2012 Week 4 Predictions

The season is shaping up, teams are finding their identies and believe it or not the playoff picture is starting to come into view.  Here are your Week 4 predictions. 

Friday Night Games

Morris Knolls (1-2) @ Mount Olive (2-1)
George Muha: The universe is telling me that Morris Knolls’ receiver/linebacker Mike Zvolensky is due for a monster game. It will be very timely because the Marauders are for real. But as Easy-E would say, the difference in this game will be Mount Olive’s Trevor Buoye!
PICK: Mount Olive 37-10 (JJ “Baby Boy” Moore scores four TDs and Shaquille Salaam has 10 tackles)
Brian Kenney: JJ “Give Me” Moore wants to run for 1,000 yards in 8 games and he is on his way. Mt. Olive continues in their quest for an undefeated season.
PICK: MO 42-14

Mendham (0-3) @ Randolph (2-1)
George Muha: Mendham needs to start making their own luck…and in a hurry. If they have any hope of making a postseason run, it needs to start this week. They’ll have to really bring it this too. Randolph’s Palmieri to Murphy aerial attack is getting better every week.
PICK: Randolph 28-6
Brian Kenney: Randolph’s Irish superstar WR Sean “Murph” Murphy wants two more TDs this week against Mendham. Rumor has it every time he scores he eats a raw potato like an apple. I’m not sure if it is true but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is.
PICK: Randolph 21-8

Vernon (1-2) @ High Point (0-3)
George Muha: Vernon’s quarterback Tyler Soltes to receiver Brian Mills is becoming a well oiled machine. High Point’s defensive end Gunny Wassong will force some Vernon miscues but the Vikings will come away with their second win of the season.
PICK: Vernon 28-14
Brian Kenney: I think its time for Vernon to even their record and they will do it in grand fashion.
PICK: Vernon 42-14

Kittatinny (2-1) @ Lenape Valley (3-0)
George Muha: If I were a promoter I would bill this as the Jake Brook against the Jimmy Braun heavyweight royale. If Kitt’s Brook can run 40 plus times like last week, the Patriots would be on their heels. But in reality, I don’t see Lenape Valley’s offense getting off the field all that much.
PICK: Lenape Valley 32-12
Brian Kenney: Lenape Valley is a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by their No. 4 Morris Sussex Football Power Ranking. Kittatinny is going down in the Valley and its not going to be pretty.
PICK: LV 35-12

Hackettstown (2-1) @ Newton (0-3)
George Muha: Ben “Cosmo” Cramer looks to give the Newton Braves their first win of the season. But Greg “The Iron Curtain” Castillo will lead the H-Town defense to its second shutout in as many weeks. The Wickkinator runs for three TDs in the win.
PICK: Hack 30-0
Brian Kenney: Brian Wicky Wickkiser ran for almost 200 yards last week. I’m pretty sure he is going to get past the 200 yard mark this week.
PICK: HTown 35-12

Jefferson (2-1) @ Parsippany (0-3)
George Muha: Parsippany’s quarterback Max Berns and halfback Tyler Whilhalme are looking to get their first points of their season this week. In a rebuilding year, its the little milestones that lay the bedrock for the years to come. Jefferson continues to rally behind front man JR “Five Touchdowns” Reese.
PICK: J-Town 35-12
Brian Kenney: JR Resse is going to throw more touchdowns than Eli Manning this year. It’s crazy. Parsippany does not stand a chance.
PICK: Jefferson 35-6

Hanover Park (2-1) @ Dover (0-3)
George Muha: Don’t let these records fool you. Both teams really have not had a chance to find out who they are. The Hornets only two wins were against to rebuilding teams (Newton and Parsippany), while their only loss was to Madison; who hasn’t lost a game since ‘09. Meanwhile, Dover’s three losses came from teams that have a combined record of 8-1. This will be a classic going down to the final possession. Dover can’t afford to drop this one so I see them edging it out.
PICK: Dover 28-27
Brian Kenney: Two things; Jimmy Sivolella played well in a tough loss last week and my own nephew Scott Kenney had a pick-6 for a Hornet TD as well. I think HP (if they manage to kick the ball off down the field every kick) will bounce back and win big, despite George Scalley’s best efforts.
PICK: HP 28-7

