. Madison better not be sleeping!!! Aug 31, 2012
MoHills defense is pretty impressive as well! Very fast linebackers and good solid tackling! Aug 31, 2012
Very impressed with Dover’s offensive line tonight. Very good execution! Aug 31, 2012
Anyone know and kids that are really good drawers? I have a good opportunity for them to showcase their skills. Seriously, let me know. Aug 31, 2012
BTW Dovers stadium is the best I’ve seen. Well done Dover!!! Aug 30, 2012
Check, I don’t think that was Eric Turner with the injury. Unclear at this point. Aug 30, 2012
MoHills D swarms and creates a big fumble for a turnover. Aug 30, 2012
Dover is executing VERY well! Aug 30, 2012
Dover MoHills Update: Goerge Scalley scores on big screen. Eric Turner helped off with apparent leg injury. Aug 30, 2012
Off to Dover for the Mohills scrimmage. Aug 30, 2012
Watched the Bulter scrimmage today. Actually was very impressed with their line. Aug 30, 2012
Due For Monster Year: Morristown’s Kamau Dumas. The kid can throw, run, tackle & make INT’s. He is a playmaker and has a cool FB name too! Aug 29, 2012
By the way I was only kidding about that Hopatcong DB thing that I said before. Aug 29, 2012
My New Favorite Football Name: Lo Lo Sanchez (Stud DT at Jefferson). Coach says you have to watch him play this Fall…very smooth player. Aug 29, 2012
Its awesome that my hand writing is so bad even I can’t read it! Sorry Hopatcong DB, u won’t be getting ur name in the paper! Aug 29, 2012
Jefferson senior captain DL/OL AJ Willard is a massive 6′ 275lbs and can bench press the entire O-Line. Kid has speed and a real player. Aug 28, 2012
QB IQ: Jefferson jr Jerry Reese is in his 3rd yr as QB and knows the O like the coach. He’ll be calling most plays himself at the line. Aug 28, 2012
Rob “The Pancake Man” Hughes of WMC is the anchor on the Wolfpack line. The Brown bound senior also had 50 tckls and 3 sacks on D. Aug 27, 2012
Hold the phone, Madison just scored on Kinnelon! Is it Dec already??? This is great! Aug 27, 2012
Who has this as their goal? Aug 26, 2012
This is going to be fun in Dec! Aug 26, 2012
Tell ur mates to get on board with me bc we are about to blow this mother out! Previews start this week! No 1 can afford to miss this. No jk Aug 26, 2012
What NJAC team is the most under rated? Aug 26, 2012
Who do you think Morris Sussex Football will announce as the preseason #1 team this week? Aug 26, 2012
REALITY: I will be on the sidelines at Gnts Stdm in Dec. Most of you won’t. Who has it in them to be a State Champion? Aug 26, 2012
Mike Sabo interview accomplished. I’m liking what I’m hearing, especially about the five headed Wing-T backfield! Aug 26, 2012
Forgot to mention the Rox QB’s name: Kyle Young (aka the “Real Deal”) Aug 25, 2012
All Unruly Award Watch: Vernon RB Ryan Ward. Kid has speed, size and moves. Does not go down with arm tackles, trust me! Aug 25, 2012
Practice Rumor: Sparta’s Zach Davis leaped over DT Michael Walsh (6’3″) while standing straight up, ran his pattern and caught a TD pass. Aug 25, 2012
Prediction: Roxbury QB throws a min of 12 TDs this season. Kid has an arm and Rox will throw. Good targets as well. Aug 25, 2012
Prediction: Mt. Lakes will average 12 points allowed behind DT’s Scott Flynn and Sam Walsh. Kids are flipping out of control up front! Aug 25, 2012
When and where are the good scrimmages today??? Aug 25, 2012
Sleeper Pick for a State Title: Mt. Olive. If they can win 4 of the 1st 8, they’ll be in the playoffs. Then I see them roll to Gnts Stdm. Aug 24, 2012
The Goal: To earn a trip to Giants Stadium. Work hard today boys! Aug 24, 2012
The previews are going to be nuts! One player is #1 in his class and president of his own company; and plays HS football. Hilarious!!! Aug 24, 2012
This weeks camp visits included Delby, Hopatcong, Vernon, Mt. Olive and others. Just can’t remember them off hand. Just a handful left! Aug 23, 2012
How to you rate Xenith helmets? I’m thinking of getting them as a sponsor with an end of the season giveaway. Let me know. Are they good? Aug 23, 2012
Trivia: What team of the 1990s featured the deadly) tandem of Bruce Ryans and Jessie Williams? Aug 23, 2012
