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Sponsorship Packages

Morris Sussex Sports provides an upbeat, high energy type of coverage of high school sports across 37 high schools in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. With every article, video or podcast we produce, it is our goal to make our audience laugh, cry or think (a la Jimmy V.), honoring our community’s young people main theme.

We consider what we do part of the fabric of our community. Morris Sussex Sports started 10-years ago because coverage of high school sports was one of the first things the newspapers’ removed from their dwindling budgets. High school sports is as American as apple pie and should be as much as an institution as the corner store. There shouldn’t be less coverage of our community’s young people, there should be more of it. That’s why it makes sense for local businesses to partner with us.

Morris Sussex Sports has 5,000 newsletter subscribers, 30,000 people who visit our site monthly and over 10,000 followers on our social channels (Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook). Because of the social nature of the internet, our coverage is less of us reporting the news as it is a never-ending conversation with our audience. To us,

our audience members are our family and we actually get holiday cards and autographed photos of the athletes we cover that we post all over our walls to prove it.

We rely on sponsorship from local businesses who want their name associated with what we are doing in their community. It doesn’t matter what industry a business is in, we are likely touching them in one way or another. Many corporations have employees who’s kids are playing sports in our communities. Our coverage is enhancing their employees lives outside of work, motivating them to stay in the community they work in.

Many smaller businesses have customers who’s children play sports in our local high schools. Whether they are in the trades, own a restaurant, have a consulting firm, or any other business, we are likely bringing value to those customer’s lives.

So we make it very easy for businesses to get their value prop in front of our very loyal audience. We do that by offering VERY affordable sponsorship levels that get them in front of our very engaged audience. Here are the different sponsorship levels you can take advantage of.

Nearly half of Morris Sussex Sport’s audience the best demographic in the world for companies looking to market their business – men and women in one of the most affluent areas in the world (northern New Jersey). *Statistics from Morris Sussex Sports web analytics. 

Sponsorship Packages

1st Down Package – $29/month

  • Get listed in our directory of businesses who supports MSS coverage of high school sports…who doesn’t love that!
  • Eateries get listed in our Game Day Eateries page and colleges on our Recruiting College page.
  • 200×250 banner that appears on directory page.
  • Promoted on every newsletter we send (at least three times a week).

Touchdown Package – $39/month

  • Get everything in the 1st Down Package
  • 200×250 banner that appears on every single page.
  • We promote you on every social post you make that we are mentioned in.
  • Personalize a “Shout Out” video to our audience.

Triple Play Package – $89/month

  • Get everything in the 1st Down and Touchdown Packages.
  • Have two articles or videos a month posted on Morris Sussex Sports.
  • MSS will send a newsletter to our audience once a month solely dedicated to your business.

Home Run Package – $149/month

  • Get everything in the 1st Down, Touchdown and Triple Play Packages
  • Have a dedicated “Ask the Pro” section where our audience can get put into your sales funnel. See example.
  • Run contests with our audience members to drive customers to your business.

Grand Slam Package – As little as $199/month

  • Get all of the features in the above packages.
  • We run all of your social channels and create original content for your business like a Fortune 100 business.
  • If you are not actively running your social channels with fresh content, you need us.

Custom Packages

  • Additional exposure can be captured through sponsoring a regular feature or other ideas you may have.

*Above packages are month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Pricing is based on automatic credit/debit card withdraw.

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