2018 Parisi Speed School Player of the Week for Week 7: Sean Centinaro – Butler

Morris Sussex Sports covers 37 football teams that consists of about 1,000 players in Morris, Sussex and parts of Warren counties. Out of those 1,000 players, Morris Sussex Sports and Parisi Speed School honors just one athlete who does something special each week with the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week.  Go to Parisi Speed School to raise your game and become faster, bigger and stronger.  Mention “Morris Sussex Sports” and receive a FREE Speed Pass to one of their world class training sessions.  

Week 7 was loaded with incredible individual performances by Morris-Sussex football players. Morristown’s Kevin Hasenbein’s inspiring showing against Delbarton was awesome as he rumbled and bumbled for an 80-yard touchdown on his very first varsity touch. Sparta’s Austin Castorina was a man possessed as he rushed for 299-yards and three TDs on 30 carries in the Spartan’s 42-41 win over Montville. And Hanover Park’s Anthony Salvemini was in just about every tackle, including 16 solo’s in the Hornets 27-13 win over rival Madison.

But the player we felt deserved the Player of the Week the most was Bulter’s Sean Centinaro. The senior RB rushed for 286-yards and three touchdowns and also added a 21-yard TD reception in the Bulldog’s 41-14 convincing win over Emerson. Centinaro’s monster game also earned him the top spot as the new all time leading rusher in school history, surpassing Tom Smith’s 2,612-yard mark that stood since 1960.

We caught up with Centinaro to discuss his big milestone, what it’s been like starting since his freshman year and what was funniest thing Coach Lucianni ever said.

Morris Sussex Sports: How long did have you have the goal of being Butler’s all time leading rusher?
Sean Centinaro: I haven’t even thought of breaking the record until the beginning of this season. The first goal for all 4 years was to win games and especially win states.

MSS: What was it like the moment you broke it?
SC: It was awesome! The coaches told me when I got to the sideline and I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t have done it without all of my teammates.

MSS: How good does it feel being 6-1 and having a the kind of season your team is having for your senior season?
SC: It feels great. We’ve been working hard all year and it’s great to see the hard work paying off.

MSS: Is it weird playing a lot of unfamiliar Bergen teams after playing all Morris-Sussex teams your first three years?
SC: At first it was a little weird, but our team adapted to the changes and it’s been great.

MSS: What’s it like playing for Coach Luciani for four straight years?
SC: I wouldn’t have wanted to play for anyone else. Coach L treats me like one of his kids and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

MSS: Do you think you have a different relationship with him than other players because you’ve been playing on the V-Squad since your freshman year?
SC: All of the coaches on our team are great and you have a different personal relationship with each one. It makes the sport more enjoyable when you have coaches like that.

MSS: What is the most inspiring thing Coach Luciani ever said?
SC: It’s hard to say. Every day he is always saying something to us that inspires us to become better players and better people.

MSS: What’s the funniest thing he’s ever said?
SC: We have countless jokes that no one would understand but our team. An example would be, “What kind of bird is that.” It’s hard to understand.

MSS: What was your welcome to varsity football moment?
SC: It would have to be freshman year against Madison when I got my first start at running back. I will never forget that moment.

MSS: Who on your team is finishing 1-2-3 in the forty?
SC: That’s hard to say. We got some speedy receivers like Matt Walowitz and John Caffasso.

MSS: Who can bench 225-pounds for the most reps?
SC: Probably our big guy Zack Karevis. He’s been working hard in the weight room.

MSS: Who who is the most intense on your team?
SC: The most intense would be Steven Schubert. That kid is always yelling.

Who is the toughest player on your team?
SC: The toughest would have to be Joey Walsh.

MSS: Who is the funniest?
SC: Sean Dunleavy for sure. He’s always making jokes.

MSS: Do you have a different relationship with your linemen than other teammates since their job is to open holes for you?
SC: At practice, I am usually with them so we definitely have that close relationship but our team as a whole is very close.

MSS: Who is finishing 1-2-3 in the forty among your linemen?
SC: In no particular order it would have to be Sean Dunleavy, Zack Karevis, and Chris Dino.

MSS: Which one of your linemen secretly wishes he was a skill player?
SC: Patrick Monahan. He definitely has the skills to do it too.

MSS: Which teammate would you not want to go head to head against?
SC: Joey Walsh and Sean Dunleavy. They hit hard!

MSS: Who’s been the best athlete you ever played football against?
SC: This year would probably be #3 on Hasbrouck Heights.

MSS: If your house was burning, what possession would you run back in for?
SC: Probably some older pictures and trophies.

MSS: If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?
SC: That’s hard to say. Probably sleeping on my couch.

MSS: Who is your favorite athlete?
SC: Julian Edelman and Todd Gurley. I love how they play tough.

MSS: Finish this sentence – in 10 years I will be:
SC: A math teacher/professor and a football coach.

MSS: If you were going to have a “last meal,” what would it be?
SC: Pot Roast is awesome or a Bacon Cheeseburger.

MSS: Aside athletics, do you have any hidden talents?
SC: Not really.

MSS: What’s your favorite movie?
SC: Step Brothers or Fired Up. It’s a tough choice.

MSS: Do you have any pregame rituals?
SC: I always give my parents a hug and my dad a fist bump and he tells me to “do what you do.”

MSS: Congrats Sean on such a great week and best of luck the rest of the way!
SC: Thank you very much! It means a lot being player of the week. None of this could happen without all of my teammates working hard.

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    October 25, 2018 at 7:59 am

    You are awesome Sean!

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