Which juniors want the #GoldenTicket? Only 500 juniors in the country get invited. We’re giving two invites out to the best juniors! Aug 23, 2012
Awesome Football Name: Mt Lakes fullback Uzoma Egbuchulam. Aug 23, 2012
Top 3 Fantasy Picks: J. Goodwin – Madison, J. White – Delby, L. Foukas – Pequanock. Aug 23, 2012
Awesome Football Name: Delbarton’s Niyi Odewade. Beyond a good name, the 6′, 270 pounder extremely quick and strong. Will be a force! Aug 22, 2012
Who’s got the coolest football name in Morris and Sussex Counties? Aug 21, 2012
Winding down with camp visits. Just a few more to go. Exhausted! Aug 21, 2012
#GoldenTicket will showcase u in front of top D1 coaches. Juniors, this is real! The work starts in now. Rip it up in practice today! Aug 21, 2012
Now tell me I don’t have your attention! Tell your buds to start following me. Things are gonna get nutty real soon! Aug 20, 2012
Which juniors in Morris and Sussex Counties deserve a #GoldenTicket? Aug 20, 2012
#GoldenTicket = Exclusive to MSF, an O & D invite for 2 Jr studs to Football University’s college showcase combine. MSF picks the 2 players! Aug 20, 2012
Somebody ask me about the “Golden Ticket” available for every jr player this year thru! Its off the flippin’ hook! Aug 20, 2012
Blue Chipper: Par Hills Jr. Michael Dogbe, 6’3″, 215lbs. Has all the three Ss going on big schools want: Size, speed and strength. Aug 20, 2012
FACT: Mendham’s Matt Kuhn C/DT (6’2″, 225lbs) is not fatso on the line. One of the fastest on the team and can, get this, squat 605lbs. Aug 20, 2012
NJAC football previews with preseason team rankings to be published in one week at Going to be off the hook! Aug 20, 2012
I literally am going to show up to Han Parks 1st game in my ’92 uni. Don’t be suprised if u get tap’d out by an old dude in a throwback uni. Aug 20, 2012
19 more days till opening freaking kickoff baby!!! Aug 19, 2012
How about this trend: Every three years a stud RB from Morris Cty becomes a starter at Rutgers; J. Martinek, M. Burton and now J. Goodwin. Aug 19, 2012
Poll: Do u think doubles are over rated? Aug 19, 2012
That storm right after my PJ visit this week was insane! Hail, trees falling, a random fire going on. Was like a war zone. Aug 18, 2012
21 camp visits done, 15 to go! Aug 18, 2012
Inside Intel: Rox guard John Magi is listed at 5’8″ but plays like 6’4″. Kid knocks DE’s out of their shoes! Trust me. Aug 17, 2012
Killer Backfield: QB Kyle Young, FB Donald Panciello and RB Chris Colucci of Rox. All three are 6’2″ and are build like brick houses! Aug 17, 2012
HOT RECRUIT: Mendham’s sr TE/DE Matt Flanagan. The kid is 6’6″, 235lbs and can run. Getting big time looks! Aug 17, 2012
Do players today still get bad blisters on their feet during doubles? I never hear anyone complain about that. Just wondering. Aug 17, 2012
Seamus Ryan of OT Pope John is 6’3″ 260lbs & runs a sub 5 forty. PJ will be putting him at G in special packages. Kid is a rhino! Aug 16, 2012
I love Pope John Coach Carlson! The guy is as cool as they come. Former college and Bosco coach. Knows his stuff! Aug 16, 2012
2011 Stats: Mad LB Matt McDonald – 122 total & 81 solo tckls. 14 tckls for loss. 5 sacks, 3 frcd fmbls, 1 FR. Mad skillz. Aug 15, 2012
Michael Vick Lookalike: Han Pk QB Jimmy Sivolella. Very strong, runs, throws, crazy athlete. His mentor: 1990 State Champ Frank Franco. Aug 15, 2012
Stud Alert: Chatham’s WR/OLB Chris Peters. Has hands like glue on O and is in on every tackle on D. The kid is poised for a big year. Aug 15, 2012
Due: Mo-Beard’s sr RB Malik Valentine. Lost jr yr to bad injury. Big chip on his shldr. Needs to catch up on college showcasing, and will. Aug 15, 2012
Hot Fantasy Pick: Word from Montville is that QB John Jespersen is having a great camp. The 2nd yr starter will put up solid #s each week. Aug 14, 2012
Expecting Big Things: Boonton’s MLB Billy Nicholson. Kid is a hard working, tough kid. I predict he’ll have great year. Aug 14, 2012
Brendan “Big Baby” Mahon is no baby at all.Trust me, Delby, Motown, WMC and Rox coaches are very nervous about this 6’5″ 315lb blue chipper. Aug 14, 2012
