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2012 Week 3 Predictions

Thursday Night Game

Boonton (1-1) @ Wallkill Valley (1-1)
George Muha: To me both of these teams are still trying to find their identity. Each team has been dished big losses they’d like to forget. Big Ty Salonia leads a powerful front for the Bombers. While Wallkill’s four year linebacker Bobby Russell would like to qualify for the playoffs as soon as possible.
PICK: Wallkill Valley 21-18
Brian Kenney: Mike Buvis “And Butthead” is going to run roughshod all over Boonton’s defense tonight for three scores in a big win for the boys in the Valley.
PICK: WV 28-6

Friday Night Games

North Warren (1-1) @ Hopatcong (1-1)
George Muha: Whoa, somebody woke up! North Warren responded in a big way after a Week 1 loss to Butler with a 48-14 bombing of Wallkill Valley. In the process, runningbacks Jon Davalos and Nolan Robertson combined for 352 yards and four touchdowns. North Warren has way too much momentum to drop this one.
PICK: North Warren 30-10
Brian Kenney: Wow, the North Warren Patriots have a running game to be reckoned with!!! They remind me of the Raiders’ backfield of Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl (I’m sure nobody under age 30 knows what that is, but it was the best football game ever and Eric Dickerson, who happens to be my favorite running back of all time, was amazing in it). Anyway, both Jon Jon Davalos and Luke Robertson almost ran for a combined 400 yards and 5 scores.
PICK: NW 34-20

Sparta (2-0) @ Vernon (1-1)
George Muha: Vernon’s combination of runningback Ryan Ward, quarterback Tyler Soltes and receiver Brian Mills can light it up when they’re all gelling. Problem is, Sparta’s linebacker Michael Boryeskne is a big party pooper and doesn’t let opposing offenses get into any kind of rhythm.
PICK: Sparta 35-14
Brian Kenney: Codie Aromando was a workhorse last week, and the runningback is going to be the difference in this one. That is because Jake “Herman” Melville and Tyler Soltes are pretty evenly matched at QB for both squads. Oh, did I mention Michael “Nyet” Boryeskne had 10 tackles, including 3 sacks and a safety last week. I think it’s going to be a long day for the Vernon Vikings this week.
PICK: Sparta 35-18

Sussex Tech (1-1) @ Lenape Valley (2-0)
George Muha: I know, I know…Lenape Valley is totally stacked! Grieco and Rafferty and Big Bad Jimmy Braun. I get it! But don’t forget, two weeks ago Sussex Tech back Dylan Johnson ran for 350 yards and FIVE touchdowns. Don’t get me wrong, Braun will probably rip someone’s head off in this game. But not without Sussex Tech giving Lenape everything they’ve got.
PICK: Lenape Valley 40-16 (Sussex Tech wins LV’s respect)
Brian Kenney: Mike “Richard” Grieco is going to almost as tired this week as he was last (when he ran for over 240 yards and 2 scores). Of course, ST’s Dylan Johnson is going to chime in with over 100 yards on his own, but it won’t be enough. The Valley will win big.
PICK: LV 28-6


Lenape Valley halfback Mike Grieco and the rest of the Patriots are gunning for the top spot in the division.

Dover (0-2) @ Jefferson (1-1)
George Muha: Both of these teams actually match up really well against each other. Yes, Dover’s George Scalley and Jefferson’s JR Reese are super talents who can make all the moves. But this game will be decided in the trenches. Dover’s line is loaded with big boys who execute extremely well. They’ll face a Jefferson defensive front who’s technique makes up for their size. This one goes to whoever scores last.
PICK: Jefferson 28-24
Brian Kenney: Man I wish the Tigers would win one; and Jefferson is ripe for the taking. I think it’s going to come down to defense and special teams in this one. Jefferson will not make any mistakes and that will prove to be the difference in the game.
PICK: Jefferson 21-14

Madison (2-0) @ Hanover Park (2-0)
George Muha: As a former Hornet, I am going to give it to Hanover Park straight. Look, the State Title goes through Madison…and Lenape Valley. But since we are playing Madison this week lets stay focused on the here and now. Would a win be great? Yes, absolutely! But more importantly, we need to let Madison know that we don’t give up no matter what. I don’t care if the score is 50-0 (which I don’t anticipate), we need to plant a seed for later on.
PICK: Madison 35-15
George Muha: Whoa back! This is the ‘Game of the Week’ on paper. Madison is a team’s team. Everyone contributes, and they are full of talent. HP has been playing great so far, and it pains me to pick against them. That being said, the Hornets are not ready for the likes of Madison yet. Look for Mr. Good-Win to score twice.
PICK: Madison 20-14

