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2012 Week 5 Predictions

Right now, every single Morris Sussex team is mathematically still has a chance to get to the State Playoffs. But after this week, there will be teams whose postseason hopes will be zeroed out. Here are the Week 5 Predictions:

Friday Night Games

Bergen Tech (1-3) @ Newton (0-4)
George Muha: Although the Vatican is not located in Newton, Bergen Tech will get to meet the Pope this Friday night. Nick “The Pope” Popek that is! Look for disciples Adrian Rodriguez and Nick Grant to bless themselves with their first victory of the season.
Pick: Newton 21-10
Brian Kenney: I wish I could say that Newton wins this one but it is still not their time. Although they fight to the end.
PICK: Bergen Tech 14-12

Boonton (2-2) @ Pequannock (0-4)
George Muha: I am sensing a lot of confidence coming from Boonton’s Bryan Gallagher coached team. Unless Pequannock awakens from their deep sleep, I see Josh “Emmitt” Smith exploding for a career night.
PICK: Bombers 34-6
Brian Kenney: Luke needs to get his “Foukas” back and will do his best to get Pequannock their first win but Boonton will squeak this one out. Billy Olsen will open some big holes for the Boonton running backs.
PICK: Boonton: 21-16

Hanover Park (3-1) @ Jefferson (3-1)
George Muha: Uggh, this is a tough game to pick. I love Hanover Park’s Jaquill Scott for running down Dover’s George Scalley at the 2-yard line in what proved to be the game winning tackle last week. On the same token, Jefferon’s JR Reese is settling in as one of the top QBs in Morris Sussex. Both teams have talent. Both teams have a tough grittiness about them. Both teams need the win. Here I go…gulp!
PICK: Jefferson 35-28
Brian Kenney: This should be a good one! J-Town has the home field advantage and a stud in JR Reese (he had a great game last week). HP is coming off a close victory over Dover and needs to bounce back with a big win. To that end, I’m going to go with my alma mater. Jimmy “The Greek” Sivolella had a great all around game last week and he will need to step it again or the Hornets will lose. There is no question that HP’s defense will need Sivolla, Anthony Trezza and Scott Kenney to play even better than they did last week in order to stop Jefferson’s offensive attack.
PICK: HP 34-28

Madison (4-0) @ Hackettstown (3-1)
George Muha: Every team that faces Madison just accepts the loss and hopes it is painless as possible. But I don’t see Hackettstown going down without a fight. H-Town’s Anthony Capra and Greg Castillo will lead the charge. But make no bones about it, Madison is spectacular and they will come away with the win. Shone Register and Layton Lassiter will remind everyone that there are other stars on this team besides Justin Good-Win.
PICK: Madison 45-21
Brian Kenney: Another great match up! Look for Matt “Ron” McDonald to make a bunch of tackles and for Mr. Good-Win to rush for 150 yards in this barn burner.
PICK: Madison 33-27

Mendham (0-4) @ West Morris (2-2)
George Muha: Records never matter when these teams face each other. When Mendham’s Jack Horan settles down, he can be a deadly with his arm and his feet. If he is in sync with his speedy receivers, Mendham can get into a good rhythm. This one will be closer than people think. Look for WMC’s Austin Roland to add to his offensive rushing totals.
PICK: WMC 21-20
Brian Kenney: Where did Austin “Texas” Roland come from last week? Dude had over 160 yards rushing and 3 TDs for West Morris. That type of play will make the difference in a close one with the Minutemen, who are yet to get one in the W column.
PICK: WM 21-7

Montville (1-3) @ High Point (0-4)
George Muha: There is a stud named Ty “Typhoon” Teresa who has been making all the noise in the Montville peewee program. Rumor has it he might be a late season call up so Coach Delaney can give him some varsity dunks before he graduates eighth grade. A loss here will be a low point for High Point.
PICK: Montville 28-7 (Joey DeAlesandro scores two TDs for the Mustangs)
Brian Kenney: Look for the Mustang’s wishbone offense to actually click this week and Strickland and Meytrott will score at least 1 TD each.
PICK: Montville 21-8

Morris Catholic (0-4) @ Butler (4-0)
George Muha: Morris Catholic had Mt. Lakes on the ropes last week until the last quarter. Ryan Hall and the rest of the Crusaders are sending a message to the rest of the league that this young team needs to be reckoned with. Will someone on Butler hand the ball off to Nick Kapusta in a goal line situation? Its the least you guys could do for the guy for switching to ball carrier to lineman.
PICK: Butler 28-14
Brian Kenney: Morris Catholic’s Dave Ferrara and Ryan Hall can’t make every tackle! While Chris Heredia didn’t have his usual insane game last week he will be back to his stellar numbers in this one.
PICK: Butler 38-12


Records never matter for the Morris Hills-Morris Knolls showdown to see who’s Rockaway’s top team.