Hopatcong (1-2) @ Boonton (2-1)
George Muha: Hopatcong offensive weapons Mark Duncan and Johann Lara will battle for their second win of the season. Meanwhile, Boonton’s sackmaster Albert Tyma will be his regular disruptive self. Bomber back Isaac Spann rushes for 100+ and two TDs in the win.
PICK: Bombers 21-17
Brian Kenney: This was one game I had a hard time picking, and considering I got almost all my games correct last week that’s saying a lot. I’m going with Boonton because their crowd has been the 12th man the past few years and I think it will tip the scales in favor of the Bombers.
PICK: Boonton 22-16

Pequannock (0-3) @ North Warren (2-1)
George Muha: Pequannock’s Luke Faukas needs his team to rally behind them if the Golden Panthers want to salvage this season. Meanwhile somebody must have spit in North Warren’s Cheerios because they are playing like they are pissed!
PICK: North Warren 35-10 (NW’s Trent Simmons finds the endzone twice)
Brian Kenney: Dave Wilbur only had to connect on three passes last week to throw for two scores. He will get to throw more often this week in a big win by the North Warren Firecrackers. Jon “Jack of All Trades” Davalos is going to do something big in this game.  The question is – what?
PICK: NW 21-0

Butler (3-0) @ Kinnelon (2-1)
George Muha: This is the “Game of the Week” in this division. Both teams are led by quarterbacks who are coming off incredible offensive games; Kinnelon’s Sean Robbins threw for four TDs and ran for two more while Butler’s Chris Heredia threw for 400 yards and four TDs. But the difference will be from guys like Butler’s Nick Kapusta who burned-the -boats by moving from runningback to lineman this year.
PICK: Butler 42-38
Brian Kenney: I love this Heredia kid! One day I’ll make up a name for him, but for now he will just be QB1, as in, QB1 of the conference. I love how Butler airs it out, it’s just fun to watch. Sean “Baking”/”Tony” Robbins is no joke at the QB position either. This will be a close one. Butler has a slight edge.
PICK: Butler 28-21

Morristown (1-2) @ West Morris (2-1)
George Muha: West Morris has not won a home game yet and Morristown hasn’t played an away game yet. None of that will matter though. Motown’s Kamau Dumas is deadly on offense, defense and special teams. But the Wolfpack defense, led by Rob Hughes and Tyler Amandos, will keep him in check.
PICK: WMC 28-21
Brian Kenney: I’m a little surprised Motown is 1-2 but its a rough conference so I shouldn’t be. How about Mr. Dumas scoring TDs and punting for a bunch of yards? Look for him to break another long TD run in this one to help Motown even their record in enemy territory.
PICK: Motown: 23-16

Saturday Games

Morris Hills (1-2) @ Sparta (3-0)
George Muha: MoHills defensive end Robert Sihlanick raises his game for big matchups. Good thing, because this is a huge match up! Look for the Sihlanick to be disruptive to Sparta’s Melville and company. But the Michael Boryeskne led defense will keep MoHills to one score.
PICK: Sparta 14-7
Brian Kenney: I like this Boryeskne kid on Sparta’s squad. He is all over the field on defense. You add in Jake “Herman” Melville at QB and Sparta should win this one easy.
PICK: Sparta 36-14

Delbarton (2-1) @ Chatham (0-3)
George Muha: As Chatham continues to find their way, Delbarton is shifting it into fifth gear. Look for Green Wave QB Michael Bicknese and his stud receivers JP Campbell and Matt Oplinger to combine for 250 yards and three TDs.
PICK: Delby 35-14
Brian Kenney: Debly is going to roll. Mike Bicknese picks his spots well and will throw for at least 2 scores, meanwhile the defense is going add at least one TD against the Cougars as well. My prediction is it will be Vittorio on a pick-6 but who knows.
PICK: Delby 28-7

Roxbury (3-0) @ Par Hills (3-0)
George Muha: Uggh…this game is a nightmare. Okay, let me give you the skinny. Par Hills strategy will be to get Roxbury to play a high flying game of basketball with a lot of passing all over the place. But that could backfire for the Vikings because Roxbury’s Kyle Young to Joe Garofalo and Matt Sivertsen can keep up with the best of them through the air. Whatever the line is, take the over.
PICK: Gaels 40-38
Brian Kenney: Did somebody say “Game of the Week”? Simms is going to throw the ball all over the field but look for Rox’s defense to keep him in check while Panicello scores twice in a W.
PICK: Rox 27-22

