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Week 9 Predictions

Hurricane Sandy was strong enough to force football to postpone a week, but our community’s will is much stronger than anything Sandy could dish out.  Come and support your team this weekend!  

Friday Night Games

Chatham (0-8) @ Morris Hills (4-4)     
George Muha:  One guy who flies under the radar but you must know where he is at all time is Morris Hill’s Robert Sihlanick.  He and fellow defensive end Joey “Bagadonuts” Bencel anchor a very tough defense.  Too bad they didn’t make it to the Tourney because they definitely would have made some noise.  Look for Bobby and Joey give their home crowd a lot to cheer about.
PICK:  MoHills 34-10
Brian Kenney:  Morris Hills is going to keep Chatham from getting a win, and it’s not going to be pretty.  
PICK:  MH 35-7  

Kittatinny (3-5) @ Jefferson (5-3)     
George Muha:  I love how Kittatinny’s Kyle Potten to Joe “Bohemian” Repasy passing attack is starting to heat up.  Those guys are putting up some good numbers together.  However, I don’t see Jefferson’s big men AJ Willard and Lolo Sanchez allowing Kittatinny to find any kind of rhythm.
PICK:  Jefferson 35-21
Brian Kenney:  I think this is going to be too close for Jefferson’s comfort but in the end J-Town will prevail.  J.R. Reese will throw for 2 scores.  
PICK:  Jefferson 21-17

Roxbury (7-1) @ Mount Olive (5-3)    
George Muha:  I am telling you this is a total trap game for Roxbury.  If Mount Olive can do what Delby did and get off and running early, Roxbury will have a hard time playing catch-up.  Between Bernard, Moore, Moran, Maksimow and Mancini, the Marauders have the skillz to pay the billz.  I’d like to see Roxbury’s Kyle Young show off his arm and use his stud receivers Sivertsen and Garofalo more.  But the Gaels will ride Donny Pants and narrowly slip past the Marauders in a wild one.
PICK:  Roxbury 42-41
Brian Kenney:  Roxbury will have its’ hands full with Mt. Olive but they will take care of business.  Donny P will score at least 2 for Roxbury.  
PICK:  ‘Bury 28-20

West Morris (4-4) @ Vernon (4-4)      
George Muha:  The Wolfpack’s Rob Hughes is the real deal and will certainly keep Vernon’s offense in check.  Same can be said about Vernon’s Justin Dinelle.  This one will be a close one with the difference being special teams.  Look for the Vikings to slip past West Morris off the foot of kicker Owen “Won’t Pull It” Pullis.
PICK:  Vernon 17-14
Brian Kenney:  This one should be interesting.  West Morris is going to pull it out by the skin of their teeth despite a great effort by Justin Dinelle, who will score two of Vernon’s touchdowns.
PICK:  WM 21-20    
Lenape Valley (7-1) @ Hanover Park (6-2)
George Muha:  Now that Hanover Park is in the playoffs, I cannot help to be a total homer for my alma mater.  Lenape, I bet you’d like to know who is going to play QB this week for HP.  Will it be the high flying Sivolella or will it be the gun slinging Hoberman?  Maybe it will be Frank Franco!  Who’s that you say?  Don’t sqworry about it.  Just be prepared to meet the only other team to take a pound of flesh out of Madison besides you.  I hope you are not allergic to bee stings because you will be entering the Hornets nest this Friday night.  I am calling right now for the HP to do a yellow-out for this game.  
PICK:  LV 28-21 but HP earns the Pats total respect
Brian Kenney:  HP lost some momentum as a result of Sandy’s interruption and the Valley will take advantage of it.  If HP can throw the ball as well as it did against Hackettstown they have a shot but it’s not going to be easy to stop the LV Machine.  Maybe HP can learn something from Madison’s game plan and pull off an upset, but it’s a longshot.    
PICK:  LV 35-21

Parsippany (1-7) @ Dover (3-5)
George Muha:  I wish Kye Desimone was a junior.  I would like to see one more year of this kid because he is really starting to heat up.  I hope he plays in college somewhere.  Regardless, George Scalley is a junior.  You know this kid wants I know this kid wants another chance at a state title and he will get it.
PICK:  Dover 35-10
Brian Kenney:  Dover ran into a buzz saw last time they played after making a nice win streak.  They will rebound against a hapless Parsippany squad and win big at home.  Mr. Scalley will account for 80% of the Tiger’s offense and at least 3 of their scores.  
PICK:  Tigers 42-14

