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2012 Week 2 Predictions

Week 2 Predictions are brought to you by Football University and the Golden Ticket, which will be given out at the end of the year to the top offensive and defensive juniors.

Friday Night Games

Morris Hills (0-1) @ Montville (1-0)
George Muha: Its official, Parker Meytrott and the rest of the Montville Mustangs have put their 0-10 season behind them with their 14-13 win over a very good Chatham team. Morris Hills’ Eric Turner and Danny Whelan need to reign in their defense after giving up 200 plus yards and three touchdowns on the ground last week. On paper these two teams are pretty even. But I get the feeling that the Mustangs want to be 2-0 in the worst way.
PICK: Stangs 21-14
Brian Kenney: Morris Hills is not happy about last week’s loss and Montville’s offense is still having issues. I think Morris Hills will win and Eric Turner will score a couple of TDs in the process.
PICK: MoHills 28-7

Sparta (1-0) @ Mt. Olive (1-0)
George Muha: Mount Olive figured something out last Friday night in their 26-7 blowout of Mendham – their pretty friggin good! The Michael Moran to Justin Maksimow aerial connection is heating up and JJ “DY-NO-MITE” Moore is totally living up to the hype! Unfortunately for the Marauders, they face Morris Sussex Football’s # 1 Sparta in Week 2. Spartans Tommy Keller and Nick Shalala will keep the Marauder’s air assault to a minimum while Jake Melville will do what he does (which is everything) on the offensive side of the ball.
PICK: Sparta 35-28
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a good one! Mt. Olive’s J.J. Moore is coming off a 3 TD performance and will make the difference in this one as well.
PICK: Mt. Olive 24-21

Morris Knolls (0-1) @ Vernon (0-1)
George Muha: Vernon was on the receiving end of a tough Week 1 shellacking from Roxbury. But Ryan Ward and company will look to bounce back in Week 2. Quarterback Joe Leonardis and Mike Zvolensky are ironing out the passing attack. Look for Knolls to Veer their way to the win column in this one.
PICK: Morris Knolls 21-10
Brian Kenney: The backfield of Patterson and McCormick will combine for 150 yards and 3 scores as Morris Knolls gets its’ first W of the year.
PICK: MK 28-13

Pope John (0-1) @ High Point (0-1)
George Muha: High Point’s quarterback Tim Lindner would like to respond this week from last week’s loss. However, he’ll have his hands full because Big Bad Noah Brown will look to join the Three Touchdown Club after a disappointing loss to Randolph.
PICK: Pope John 35-14
Brian Kenney: I was kind of surprised that Pope John lost last week but that will only fuel their fire to avoid an 0-2 start. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a low point in the season thus far for their adversaries.
PICK: Pope John 35-6

West Morris quarterback John Gutkowski looks to help the Wolfpack get to a 2-0 start.

Randolph (1-0) @ West Morris (1-0)
George Muha: Everybody gets to run the ball for West Morris. I am thinking of slapping on a helmet this weekend and standing close to Coach Hennelly on the sideline in case he tells me to take a few handoffs. In all seriousness, this game will be a matchup of two well coached, grind-it-out kind of teams. This will be a gladiator battle between West Morris’ runners Adam Caruso, Austin Roland and Matt Carfaro against Randolph’s Brendan “Big Daddy” Mahon, James Gangemi and Sean Murphy. The difference in points will come off the foot of Rams kicker Frank Raggo.
PICK: Randolph 24-21
Brian Kenney: Senior QB John “Guts” Gutkowski is hoping to lead West Morris a 2-0 start but unfortunately for them Randolph is going to pull this one out. Palmieri to Murphy will be heard again over the loudspeakers, and while you won’t hear Brendan Mahon’s name much you will see the benefits of his work when the Rams run for at least two scores.
PICK: Randolph 28-21

Jefferson (1-0) @ Lenape Valley (1-0)
George Muha: Has anybody seen the YouTube videos Jimmy Braun’s junior season? This kid looks like the second coming of Dick Butkus except bigger, stronger and meaner! Jefferson’s AJ Willard and Daniel Brown will need slow down Patriot’s backs Nick Rafferty and Mike Grieco if they want a shot of winning this one. Once Lenape Valley gets momentum the scoring faucet doesn’t turn off.
PICK: Lenape Valley 38-24
Brian Kenney: J.R. Reese’s Pieces will push the offense this week to try and outscore the Valley’s potent running attack led by Nick Rafferty. This Rafferty kid scored TDs 3 of the 12 times he touched the ball. Not too shabby.
PICK: The Valley 21-7

