Help Morris Sussex Sports by Donating $1.00

If you find yourself frequenting Morris Sussex Sports, I encourage you to consider being an official supporter by donating one dollar.  We work really hard to be a positive part of our community by promoting our young people and it’s our goal to continue to do so.  Your donation of $1.00 will help us do that!

Why is Morris Sussex Sports is FREE!

We rely local business sponsors and keep our operating costs down so every one can enjoy our content for free.  There is nothing more annoying than getting blocked from a website asking for a monthly subscription fee because you want to read one article or watch one video, so we won’t do that.

Why Ask for a Donation Then?

Our sponsors help but it doesn’t quite cut it.  We have about 30,000 monthly visitors on our site.  If every one gave $1.00 we’d be able to keep doing what we are doing while investing in more content production and covering even more sports.  We know not every person who stops by our site will donate $1.00 but even if our loyal followers do it will help us immensely.

Where Does My Donation Go? 

Although we provide our content for FREE to you, it is not free to Morris Sussex Sports.  Covering games, editing content, filming the action, acquiring equipment and turning on the lights all costs money.  Your donations will go into helping us sustain operations and even help us grow.

Why are You Only Asking for $1.00?

Because we want every one to feel they are helping Morris Sussex Sports to continue to be a positive part of our community by promoting high school scholar-athletes.  It’s our hope that people could get behind that for $1.00.