Wallkill Valley (2-6) @ Hopatcong (4-4)
George Muha:  Too bad for Wallkill that they got the injury bug this year.  Mike Buvis “and Butthead” was a bright spot for them.  How about Hopatcong’s Ryan Clark!  I love good QB’s and he definitely fits the bill.  It didn’t hurt that he had Johann Lara taking pressure off of him with the ground attack.
PICK:  Hopatcong 34-20
Brian Kenney:  Look for Hopatcong to clean up against the Valley in this one.  Ryan Clarke will throw for 2 scores for Hopatcong and while WV’s Mike Astor will play well it won’t be enough.  
PICK:  Hopatcong 28-7

Warren Hills (3-5) @ Hackettstown (3-5)
George Muha:  Did you know that Brian Wickkiser is one of the top rushers in the state?  Despite not making the Tourney, I think the Wickkinator will not lose another game this year (between this game and the consolation game).  Look for Hackettstown receiver Greg Castillo to keep compiling offensive stats.
PICK:  Hackettstown 40-12
Brian Kenney:  Mr. Wickkiser will get back to his old ways in this one and run for over 100 and 2 scores against the Hills.  
PICK: Htown 24-12

Butler (7-1) @ Pequannock (2-6)
George Muha:  I wrote a little song about Butler and it goes a little like this:  “Pistols shots ring out in the barroom night.  Enter Jason DeLattiboudere from the upper hall.  He sees the bartender in a pool of blood.  Cries out “My God they killed them all”.  Here comes the story of the Hurricane Heredia.  The man the authorities came to blamia.  For something that he never done.  Put him in a prison cell but one day he will be the champion of the state.”  Okay, maybe it needs a little work.  But I am telling you right now I am on the Hurricane Heredia bandwagon till they win the states.
PICK:  Butler 45-12  
Brian Kenney:  I’m not sure why I think Butler is flying under the radar but they are having a great season.  Look for that to continue against Pequannock.  I’d be shocked if Chris Heredia throws for less than 3 scores in this one.  It won’t be close.  
PICK:  Butler 35-14

Kinnelon (5-3) @ Boonton (2-6)
George Muha:  Another QB that is having an awesome season is Sean Robbins.  If guys like Sean Walsh, Eric Clement, Connor Villante and Joe Presti aren’t careful Kinnelon might actually make a legitimate run at a state title.
PICK:  Kinnelon 30-14
Brian Kenney:  Kinnelon will get its’ 6th win against Boonton.  Sean “Tony” Robbins will throw for over 250 yards in a rout.  
PICK:  Kinnelon 28-6

Morris Catholic (1-7) @ North Warren (6-2)     
George Muha:  Okay, okay, okay…I believe in North Warren!  Not that I never didn’t believe in them, they were just a bit of an unknown this year.  But a big tip of the cap in their rookie season in the NJAC.  How about the “Mash and Smash” running game of Nolan Robertson and Jon Davalos!  Its going to be fun following these guys into the postseason.
PICK:  North Warren 42-12
Brian Kenney:  Morris Catholic unfortunately won’t stand a chance on North Warren’s home turf. Look for Johnny D of NW to run for over 100 and 2 scores.  
PICK:  NW 30-16

Randolph (5-3) @ Morris Knolls (2-6)     
George Muha:  I have two words for you:  Slick Nick Patterson.  Okay, that was three but I LOVE this kid!  I still cannot get over his 300+ yard, 5 TD performance against MoHills earlier in the year.  That was the gutsiest performance I witnessed all year.  Look for Randolph’s Murphy to trade scores with Patterson in a close one.
PICK:  Rams 42-35
Brian Kenney:  Despite the home field advantage Morris Knolls won’t  be able to keep up with Randolph’s offense.  
PICK:  Rams 27-14

Saturday Games

Delbarton (7-1) @ Pope John (7-1)     
George Muha:  Uggh, this game is so hard to pick!  Here is how I view this game:  I think Pope John has the edge when it comes to sheer talent.  Guys like Austin Bailey, Noah Brown, Deshawn Chatelier, Noa Merritt and Sonny Abramson are total freaks on the field.  The only downfall is they all lack experience as not one of the guys I mentioned is a senior.  Not taking anything away from Delby’s talent because two thirds of their team have committed to play D1 lacrosse.  I just feel guys like Michael Bicknese, Jamie White, Will Reynolds and Eric Fajardo have the edge when it comes to being cool under pressure.  I will say this, this is the most intriguing game of the year so far.
PICK:  Delby 28-24
Brian Kenney:  Did somebody say “Game of the Week”?  This should be a great one. Delby is at a disadvantage because I know PJ fans will be going bananas at this game cheering for their squad.  That being said, I think Delbarton will steal this one in the final minutes.  It all rests on Delby QB Mike Bicknese’s shoulders, let’s see if he can deliver.  
PICK:  Delby 24-21