Mount Olive (2-0) @ Montville (1-1)
George Muha: How to I order a kids sized J.J. Moore jersey? My 10 year old son would like an away white and black one. Those Marauder away jerseys are pretty sweet! Also, if you could have JJ sign it, that would be a bonus! Considering Moore runs for 300 yards a game and defensive stud Brian Bernard makes every tackle, I think Montville will be getting a plateful this Friday night.
PICK: Marauders 35-7
Brian Kenney: Brian BB-Gun Bernard is playing LB like another Brian on the Chicago Bears. Do I need to talk about JJ Moore? Dude had 300 yards last week. He’s bananas! How did he only score once? JJ wants more TDs this week, and he’s going to get them (I figure three).
PICK: MO 31-14

Parsippany (0-2) @ Hackettstown (1-1)
Hackettstown has gotten the Lenape Valley loss out of their system and now are getting into a nice rhythm. Runningback Brian Wickkiser is a total workhorse while receiver Greg Castillo is making the most of his opportunities. Look for H-Town to continue to roll.
PICK: Hackettstown 38-6
Brian Kenney: Brian “The Wick” Wickkiser is going to ignite H-Town in a big win over Parsippany, who is still figuring out who they are.
PICK: H-Town: 28-0

Parsippany Hills (2-0) @ Mendham (0-2)
George Muha: I am literally going to stand in the back of the endzone in this game to see if Par Hill’s quarterback Tyler Simms throws a touchdown pass to me. The kid is throwing TDs to any receiver who decides to go over the goal line. Junior Viking Michael Dogbe is a total tackle hog on defense.
PICK: Vikes 28-8
Brian Kenney: Par Hills is surprising a lot of people, but with Tyler Simms at QB I’m not sure why. This kid completed over 50% of his passes with 4 scores last week. Mendham’s young secondary is going to have a long night.
PICK: PH: 26-6

West Morris (1-1) @ Roxbury (2-0)
George Muha: In Roxbury’s first two games they’ve outscored their opponents 80-7. Roxbury is as dominant of a team that Morris County has seen in a long time and I rank them #1 in Morris and Sussex counties. HOWEVER, you have to throw that stuff out when West Morris comes into town. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, Vegas is only giving Roxbury 4 ½ points.
PICK: WMC with the points. Roxbury 28-24
Brian Kenney: Another night at the Roxbury starring Donnie Panciello, who looks to score at least twice in this one.
PICK: Rox 20-17

Whippany Park (1-1) @ Butler (2-0)
George Muha: I don’t know why but I get happy when Whippany Park wins. I have faith that Coach Callaghan is making some real changes there. Traveling up to Butler can be tough, but the Wildcats have the tradewinds on their backs. The problem for Whippany is the fact that Butler quarterback Chris Heredia has picked 2012 as the year he throws for 300 yards and four touchdowns a game.
PICK: Butler 30-12
Brian Kenney: Butler’s Chris Heredia is going to throw for 300 yards this week, because he only got up to 298 last week. Did I mention the 4 TDs he tossed as well? This kid is turning into the Eli Manning of this conference (minus the awful first half of last week’s game).
PICK: Butler 42-13

Saturday Games

Kinnelon (1-1) @ Morris Catholic (0-2)
George Muha: Hey Sean Robbins, do you know there are other receivers besides Joe Presti? Ahh, don’t listen to me. What you are doing is working just fine! Look for the Kinnelon Konnection to combine for over 200 yards in this contest.
PICK: Kinnelon 30-7
Brian Kenney: Sean “Tony” Robbins had a great game last week, and that is going to be the difference this week against Morris Catholic. However Tony is going to have to watch his back, as Ryan Hall is going to be looking to rack up more tackles than he did last week.
PICK: K 24-17