Madison (1-0) @ Parsippany (0-1)
George Muha: The three headed dragon of Corey Wallace, Tyler Wilhalme and Max Berns Parsippany Redhawks Wing-T will look to shock the world by abruptly ending Madison’s 26 game win streak. Such an upset would be a huge boost for the Guy Bertola coaching staff. But the Dodgers are looking better than ever. Look for Matt McDonald and Will Mottola’s Dodger defense to be very stingy.
PICK: Madison 40-10
Brian Kenney: Well, I was at the HP/Parsippany game last week until the lightning stopped play. It wasn’t pretty. Parsippany had some flashes of offense but they have a long way to go. Madison is already there. Justin Good-Win had almost 300 yards on just 16 carries last week. Can anybody tackle him? He is like a young Eric Dickerson. Okay, I’m old, but that was my favorite RB of all time.
PICK: Madison 49-0

Lincoln (1-0) @ Dover (0-1)
George Muha: George Scalley and the rest of the Dover Tigers will bounce back from a tough loss against an excellence Madison team. Coach Roger Kotlarz believes this Dover team belongs in the postseason and he’ll get the Tigers to right the ship in Week 2. Wideout Kye DeSimone is due.
PICK: Dover 24-14
Brian Kenney: George Scalley didn’t disappoint last week, but this week he is going to have to light it up. Something tells me he will. Look for Dover’s Smith, Boyle or Morales to get a few sacks between them in Dover win.
PICK: Dover 20-14

Hopatcong (0-1) @ Pequannock (0-1)
George Muha: This will be the Ryan Clarke vs. Luke Faulkas Show! Both quarterbacks look to bounce back from tough Week 1 losses. Hopatcong runningback Johann Lara will be the difference.
PICK: Hopatcong 20-15
Brian Kenney: While Luke Foukas lost last week, he and Tom Zaher are going to connect for two scores in this one. The question is, can Hopatcong stop them? Not this week. Foukas may grab a pick on defense as well.
PICK: Pequannock 21-7

Butler (1-0) @ Boonton (1-0)
George Muha: The Chris Heredia to Kirc Bargemento aerial connection is the well oiled engine that makes Butler so powerful. Boonton’s Alan Hill would like to cease those pistons if he can. Both teams look to build on a positive first week but only one can win.
PICK: Butler 28-20
Brian Kenney: This should be a great match up! Chris Heredia was on fire last week, throwing for over 300 yards and two scores. Boonton’s Alan Hill ran back a pick last week for a score but it’s going to be a rough one for the Bombers this week.
PICK: Butler 21-13

Wallkill Valley (1-0) @ North Warren (0-1)
George Muha: Wallkill Valley showed off some fire power last week when runningbacks Nick McLean and Mike Buvis combined for 348 yards and five TDs. North Warren’s Nolan Robertson will look to slow the duo down so the Pats can get their first win under the belts. However, Wallkill has too much momentum.
PICK: Wallkill Valley 35-15
Brian Kenney: Nick McLean ran for over 160 yards and two scores last week, and he is only going to add to that total against North Warren this week. Look for him to have over 300 yards on the season after Friday night.
PICK: WV 28-6

Mt. Lakes (1-0) @ Kinnelon (1-0)
George Muha: Quarterback Sean “Basking” Robbins looks to build on Kinnelon’s Week 1 win. But Mt. Lakes runningbacks Uzoma Egbuchulam and Spencer Herman seem to be on another planet.
PICK: Mt. Lakes 40-10
Brian Kenney: I couldn’t pronounce Uzoma Egbuchulam’s name if you gave me 10 chances, but holy cow the kid had almost 200 yards and scored 3 TDs last week! I’ll just call him Zoom Zoom. Anywho, Zoom Zoom is going to score at least 2 more TDs when the Lakes come crashing in on Kinnelon despite the great connection Sean “Tony” Robbins and his receiving corps of Walsh and Presti has. It’s going to be a fun game to watch.
PICK: Lakes 28-24

Saturday Games

Hackettstown (0-1) @ Kittatinny (1-0)
George Muha: I really like this matchup! You get the very tough Hackettstown workhorse Brian Wickkiser pinned up against a well oiled Kittatinny offense led by quarterback Kyle Potten and runningback Matt Moszczynski. The difference in this one will be the leg of kicker Nick Pastor-Poe (who, when he’s not writing creepy poems, spends his time mastering his craft by watching YouTube kicking videos).
PICK: Kittatinny 24-21
Brian Kenney: H-Town and Kittatinny each have good running games with Wickkiser and Armstrong, respectively. So you may not see many passes in this one. It’s clear who needs to be stopped on defense, and Kittatinny will swarm Wickkiser and win the game.
PICK: Kittatinny 14-7

