2017 Game Day Eateries Predictions for the Semi-Finals

Every week Dan, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a $200 pot to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2017 Game Day Eateries Weekly Predictions come out. Looking for a place to eat on Game Days? Please dine at one of our Game Day Eateries!

North 1, Group 2

4 Newton (10-0) @ 1 Westwood (9-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Wow! This game should be for a championship. Two teams that have BOTH scored 40+ points this season five times. If offense is your love, then this is the game to show up to the alter for. This is really tough! I love what Newton has done all season long but Westwood has been here before. The Cardinals are also chomping at the bit to get back to MetLife as they came up short last year losing 35-28. You know their sites have been set on getting back to the big dance and dancing they will do. PICK: Westwood 35-28
Brian Daniel: Westworld was pretty decent show on HBO (the ending was little ridiculous), but that isn’t the same as Westwood. But I think about Westworld everytime I hear Westwood. So, what does that even mean? Nothing, nothing at all. Newton won the best game of the playoffs last week and they will not falter in Round 2. Chase Cramer and Luke Young are going to cross the goal line at least twice each in this one as Newton pulls off the upset? (Is it really an upset?) on the road. PICK: Newton 35-28
George Muha: Holy Shnikies, I didn’t know Westworld’s TE/DE Joey Kramer was 6-5, 225-pounds of pure fury. That kid has been insane this year leading the team in receiving yards, touchdowns, interceptions, tackles, etc. Maybe I wouldn’t have been Tweeting as much smack to the Westwood booster club if I knew about this beast sooner. Oh well, I guess we’ll just pack it in and concede the state final to the Cardinals. Good luck fellas! I don’t think so bro! While Kramer may be king, Cramer (Chase, that is) is the creme de la creme and as Macho Man Randy Savage used to always say, “The cream always rises to the top!” I know the NJSIAA is probably already painting one side of MetLife Stadium’s endzone red for the Cardinals, but there is NO WAY Newton is losing this one. Okay Westwood, you want a scouting report? Newton does not have one kid on the team who will arm tackle you. And when you get tackled, you get hit by 11 kids at once. They are so well coached, they literally have not jumped offsides once this season. They can switch in their field goal unit in seven seconds. Hey Newton D-line, if one of you gets tapped out of the game by a heavy set “sophomore” with a beard just role with it. I am planning on hijacking a sophomore’s uniform so I can get a few snaps on defense in this game. I’m so pumped for this one! Let’s go Braves! PICK: Newton 33-30

North 1, Group 3

4 Sparta (9-1) @ 1 Ramapo (8-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Well, it doesn’t get any easier with the picks! This is another tough one! Man oh man! It is so hard to pick against a team with the pedigree like Ramapo. The same goes for Sparta as they have handled the regular season. I think this may be the Spartans toughest opponent yet. The Raiders will take the hope right out of ya and they will do it slowly. I think this is a low scoring affair and Ramapo gets a huge confidence boost knocking down a team like Sparta. PICK: Ramapo 21-17
Brian Daniel: I’m surprised that Sparta is a No. 4 seed but they don’t seem to care. Their defense was off the chain last week and they will stay hot going into Ramapo as well. Sparta’s offensive line will carry the day in this one, making all sorts of holes for Tommy Agudo to run though and giving “A-Broc” Anthony Broccoletti lots of time to throw. Sparta will triumph. PICK: Sparta 27-19
George Muha: I can’t figure out if Sparta coach Frank Marchiano is just a football genius in that he can just plug a new crew of kids in every year and they don’t skip a beat or if Sparta is just breeding football players.  It’s probably a mixture of both but you’ve got to hand it to Marchiano for running a high flying offense with all new players every season.  This year’s studs?  Broccoletti, Agudo, Esposito, Ferrera, DeSimone and Castorina, just to name a few.  Look for the Spartans to get themselves back to playing in the swamp in the first week of December.  PICK:  Sparta 44-41