High Point (0-8) @ Parsippany Hills (6-2)     
George Muha:  Par Hills will keep their machine well oiled as the Tyler Simms to Tyler Bartro and Kire Milevski Show continues to rock this town.  
PICK:  Par Hills 35-7
Brian Kenney:  Par Hills is as tough as nails and they keep finding ways to win when nobody thinks they should.  I like their grit.  It helps that Tyler Simms is having a heck of a season.  I don’t think High Point stands a chance.  
PICK:  PH 35-7

Montville (2-6) @ Mendham (2-6)     
George Muha:  I want more JJ Brania-Hopp!  The junior Mustang has really shown he’s got the goods this year.  Mendham really needs this win if they want to their momentum into the postseason.  In fact, I would go as far to say they need to win this one.  Look for Montville’s John Jespersen to try his best to trip up Mendham’s recent good fortune.  But I predict that the Minutemen’s senior Anthony Del Russo is too close to doing something special that he won’t let it slip away.
PICK:  Mendham 24-21
Brian Kenney:  I don’t know if the kids will be in school in Mendham by the time this game comes around but hopefully they are no fallen trees on the field.  Mendham kids are all fired up after being bored for so many days off of school and without power and Montville is going to have a long day.  
PICK:  Mendham 21-7

Sparta senior runningback Michael Boryeskne is part of a very talented Spartan team that has a near perfect record this season.

Sparta (7-1) @ Morristown (1-7)     
George Muha:  Sparta is on the verge of greatness.  Senior lineman Nick Bevacqua will use this game to work out some small Spartan kinks before heading into the state playoffs.
PICK:  Sparta 40-14
Brian Kenney:  Sparta won’t stop rolling and Morristown isn’t going to stop them even with the home field advantage. Look for Jake “Herman” Melville to run for a buck fifty with 2 scores.  
PICK:  Sparta 24-10
Newton (2-6) @ Madison (7-0)
George Muha:  After 31 straight wins, Madison will have to drop one at some point.  If someone is going to catch them sleeping, why can’t it be Newton?  You never know, but I see Madison’s streak staying intact.  Look for the Super Lassiter Bros to continue to take pressure off Good-Win and Register.  
PICK:  Madison 45-7
Brian Kenney:  Madison cannot be stopped, well… if they can it won’t be by Newton.  Goodwin and Lassiter, LLC will account for over 250 yards on the ground and 4 scores.  
PICK:  Dodgers 42-13

Morristown-Beard (5-3) @ Newark Academy (1-6)    
George Muha:  I am calling right now that MoBeard’s Dean Grogg score’s a defensive touchdown this weekend.  I am also putting the over-under on yardage rushed for Malik Valentine at 150.
PICK:  Bearded Wonders 35-10
Brian Kenney:  Newark Academy will play the Beard close but look for MB to pull away in the fourth quarter and make it look worse than it actually was.  
PICK:  MB 28-14

Whippany Park (3-5) @ Mountain Lakes (8-0)     
George Muha:  Hey big props to Whippany Park’s Angelo Ciaramello, Nick Falkman and Tim Kelly for making a respectable season for themselves.  Their three wins this season ties the win total for the prior three years that Whippany Park had won.  Taking down the mighty Herd will put a huge cherry on top of their varsity careers.  But I just don’t see it happening.  Can someone tell Mrs. Egbuchulam that I call I get to wear her son’s jersey for the entire playoffs?
PICK:  Mt. Lakes 45-18
Brian Kenney:  Whippany Park is getting there this season, and 3 wins isn’t too bad.  But there is much to be improved on and Mountain Lakes will be putting on a show.  The star of the show?  Zoom Zoom of course.  200 yards? 4 TDs? Anything is possible. 
PICK:  ML 48-7

South Hunterdon (5-2) @ Sussex Tech (4-4)   
George Muha:   I think DJ Dylan Johnson is totally due for another 5 TD explosion.  S. Hunterdon is good, but DJ has more in his tank that people think.
PICK:  Sussex Tech 40-35
Brian Kenney:  Sussex Tech has to play a decent South Hunterdon team that they probably don’t know all that much about.  It seems like a random match up but the schedule is what it is.  I would like to say S Tech wins this one but from what I hear South Hunterdon is on a mission this season and they will pull it out in the last few minutes.  
PICK:  SH 17-14

How We Did Last Week

George Muha 14-5
Brian Kenney 14-5

How We’re Doing So Far This Year

George Muha 120-36
Brian Kenney 117-39

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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