Hanover Park (1-0) @ Newton (0-1)
George Muha: Newton looks to bounce back from a tough loss against Jefferson. Hanover Park’s Jimmy Sivolella feels this Hornet team is destined for MetLive Stadium in December. His Hornets need to rack up as many division wins as they can.
PICK: Hornets 35-7
Brian Kenney: I have to say HP looked pretty great against Parsippany. John Cordovano will score twice in a Hornet victory.
PICK: HP 28-6

Roxbury (1-0) @ Morristown (0-1)
George Muha: Kamau Dumas didn’t disappoint in Week 1 with his three TD output in Motown’s double OT loss to Seton Hall Prep. Problem for Colonials is they don’t get a break in Week 2 with the Roxbury Gaels coming into town. Donald “Fancy” Panciello runs averages 20 yards per carry and the Roxbury defense hasn’t let up a point so far this season.
PICK: Roxbury 28-14
Brian Kenney: The Italian Stallions Donny Panciello and Chris Colucci will run for over 200 yards combined against Morristown’s defense in a Rox win.
PICK: Roxbury 28-14

Chatham (0-1) @ Par Hills (1-0)
George Muha: Carmine Verducci introduced himself to the 2012 season with a three touchdown, 200 yard plus game last week. Chatham comes off a tough one point loss to Montville. Look for the Cougars to try to redeem themselves…but it won’t happen in Viking Country.
PICK: Vikes 30-21
Brian Kenney: Tyler Simms is going to light up the Cougars’ secondary this week, despite their best efforts to stop him. I think this one will be close, but Simms gets it done.
PICK: Chatham 21-17

Delbarton (0-1) @ Mendham (0-1)
George Muha: Delbarton QB Michael Bicknese and the Green Wave need to put the Paramus Catholic game behind them. Mendham QB Jack Horan and the Minutemen need a positive to build upon. Look for Delby defensive specialist Brendan Huston “We have a Problem” to be all over the field.
PICK: Delby 34-7
Brian Kenney: Mike Bicknese played a solid game last week throwing for two scores and over a buck fifty in the air. Couple that with Brendan Huston who had a sack and a pick-6 and it could be a long day for Mendham.
PICK: Delby 35-7

Hamden Hall-CT (0-0) @ Morristown Beard (0-1)
George Muha: Mo-Beards Week 1 loss to MKA really stung. Crimson back Malik Valentine is too hungry to do something special this year not to bounce back in a big way.
PICK: MoBeard 28-8
Brian Kenney: Wait, Mo Beard is playing schools in other states now? That is crazy! How long is the bus ride for these CT folk? I have to say I really don’t like the State of CT in general. Nobody there knows how to drive, it’s one big parking lot, and I have sworn more there than in any other state. I have been in NJ for most of life, and I swear all the time (kids don’t do as I do, swearing is bad). Anyway, what am I talking about about again? Oh yeah, I’m picking Mo Beard. I don’t care about who is better in this one.
PICK: MB 21-7

Morris Catholic (0-1) @ Whippany Park (0-1)
George Muha: Morris Catholic’s Ryan Hall and company would love to get a Week 2 win under their belts. But something is telling me that Whippany Park QB Joe LoBracio and RB Joe Stefanelli have something up their sleeve. I am rolling the dice on this one!
PICK: Wildcats 21-17
Brian Kenney: Whippany Park hasn’t righted the ship yet, and MC’s Pat Vidal is like Ray Lewis. I heard he tackled the referee and the other team’s mascot last week by mistake.
PICK: MC 20-12

Marist (1-0) @ Sussex Tech (1-0)
George Muha: There will be a day sometime in the future when Sussex Tech runningback Dylan Johnson will be telling his kids about the time he scored five touchdowns in one game. Junior fullback Kyle Bergman will make sure Johnson tells his kids about the two times he scored five TDs in one game. Marist is no pushover, but Sussex Tech wants this one in the worst way.
PICK: Sussex Tech 35-32
Brian Kenney: I thought Marist was a college. Sussex Tech surprised me last week, and they will do it again this week.
PICK: Techies 21-14


George Muha:  13-8

Brian Kenny :  14-7

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Week 2 Predictions are also brought to you by and JointCare Physical Therapy.

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George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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