North 1, Group 4

3 Mount Olive (9-1) @ 2 West Morris (7-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Since their regular season loss to West Morris, Mt. Olive ran the table and didn’t lose another game in the regular season. They take that incredible momentum and confidence to the fog filled fields of West Morris. Dominating in three out of their last four games, the Wolfpack will want to show the Marauders that their first game was no fluke. Look for them to do just that. PICK: West Morris 28-21
Brian Daniel: This is going to be a barn burner for sure. West Morris beat a decent Highlands team and Mount Olive shut out Knolls, so both of these teams are confident going into this game. The O-Line for WM led the way for two hundred yard rushers, Bryce “Soko loco” Sokolowski and Jack DiPietro. They will have good games this weekend too, but look for Mt. Olive’s defense, led by Ryan Hodgins, who was insane last week (17 tackles, INT, 2 Sacks, causing and recovering a fumble) to bend but not break. And Liam Anderson, he is going do his part and score 3 TDs on offense. PICK: Mt. Olive 28-14
George Muha: Coach O’Connor and the Mount Olive Marauders have everything in place to do something very special this year and they are just about there. But they have one thing in their way. One very, very, very scary thing in their way. In fact, there is nothing scarier than facing the Gray Wolf (West Morris’ coach Kevin Hennelly) in the playoffs in the Wolf Den on a foggy, wet and cold November night. I haven’t seen a team so physically gifted as the Marauders with their QB Liam Anderson shattering all kinds of records, linebacker Ryan Hodgins playing like Ray Lewis and RB Anthony DiJoseph running kids over like a battering ram. But all that stuff doesn’t seem to matter when you face the wolf logo that hasn’t changed since its inception. I think this might just end up being the best game of the year in Morris-Sussex. PICK: Marauders 27-26

North 2, Group 2

4 Lenape Valley (7-3) @ 1 Rutherford (9-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: A little deja vu here. Last year both of these teams met at the same exact point in the post season and square off again in 2017. The Patriots were also on the road heading to Rutherford and took care of business. Look for that trend to continue. PICK: LV 35-21
Brian Daniel: The Valley beat up on the Hornets last week, it was brutal. It only took 15 carries for Nick Molinari and Troy DuPont to score 4 TDs and rush for over 250-yards. They and their offensive line will have decent success this week as well, but I think Rutherford will find a way to pull it out in the final minutes and stay undefeated. Do I want the Valley to win? Yes, but I think it’s going to be hard on the road. PICK: Rutherford 28-27
George Muha: Lenape Valley’s line led by Rocco Bonavolonta, Will Ernst and company are just blasting opening holes for the Patriot’s run game. Last week, every skill guy has offensive stats. In fact, I think even the “Sign Guy” Walt Wormann rushed for 80-yards and a TD against Hanover Park. Look, I know Rutherford is good this year. But common, we got Don! PICK: LV 34-30

6 Hackettstown (7-3) @ 2 Caldwell (8-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: I have picked against this Hackettstown team plenty this season but that trend stops here. Don’t let me down Tigers! PICK: H-Town 21-14
Brian Daniel: H-Town didn’t just upset the Herd last week, they manhandled them. They are riding high but walking into a buzz saw with Caldwell. While “Nicky G” Gagliardi will run for almost 200-yards and 2 scores it will not be enough to overcome Caldwell at home. PICK: Caldwell 21-17
George Muha: If any team can avenge all of the carnage Caldwell has been leaving behind in all of their defeats over Morris-Sussex teams this season, it’s Hackettstown. What the Tigers are doing is impressive, and I think Christian “The Maniac” Maciak is making a case for Player of the Year. H-town has made me eat my prediction too many times this season and I’ve learned my lesson. Let’s do this Tigers! PICK: H-Town 35-32