Montville (1-2) @ Pope John (2-1)
George Muha: Pope John is rolling behind the junior backfield of Down-Town Noah Brown and DC Chatelier. Look for the Dynamic Duo to combine for a season high 300 yards and four TDs as they handle the Mustangs.
PICK: Pope John 30-7
Brian Kenney: Sonny Abramson wants to hit his receivers with some more accuracy so this week he will do that in a win vs. Montville.
PICK: PJ 30-13

Mt. Lakes (3-0) @ Morris Catholic (0-3)
George Muha: As Morris Catholic is in rebuilding mode, Mt. Lakes looks to add on to their success. Paul “Touchback” Tarnawski, Chris Herring and Sam Walsh anchor a solid special teams, offense and defense respectively that has only one thing on their minds…MetLife.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 35-7
Brian Kenney: Look for Zoom Zoom to have a bounce back week. How about Mt. Lakes kicking game! Could make the difference here.
PICK: ML 17-16

Wallkill Valley (1-2) @ Whippany Park (1-2)
George Muha: Mike Buvis and company look to rally after going 0-2 the last two weeks. But Joe LaBracio and the Wildcats have something special going on. I’m 1-0 in picking WP in upsets so I am going to put my money on the Wildcats again this week.
PICK: Whippany Park 21-18
Brian Kenney: The good part about this matchup is that one of these teams will be 2-2 and back in the hunt after this week. If I were a betting man I’d put my money on the Valley.
PICK: WV 21-13

Dwight-Englewood (2-0) @ MoBeard (1-2)
George Muha: I don’t care who they’re playing…after last week’s 26-0 over Bergen Tech, MoBeard has the hot hand. Malik Valentine has his mojo going on and he will have a monster game.
PICK: Crimson 30-14
Brian Kenney: I used to play baseball at Dwight’s high school field and all I can say is thank God the game is at Mo-Beard. That being said, home field advantage isn’t going to help the Bearded Wonders.
PICK: DE 24-16

Sussex Tech (1-2) @ Immaculate Conception (0-3)
George Muha: Its been a few weeks since DJ “Jazzy” Johnson scored five TDs in a game. I say this week he gets four on the ground and one via immaculate reception to win the game.
PICK: Sussex Tech 35-30
Brian Kenney: Dylan Johnson is ready to come back to the form he exhibited in Week 1 of the season. Look for him to score twice in a Tech victory.
PICK: ST 31-21

How We Did Last Week

George Muha 16-3
Brian Kenney 17-2

How We’re Doing Overall

George Muha 42-18
Brian Kenney 41-19

Your Turn

How do you think Week 4 is going to turn out for your team?


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  1. Morris Sussex Sports

    George Muha

    September 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    Sorry for the Baby Boy comment JJ! I couldn’t help it considering your moms sweet comment on last week’s predictions. No disrespect, just having a little fun!

    • jjsmom

      September 29, 2012 at 7:57 pm

      Every time he runs from one side of the field to the next im going crazy in the stands, jumping and screaming Go JJ, grabbing on who ever is standing next to me…! I swear im going to have a heart attack lol…..so love the names! jj give me moore and jj baby boy moore……PERFECT! I pray all his dreams comes true!

  2. The Bomber

    September 28, 2012 at 3:23 am

    I promise you that Boonton is going to win again this week!

  3. Joe Blauner

    September 28, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Look for Pope John to run the table this year. Delby is the only “challenge” left saved for the last game of the year!

    • Morris Sussex Sports

      George Muha

      September 28, 2012 at 12:24 pm

      Thanks for the comment Joe! But I wouldn’t be buying your tickets to MetLife just yet. Sparta is the best I’ve seen in a long time and they always come ready to play PJ. Also, Mount Olive is no joke.

      Then in the post season you got Red Bank Catholic and St. Joes (Mont) to deal with. If you can’t stay one day at a time, then definitely focus on Sparta. First things first.

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