Pope John (1-1) @ Morris Hills (1-1)
George Muha: UPSET OF THE WEEK ALERT! To me this game is like the 1991 Super Bowl between the no huddle, high flying, talent stacked Buffalo Bills against the lead-with-defense, grind it out on the ground New York Giants. Sonny Abramson plays Buffalo’s Jim Kelly while Noah Brown plays Andre Reed and Dashawn Chatelier plays Thurman Thomas. The roles of Lawrence Taylor and Pepper Johnson will be played by Danny Whalen and Eric Turner. Mark Bavaro is played by Scarlet Knights receiver Elijah Whelchel. Just like that game, this one will end up surprisingly close with the underdog New York Giants, I mean Scarlet Knights, pulling it out in the end.
PICK: MoHills 20-19
Brian Kenney: Sonny Abramson threw for five scores and 185 yards last week. Half of his passes were for touchdowns. I wish Mark Sanchez had that percentage! Slick Willy Hansen completed 3 passes, but they were big ones, totaling 130 yards and 2 scores. All that being said, Pope John is going to be hard pressed to stop Mo Hill’s RB Eric “Page” Turner, who will likely make the difference in this week’s chapter.
PICK: Mo Hills 21-17

Chatham (0-2) @ Morristown (0-2)
George Muha: Trust me, Chatham will find its mojo soon. They are too talented not too. But it won’t happen this week. Morristown is done fooling around. Look for Kamau and Kompany to release some pent up frustration from the first two week’s losses.
PICK: Colonials 30-12
Brian Kenney: Somebody is coming out of this with a victory, which is good news for both squads. Look for Mr. Dumas to score twice in this one and help Motown win it.
PICK: Motown 20-12

High Point (0-2) @ Morris Knolls (0-2)
George Muha: High Point would love to get last weeks trouncing by Pope John behind them. But Morris Knolls QB Joe Leonardis has had it with losing and will give his home fans a “W” on the Golden Eagles home field.
PICK: Knolls 21-14
Brian Kenney: Wow, the second of three matchups this week with teams without a W. Morris Knolls connection of Leonardis to Zvolensky will get it done this week for Knolls.
PICK: MK 13-0

Morristown-Beard (0-2) @ Bergen Tech (0-2)
George Muha: Watch MoBeard’s sophomore Matt McFadden in the return game. Once a kick returner gets a taste of the endzone they get the confident they can get there every time. Fellow sophomore Dean Grogg will add to his sack total.
PICK: MoBeard 20-15
Brian Kenney: Maybe my buddy is right and Matt “Paddy” McFadden will score again in the return game. If not the MoBeard Defense will cause problems for Tech all day and help seal Beard’s victory.
PICK: MB 14-7

Pequannock (0-2) @ Mountain Lakes (2-0)
George Muha: The next kid I have I am going to name Uzoma Egbuchulam just so I can call him Zoom Zoom. Luke Faukas and the rest of the Pequannock Golden Panthers need to stop the bleeding. Problem is this division is loaded. Look for Zoom Zoom to have a career day in his home stadium.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 35-14
Brian Kenney: Two words : ZOOM ZOOM. Four TDs last week is one more than he’ll get this week, but ZZ will not disappoint. I hope Pequannock is focusing on stopping this kid, it’s their only shot.
PICK: ML 28-17

Randolph (2-0) @ Delbarton (1-1)
George Muha: Last week I saw Delby’s Jamie White on the sidelines in a shoulder sling. I hope for his sake that its not a long term injury. If it is, the good folks at JointCare PT can get him back on the field ASAP! Seriously, this poor kid has lost too many varsity games to injury going back to last season. Someone needs to cut him a break. Unfortunately, Brendan “Big Baby” Mahon and company are rolling too much to cut anyone any slack.
PICK: Randolph 30-21
Brian Kenney: This will be a great game, Mike Parowski is looking to bring it on Saturday and rack up some more tackles and sacks. Mike Bicknese will throw for two scores in Delby’s upset.
PICK: Delby 24-21

Newton (0-2) @ Kittatinny (1-1)
George Muha: I’m starting to like this Kittatinny team. They have a fun cast of characters. Jake Brook runs like a mad man, Kyle Potten throws like a son-of-a-gun and Garrett Armstrong catches anything that is thrown close to him. Look for Kittatinny to continue their winning ways.
PICK: Kittatinny 35-7
Brian Kenney: Kitt’s Kyle Potten looks to improve on his decent QB numbers this week against a struggling Newton squad. Potten will hook up with Garrett “Arms-Are-Strong” for another two scores in big win by Kittatinny.
PICK: Kitt 38-14

How We Did Last Week

George Muha 13-8
Brian Kenney 10-10

How We are Doing Overall

George Muha 26-15
Brian Kenney 24-17


How do you think the Week 3 matchups will turn out?


This week’s predictions are brought to you by JointCare Physical Therapy,, Football University, Mendham Creative and Robert Harris Photography.

This week’s public service announcement is about making smart choices. Life is a marathon not a sprint.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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