About Morris Sussex Sports

Morris Sussex Sports provides an upbeat, high energy type of coverage of high school sports across 37 high schools in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties. With every article, video or podcast we produce, it is our goal to make our audience laugh, cry or think (a la Jimmy V.), honoring our community’s young people main theme.

We consider what we do part of the fabric of our community. Morris Sussex Sports started 10-years ago because coverage of high school sports was one of the first things the newspapers’ removed from their dwindling budgets. High school sports is as American as apple pie and should be as much as an institution as the corner store. There shouldn’t be less coverage of our community’s young people, there should be more of it. That’s why it makes sense for local businesses to partner with us.

Internship Program

Morris Sussex Sports has a very unique internship program that provides high school and college students to experience what it’s like to work in the world of sports journalism and broadcasting. This is an amazing program that gives young people the freedom to express their creative talents without the worry about making mistakes or getting fired. Many of our former interns are climbing the ranks of mainstream media.