PODCAST: E21 The College Planning & Recruiting Process with Russ Vitale of Academic Resources

This episode of the Morris Sussex Sports podcast is brought to you by Academic Resources located in Morris Plains, NJ. MSS is a proud partner with Academic Resources to help students and families navigate the college process through college planning, test prep and tutoring. Call them today and mention “Morris Sussex Sports” for a FREE evaluation and SAT & ACT benchmark test. Contact them at (973) 292-0505, email them at client.services@acadres.com or visit them on the web at www.acedres.com.

Listen to our latest and most fascinating podcast interview to-date with Russ Vitale, Director of College Planning at Academic Resources as he educates our audience about everything colleges don’t want you to know about the admissions, financial and recruiting part of college. If you are a student or a family of a student in high school that plans on going to college, you cannot afford to miss this episode.

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