Morris Hills (1-3) @ Morris Knolls (1-3)
George Muha: The town of Rockaway shuts down every year for this annual matchup. Jumpin’ Joe Leonardis and the Zvoldozer will do their best to get their second win of the season. But the Morris Hills Misfits (tell me this nickname doesn’t fit this cast of characters???) are about to right the ship and make their playoff run.
PICK: Misfits 24-14
Brian Kenney: I have to go with the home team in this one. Joe Leonardis will throw for a score and run one in as well. Slick Willy Hansen will counter with 2 TD passes of his own, but it won’t be enough, even with Eric Turner’s contributions on the ground.
PICK: MK 28-21

Mount Olive (3-1) @ Vernon (2-2)
George Muha: This could be the litmus test for the Marauders. Vernon seems to be getting some momentum and Mt. Olive needs to sustain their success for their own confidence’s sake. The Vikings will hold Mt. Olive to the edge but 3M (Maksimow, Moore and Moran) will prevail.
PICK: Marauders 35-25
Brian Kenney: JJ “Gotta Have” Moore ran for a ton of yards last week and will run for even more this week against Vernon.
PICK: MO 42-28

Parsippany (0-4) @ Lenape Valley (4-0)
George Muha: When I was 21 and really missing high school football, I literally plotted to enroll at Parsippany High as a “senior” that just moved into town. I knew this burnout bartender who agreed he’d sign the papers as my “dad”. The whole plot involved me realizing my childhood dream of playing quarterback (I was actually a lineman in HS). I’m not sure how close I actually got to doing it but I do recall charting things down on paper. Looking back, I guess I am glad I never actually went through with it. With the way my actual high school athletic career went, I probably wouldn’t have even won the starting job anyway.
PICK: Lenape Valley 40-7 (Parsippany finally gets points on the board!)
Brian Kenney: This one is going to get ugly quick. Grieco and Rafferty sounds like a cop show and I can tell you that Parsippany is going hate it. Unfortunately they won’t be able to turn it off until the 4th quarter and by then the duo will have run for over 200 yards and 4 scores.
PICK: LV 45-6

Whippany Park (2-2) @ Hopatcong (2-2)
George Muha: I’ve gambled twice on Whippany Park and they delivered both times. I’m going with the hot hand. Plus Danny Karovic and Angelo Ciaramello are vacuums in the secondary so good luck passing the ball Hopatcong.
PICK: Wildcats 22-15
Brian Kenney: Whippany Park has surprised a lot of people thanks in no part to Dan Karovic’s and Angelo Ciaramello’s play on both sides of the ball. Hopatcong will play tough though and win this one at home.
PICK: Hopatcong 28-21

Saturday Games

Dover (0-4) @ Kittatinny (2-2)
George Muha: Do not for a second think this Dover team is a pushover. Yes, they are 0-4 but those losses come to opponents whose combined records are 14-2. Kittatinny is 2-2 against opponents who have a 7-9 record. Not taking anything away from Kittatinny but Dover’s losing streak comes to an end this Saturday. Kye Desimone is getting more and more comfortable as a receiver. Watch him have a big game.
PICK: Dover 35-21
Brian Kenney: I always root for Dover because I’m working there all the time. That being said, George Scalley is going to get bottled up by Kitt’s defense (he will still score at least 1 TD because you can’t stop him you can only contain him) and the Tigers will lose a close one.
PICK: Kitt 21-20

Kinnelon (2-2) @ Wallkill Valley (1-3)
George Muha: Can someone tell Seany Robbins to stop showing off! Is this kid a gunslinger or what??? Rumor has it that Joe Presti’s gloves were smoking last game because of all the catching he was doing. Kinnelon keeps rolling.
PICK: Kinnelon 35-10
Brian Kenney: Sean “Tony” Robbins is the Michael Vick of this conference. He had a sick game last week running and passing and will explode down in the Valley this Saturday for 3 more total TDs at least.
PICK: Kinnelon 34-21

North Warren (3-1) @ Mountain Lakes (4-0)
George Muha: North Warren is like the new kid in school with his newly inked tattoo, baggy pants and hat on backwards telling everyone he wants to date Mt. Lakes girlfriend. Mt. Lakes, who plays the role of big jock on campus, is getting all aggravated because the Patriots are threatening their turf. This one will be an after school brawl with Mt. Lakes winning the fight. But both sides earn each others respect.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 30-28
Brian Kenney: This should be an exciting one but the Lakes home field advantage will be the difference here. Frank Merrill “Lynch” will have a pick in this one that could make the difference in the game.
PICK: ML 14-12