North 2, Group 3

3 Voorhees (8-2) @ 2 Par Hills (9-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Vikings to the big house…in New Jersey, MetLife or bust for the Vikings. Par Hills PICK: 28-24
Brian Daniel: Shocker, Par Hills on their way to State. Not. Nick Verducci doesn’t want to end his illustrious career without another ring. I don’t think he will be disappointed. Dennis Wilson, the future of the program, will go nuts this weekend with over 15 tackles and an INT. David Giraldo and Justin Gurth will combine for 2 sacks and a bunch of tackles as well, and the Par Hills D will make the difference in this one. PICK: The Hills 30-13
George Muha: While Jason Voorhees left a ton of carnage in his wake in the Friday the 13th movies, it’s Par Hills who will be staring in this horror film. The Vikings continue to ride super-sophs Wilson and Comerford as they advance to MetLife. PICK: Par Hills 33-23

Non-Public, Group 3

3 St. Joe’s Montvale (7-3) @ 2 Pope John (6-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life:Pope John played the boys from Montvale close in their regular season matchup. Lion fans said that gave them hope, while Joe’s fans will say it was an off day. Augie Hoffmann gets his Green Knights dialed in to another level when it comes to the post season. It has been a great ride Pope John, home field is nice, but unfortunately the buck stops here. PICK: St Joe’s 24-14
Brian Daniel: St. Joe’s is no joke. Pope John had a decent season but it’s coming to an end this week. But wait, I just remember I said that Pope John was going to win on the Instagram Live thing! I don’t want to be a liar, and you know what, my prediction record is already shot. So what the heck, I’ll take the Johnnies. Samuel Darrell and Berrell Neal will find the endzone a couple times each in this one for Pope John. PICK: PJ 24-21
George Muha: I have been waiting for this group of seniors to get the Johnnies to MetLife for three years. Berrell Neal and Sammy Darrell combine for 300-yards and four TDs and Nick DeNucci also scores a defensive touchdown on their way to the state finals. PICK: Johnnies 44-37

Non-Public, Group 4

4 Delbarton (3-7) @ 1 Bergen Catholic (8-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: News flash Delby. Bergen Catholic ain’t Seton Hall Prep. The other Campanile runs a different show and when the curtains come down, it ain’t gonna be pretty. PICK: BC 35-7
Brian Daniel: Delby played the best game of their season last week. The Prep was probably asking themselves, “Who are these guys?” Will the same Green Wave team show up this week? Maybe, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to beat powerhouse Bergen Catholic. I like how Anthony Siragusa blocked a kick and returned it for a TD last week. This kid doesn’t want his high school career to end. While Mashod Harrison and Cole Kresphane will run for over 200-yards and 2 scores combined, I think in the end BC is just too much. PICK: BC 42-28
George Muha: I am bummed out that Cole “House of” Kreshpane had to miss so much of his senior season. But he’s back and it couldn’t be at a better time. If any team is poised to pull out the upset of the century, it’s Debly. I am putting predicting BC to win but hoping I get a victory bus pic from the Green Wave on Saturday afternoon after the game. PICK: BC 40-30

How We Did Last Week

Dan 9-2 (81.81%)
Brian 7-4 (63.63%)
George 6-5 (54.54%)

Readers via Twitter Poll

9-1 (90.00%) *Only one that was picked wrong was Hackettstown upset over Mt. Lakes. *The MoHills vs Wayne Hills game was a deadlock at 50/50 votes so we didn’t count it.

How We Are Doing Last Week

Dan 180-49 (78.60%)
Brian 158-71 (68.99%)
George 170-59 (74.23%)

About the Predictors

Dan Exter spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Exter is a Roxbury HS alumni that spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research. Have an opinion about Dan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handles: @d_exter15 and @Layups4Life

Brian Kenney

Brian Daniel is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and frequent crasher of his couch so George feels obligated to give him something to do. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @UnrulyFan

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  1. scott

    November 17, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    dan exeter you have been doubting newton all year. i think you even picked vernon over our mighty braves. get a clue.

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