2017 Game Day Eateries Predictions for the State Finals

Every week Dan, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a $200 pot to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2017 Game Day Eateries Weekly Predictions come out. Looking for a place to eat on Game Days? Please dine at one of our Game Day Eateries!

Thursday, November 30th, 5pm, MetLife Stadium

1 Rutherford (10-0) vs. 6 Hackettstown (8-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Hackettstown has had a season to remember. Aftter going 5-5 last season, the Tigers have punched their ticket to play in MetLife and this will by far be their biggest challenge. Rutherford has been plain dominant in 2017. Their offense puts up big points and in 50% of their games, the Bulldog defense hasn’t given up more than six points. This is a team that had a taste of getting to the big dance last season and has had their sites set on going back. I don’t think the Bulldogs let this one slip away. PICK: Rutherford 28-14
Brian Daniel: Well, my prediction season is coming to an end. And I have to say it wasn’t great this year for me. But I am excited for H-Town making it to States. I’m proud of these guys, and I honestly can say I didn’t see it coming. And that’s on me. They were on another level last week against a great Caldwell team. The question is, can they do it again against an undefeated Rutherford team? H-Town’s defense was insane last week. We know about Christian Maciak, who had 3 picks (including a Pick-6), but how about Max Cash “Money”, Shawn Burke and Zack “Attack” Jastrzebski all tearing it up for the Tigers last week? I think that their defense will show up in force tomorrow and Rutherford will be caught by surprise. I’m all in on H-Town. PICK: Tigers 34-23
George Muha: What I love about this time of year is that all of the other Morris-Sussex teams rally behind all of the teams that have made it to the state finals. It seems EVERYONE is pulling for Hackettstown to continue their rampage. Don’t be fooled by their record either. All three of their losses are to teams that are playing in the state finals this weekend. Tiger defenders Joe Andes, Max Cash, Zack Jastrzebski, Shawn Burke and Christian “The Maniak” Maciak will bring the fury on D. Look for kicker Eddie “O’Money” O’Melia to ice it with a FG late in the game. PICK: H-Town 38-28

Friday, December 1st, 7pm, Kean Stadium

4 Newton (11-0) vs. 2 Lakeland (10-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: These are two teams that have absolutely dominated their competition. However, there is one glaring thing that stands out. Lakeland’s only loss was to Newton. The Braves didn’t just beat Lakeland, they crushed them in a Week 5 match-up, 47-14. That’s pretty dominating and while I don’t think the margin of victory will be that big, I do think the Braves come out on top as champs. PICK: Newton 35-21
Brian Daniel: I have to be honest I wasn’t sure that Newton would outlast those other teams from Sussex but darn. They have had a heck of a year. I know for a fact that this Bank team is no joke, and they are a higher seed. But as I said in the live Instagram Show on location at Chillie Willie’s in Boonton, New Jersey, I think Newton is going all the way. Chase Cramer will run for over 200-yards thanks to the O-Line that has been making more holes than my dog Bama (she digs tons of holes in the backyard) with three scores. On defense, look for them to swarm like a bunch of zombies on the Bankers. I mean the fast zombies like in World War Z, not the slow ones like in the Walking Dead. Will “The Thrill” Larsen will record a dozen tackles and 2 sacks in this one. Look for Newton to win State in the final seconds of the game. PICK: Newton 21-18
George Muha: I heard Newton isn’t letting defender Wyatt McCarthy out of his cage until just before the National Anthem on Friday night. While Cramer, Northe, Larsen, Young and VanNess get all of the headlines, it is McCarthy who would scare me the most if I were Lakeland Bank. This kid literally knocks kids out of their shoes. I forget what team it was, but earlier in the season McCarthy came up to make one of his high impact tackles and the runningback literally just handed him the ball. Trust me, it will be the Braves that will be holding the NJSIAA trophy above their heads at the end of this one and it will be McCarthy who should be sprayed with the most non-alcoholic champagne in the locker room. PICK: Newtonians 36-21

Saturday, December 2nd, 7pm, MetLife Stadium

1 Old Tappan (11-0) vs. 3 Mount Olive (10-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Mount Olive, Mount Olive, Mount Olive! I have been getting a little kick-back from Marauder Nation because I have been picking AGAINST them throughout these entire playoffs. Listen Mt. Olive, you guys have had a heck of a season. An incredible turnaround from 2016, where you went 1-9 to now being 10-1 and playing for a state title. My hat goes off to you. This is a different animal that you are facing here in Old Tappan. The Knights lost in the state title game last year in the worst possible way, overtime. Since then, they haven’t looked back. Their offense has put up video game numbers throughout the season and in nine of their eleven wins the Knights defense has been golden, by not giving up more than seven points. Old Tappan head coach Brian Dunn has his guys focused and ready to go. PICK: Old Tappan 28-14
Brian Daniel: Yes, it’s Mount Olive, but a Hanover Park transplant (MO coach Brian O’Connor) has taken over the reigns of this squad and brought them to the promised land. I remember a year or two ago I would rarely pick the Mauraders to win any games. This year I picked them all the time. Liam Anderson is going to throw for a buck fifty and two scores, and run for another almost 100-yards and a score. Between Brown, Carpini, Cherry, Meyer, Pizza, Spera and my boy Ryan Hodgins, Mount Olive is going to play some defense as well. Unfortunately, I think Old T is too much for these boys. I think that it’s going to be a heck of a fight, but in the end, Old T prevails. They are a powerhouse. That being said, I hope I’m wrong! And being wrong as much as I have been all year, it could happen! PICK: OT 35-28
George Muha: To me the most important players in this game are Mount Olive defenders Stevie “Pepperoni” Pizza, Dylan “Urban” Meyer, Chris “Golden Knights Eater” Cherry and Flynn “Jim” Brown. OT is good and they are going to account for Hodgins, Weiss and Moore on every play. So the rest of the D is going to need to step up big time. It won’t be easy for the offense either but In DiJoseph I Trust. I am sure Liam Anderson will improvise like he always does as well. While Vegas might be doubling down on OT, I don’t think they are accounting for the chip on the Marauder’s shoulder. No way the Tappans can handle four quarters of the Red and Gold. PICK: MO 35-30

How We Did Last Week

Dan 4-4 (50.00%)
Brian 4-4 (50.00%)
George 4-4 (50.00%)
Readers via Twitter Poll 2-6 (25.00%)

How We Are Doing Last Week

Dan 184-53 (77.63%)
Brian 162-75 (68.35%)
George 174-63 (73.41%)
Readers 11-7 (61.11%)

About the Predictors

Dan Exter spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Exter is a Roxbury HS alumni that spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research. Have an opinion about Dan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handles: @d_exter15 and @Layups4Life

Brian Kenney

Brian Daniel is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and frequent crasher of his couch so George feels obligated to give him something to do. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @UnrulyFan

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