Parsippany Hills (3-1) @ Morristown (1-3)
George Muha: Although Simms, Bartro and Verducci get all the press for their offensive production. But its defensive cogs like Kyle Annese, Stephen Hills, Michael Dogbe, Bobby Congleton and Tyler Stecher who are are not allowing more than six points per game. Coach Albano leads the charge in another important division win.
PICK: Par Hills 35-7
Brian Kenney: Par Hills’ Tyler Simms should try out for the Jets, he’d at least make the practice squad. Par Hills will ruin Morristown’s home crowd’s day in a blowout.
PICK: PH 35-13


Pope John junior runningback Deshawn Chatelier knows his Lions need a big game to defeat cross town rival Sparta.

Pope John (3-1) @ Sparta (4-0)
George Muha: This game is going to be insane! Both teams have scored more than 50 points in a game this year so don’t think there won’t be a ton of offensive production. Noah Merritt and the Pope John defense will do their best to hold down Sparta’s offense. But the Jake Melville to Teddy Fischer and Zach Davis connection is turning into the Greatest Show on Grass.
PICK: Sparta 54-50
Brian Kenney: Wow it doesn’t get any better than this!!!! Game of the Week as far as I’m concerned. These two schools are bitter rivals, and it will show on Saturday. Sparta’s Jake Herman Melville will be looking to take down PJ’s mighty defense. But don’t think PJ is going to roll over. Sparta is home, but there are going to be a lot of PJ fans there as well. My buddy saw Pope John last week and couldn’t stop talking about Noah “De” Merritt, who was all over the field on defense and had 3 sacks and 8 tackles. Melville will have to keep his eyes open for “De” Merritt as rumor has it he is amped up to get 4 sacks this week. This one will go to the final minute.
PICK: Sparta 27-20

Randolph (3-1) @ Chatham (0-4)
George Muha: I am going to describe Randolph as boring…but here me out first. The Rams just run the ball all day long with a few passes here and there. You couldn’t get more vanilla. But here’s the thing, they are very effective and at the end of the day boring wins football games. Example: last week James Gangemi rushed for 210 yards and no one from around the conference even noticed. To me, when a team is amassing that much offense under the radar they’ll be surprising teams when it comes playoff time.
PICK: Rams in a snoozer 34-10
Brian Kenney: The Cougars still can’t get a W and that could have to do with the fact that they only have a few returning starters from last year’s squad. Randolph, on the other hand, is rolling behind Jimmy Gang (aka James Gangemi) who ran for over 200 yards and 2 scores last week. I don’t want to say slaughter, but there is already blood in the water.
PICK: Rams 42-14

Roxbury (4-0) @ Delbarton (3-1)
George Muha: Jamie White Lightning has been groomed for this game his whole career. Look for the senior stud to explode for a big offensive output. Donny “Fancy Pants” Panciello will establish a steady ground attack. But that will really set up the Kyle Young to Joe Garofalo air attack…which will be the difference.
PICK: Roxbury 24-18
Brian Kenney: Wow, this is the second Game of the Week. Delby at home is rough, and they probably won’t let too many unruly Roxbury fans onto the grounds of Delbarton. This is going to be a battle to the very end. Roxbury’s Donnie Panch (aka Donald Panciello) will be grinding yards out all day but he’ll only score once thanks to Delby’s tough defense headed by Mike Parowski. This one is almost too close to call, and my brother (who went to Delby) is going to be mad at me but I think the scruffy bunch from out west is going win in a nail biter.
PICK: Roxbury 21-16

Mo-Beard (2-2) @ Sussex Tech (2-2)
George Muha: Sophomore stud Dean Grogg and the rest of the Crimson defense will look to subdue Sussex Tech senior runningback DJ “Jazzy” Johnson. This one should be a battle with the Bearded Wonders taking home the W.
PICK: Bearded Wonders 21-14
Brian Kenney: Morristown-Beard is going to ride the legs of Mike “Be My” Valentine to the promised land, even on Sussex Tech’s home field.
PICK: MoBeard 14-7

How We Did Last Week

George Muha 17-2
Brian Kenney 15-4

How We’re Doing Overall

George Muha 59-20 (75%)
Brian Kenney 56-23 (71%)

Your Turn

Comment below how you think the Week 5 games are going to turn out.


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