CRAZY TALENT: Junior OL/DL Michael Dogbe (6’3″, 215lbs). Moves like butter and has all the D1 big names watching him like a hawk. Aug 14, 2012
FACT: Par Hill’s Tyler Simms threw 26 TDs as a junior. Is also Giant great Phill Simms’ son…sorry I made that part up. Aug 14, 2012
Admirable: N. Warren’s sr TE Lucas Kiernan traded his number 34 jersey for a lineman number so his team could use his athleticism at guard. Aug 14, 2012
Coaches in the NJAC are either totally chill or flat out hilarious! A few, however, are uncomfortably uptight. I feel for their players. Aug 14, 2012
Interesting Tidbit: Sparta’s Jake Melville has 33 career plays on defense. In those 33 plays, he has 4 INTs. Aug 13, 2012
FACT: Sparta’s OL of Joe Whitney, Ryan Sisco, Kevin Foulds, Mike Walsh and Nick Bevacqua average 6’1″ and 220lbs. All have experience! Aug 13, 2012
TRANSFER WIRE: Pope John’s sophomore phenom LB Randy May transfered to Sparta. Already getting D1 looks. Will have to sit out 30 days. Aug 13, 2012
NOTABLE 2011 STATS: Sparta’s Jake Melville threw for 1000 yds and 9 TD’s, ran for 600 yds and 10 TD’s, caught a TD and had 2 INTs. Aug 13, 2012
SCARY: Sparta’s FB/LB Michael Boryeskne is 6’3″ 225lbs, runs a 4.72 forty and benches 225lbs twenty two times. Aug 13, 2012
Training Camps visits on the Schedule for this week: Roxbury, Whippany Park, Jefferson, Par Hills, Kinnelon, Kittatinny, N. Warren and more. Aug 13, 2012
Hard Hitter Alert: Mendham’s Sr LB Luke Tamburello. Been starting since So yr and has awesome football instincts. Def need to game plan for. Aug 12, 2012
FACT: Dover’s new coach Roger Kotlarz didn’t lose more than three games a year as head man of Becton. Think Dover is serious about winning? Aug 12, 2012
What are your football goals this year (personal and team)? Aug 11, 2012
About #TheStreak (Madisons 25 gamer), will it sustain this year? Will Lenape end it? Or someone else? Is it bad karma to even bring it up? Aug 11, 2012
Apparently I love Tweeting “The kid is a beast!” I’ll try to be more original for now on. Aug 11, 2012
Junior Watch List: Madison LB Will Mottola. Playing since frosh year. Total beast. Aug 10, 2012
D1 Alert: Lenape MLB Jim Braun. 6′ 1″, 235lbs and plays on rollerblades. The kid hits like a hammer. Aug 10, 2012
Player Poised for a Breakout Season: Hanover Park WR/DB Jaquill Scott. 6’1″ who plays like 6’6″. Can out jump anyone and is fast as $#@%. Aug 10, 2012
Stud Alert: Dover WR/LB Kye Desimone. 6′ 2″, 200lbs and an awesome athlete. Only 2nd year playing football…doesn’t matter. Aug 10, 2012
College Watch List: Chatham C/DT Brian Sardini. The kid is a beast and will be a leader up front this year. Aug 10, 2012
Scary: Boonton’s Billy Olson – 6′ 7″, 300lbs and can freaking move. The kids is a beast! Aug 10, 2012
Stud to follow: Boonton’s Isaac Spann. Kid is a talented HB and LB! Aug 09, 2012
Don Smolyn of Lenape Valley ret. as AD to focus on FB. Their division is screwed…except for Madison. That’ll be the game of the yr. Aug 09, 2012
Lenape Valley is stacked in their backfield: Nick Rafferty (all time school rusher) & Mike Greco (900 yrds last yr). Ground & pound! Aug 09, 2012
Some more camp visits today: Chatham and Lenape Valley. Aug 09, 2012
My new favorite player: George Scalley from Dover. Combined with new coach Kotlarz, Dover is shaping back into 1990’s form. Aug 08, 2012
Preseason Prediction: Madison’s Goodwin rushes for 2,000+ yards…most of which will be accumulated in the first half of games. Aug 08, 2012
I’m telling you right now Sparta is frightening! They have speed, varsity experience and big men that can move. This team is nuts! Aug 08, 2012
Preseason Road Trip this week so far: Boonton, Dover, Hanover Park, Madison, Pequannock, Sparta and Wallkill Valley. Aug 08, 2012
Just started the preseason tour! Aug 06, 2012
It’s back on slackers!!! Aug 04, 2012

Yes, its cool to be named to the All Unruly Team.  But its really cool if you have your own All Unruly Apparel.  Check out the The Morris Sussex Football Shop to get 2012 All Unruly Team t-shirts for yourself or the lady in your life. There’s even All Unruly baby apparel.



George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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