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The Coach

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Name: Brian Bowers
Skinny: Bowers is very quietly one of the best coaches in Morris-Sussex every single year he’s been the coach of Delbarton (of which is in the decades now). For years when Delbarton was playing mostly Morris County public teams, he had to deal with these cross-country foes who geared up for his Green Wave more than any other team. Then he’d have to face some of the best teams in the state (and in some years, the country) in the playoffs. Now that Delby plays most of the big private powerhouses now, he’s facing top notch opponents week-in and week-out. Not many coaches have faced such a high level of competition as long as Bowers has. He’s a pro and for those of you who don’t think Delby can hang with this new schedule, you don’t know Bowers.
2016 Record: 4-6

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from our Delbarton camp visit click HERE.

Franchise Player: There are honestly several franchise players on this team but one guy that fills a lot of seats in Regan Stadium is senior RB/LB Cole Kreshpane (5’8″,195). He’s been a headache for opposing coaches since he arrived at Delbarton four years ago.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Sorry, it’s too late if you were hoping to get your Miles Leniw authentic jersey. You’re just going to have to write a #12 on a t-shirt with a marker because the stores are all backlogged with orders. The 6’2″, 200-pound senior QB is going to romp this season, trust me.
All Unruly Watch: A player who’s at the top of the All Unruly 1st Team watch list is senior TE/DL Trey Zgombic (6’2″, 220). Offensively he’s impossible to cover because he is so big. On the defensive side of the ball, teams cannot run plays to his side of the field because he is so disruptive.
Under the Radar: I wouldn’t necessarily say junior OL/DL Will Smart (6’3″, 250) exactly fits in this category. First, he’s too big to fit under the radar and second, everyone already knows this guy is good.
Benching the Weight Room: Senior Will Andersen (6-2, 280) has been delivering pancakes for three years. Right now he’s the top lineman prospect in Morris-Sussex. When you go to a Delby game, just key on #78 for ten plays. I guarantee you’ll say, “Whoa!”
Throwback: Senior RB/DB Anthony Siragusa (5-11, 185) definitely belongs playing in the leather helmet days. Beyond being tough as nails, which he is, Siragusa just makes plays every time he steps on the field. Now going into his 3rd year as a varsity player, he’s proved he can score offensively, defensively and in the return game…heck, the kid even returned a punt that HE blocked.


To get access to all of the photos from our Delbarton camp visit click HERE.

Delby is currently the most talented team in Morris County. The problem is they don’t play one team from Morris County. Instead, they play a schedule of big time privates, including 5 nationally ranked teams. They are also stuck in the Non-Public, Group 4 state playoff section so that means a state championship title would have to go through the New Jersey private power houses. But there is no reason to make other plans for Saturday afternoons because last season Delby did an excellent job hanging with the big boys ont this schedule. Now many of the starters from last season are back and they know what it takes to compete at this high level. With everyone in this division focused on the other big names, Delby can flying under radar which I predict will surprise a lot of teams.


To get access to all of the photos from our Delbarton camp visit click HERE.

09-09 St. Anthony’s (NY) Delbarton School
09-16 St. Joe’s (Mont.) Delbarton School
09-23 @ Pope John Pope John HS
09-29 @ Don Bosco Prep Don Bosco Prep HS
10-07 Seton Hall Prep Delbarton School
10-14 DePaul Delbarton School
10-21 @ Hudson Catholic Caven Point
10-28 @ Mater Dei Mater Dei Prep
11-04 Paramus Cath. Delbarton School

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from our Delbarton camp visit click HERE.

Bergen Catholic
Don Bosco Prep
Notre Dame
Paramus Catholic
Paul VI
Seton Hall Prep
St. Augustine Prep
St. Joseph (Met.)
St. Peter’s Prep


To get access to all of the photos from our Delbarton camp visit click HERE.

1 Spada Paul 12 5’9 165 WR DB
2 Saik Ryan 12 6’1 175 K DB
3 Kearns Joseph 11 5’11 160 WR DB
4 McNaughton Ben 12 6’1 180 WR LB
5 Sawtell Kevin 12 5’9 175 RB DB
6 Jarmolowich Michael 11 6’0 180 WR DB
7 Harrison Mashod 11 5’11 195 RB LB
8 McGrath Brent 11 5’11 150 WR DB
9 Coffey Jack 11 6’2 150 QB DB
10 Goetz Greg 11 6’2 170 WR LB
11 Zgombic Trey 12 6’2 220 TE DL
12 Leniw Miles 12 6’2 200 QB DB
13 McNaughton Aidan 12 5’11 195 TE LB
15 Gubler Nick 12 5’8 165 WR DB
16 Freeman Cole 9 5’10 165 QB LB
17 Lodge Michael 12 5’11 175 WR DB
18 Kopeld Jake 11 6’0 175 QB DB
19 Jepson Tommy 10 5’10 145 WR DB
20 Nestico Andrea 12 5’7 165 RB DB
21 Reale Andrew 10 5’7 160 RB LB
22 Schelling Tommy 12 5’11 165 WR DB
23 Metro Shane 11 5’7 165 WR DB
24 Kreshpane Cole 12 5’8 195 RB LB
25 Siragusa Anthony 12 5’11 185 RB DB
26 Ambielli Zac 10 5’10 150 QB DB
27 Martini Matt 12 5’9 190 FB LB
28 Washington Isaiah 10 5’11 150 WR DB
31 Link Sean 10 5’10 185 FB LB
32 Petrillo Michael 10 5’10 175 FB LB
33 Nichols Christopher 10 5’11 170 QB DB
34 Papantonis Daniel 10 5’6 165 FB LB
43 Lewis Gary 9 5’8 165 RB DB
44 Lawrence Charles 11 6’2 185 TE LB
45 Maguire Tim 12 6’1 190 OL DL
50 Smart William 11 6’3 250 OL DL
51 Johnson George 11 6’1 215 OL LB
52 Ricciardelli Michael 11 5’10 195 OL LB
53 Smith Charlie 10 5’5 190 WR DB
54 Tarnowski Owen 10 6’2 195 TE LB
55 Siegert Chris 11 5’10 210 OL DL
56 Gray Liam 10 6’0 265 OL DL
58 Rosen Zachary 10 5’11 210 QB LB
62 Nugent Conall 10 6’3 200 OL DL
67 Guenther Paul 12 6’0 215 OL DL
70 Ganton Harrison 10 5’11 245 OL DL
72 Readlinger Jack 10 6’3 195 OL DL
73 Morgan Michael 12 6’1 230 OL DL
74 Hajjar Daniel 10 5’11 220 OL DL
75 Mead Drake 12 5’11 250 OL DL
76 Donini James 11 6’5 215 OL DL
77 Vinci Gianni 12 6’1 220 OL DL
78 Andersen William 12 6’2 280 OL DL
81 Ungar Lucas 10 6’4 210 TE LB
82 Jabbour Jerry 10 6’3 195 TE LB
83 Wallace Brendan 12 5’9 170 WR LB
85 Townsend Joseph 10 6’0 170 WR DL
86 Sylva Damien 10 5’8 130 WR DB
88 Pew Harry 10 5’11 155 WR DB
89 Cook Brian 11 6’1 180 TE DL

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