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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

Name: Chris Kubik
Skinny: Coach Kubik did his playing days in Clifton. As a coach, he did stints in Verona, Whippany Park and New Brunswick where he was part of three state championship teams. Since taking over as head coach of the Dodgers in 2007, Kubik has won five state titles (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016), making him the winningest coach in Morris-Sussex during that time frame.
2016 Record: 12-0

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

Franchise Player: You can go to Pascarella Bros Sandwich Shoppe in Morristown or their Delicatessen in Chatham (which you should do because their Italian treats are insanely fresh and delicious) and ask a random patron who the Franchise Player for Madison is and they will tell you junior RB Matty Mulcahy. Everyone knows about Mulcahy. This kid has already carved out a tremendous legacy at Madison High School and his career is only at the midway point.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Last season Coach Kubik took a JV QB no one knew about in Mike Kearney and turned him into the Morris Sussex Sports Player of the Year. This year’s QB/DB Ryan Schmitz was one of the defensive stars on the team last season so expect him to be a dynamo in Kubik’s offense.
All Unruly Watch: When you go to games key in on senior RB/LB Brian Bradley. Defensively he’s always one of the first people in on the tackle. Offensively, he’ll account for 700-yards and 10 touchdowns rushing at a minimum.
Under the Radar: Senior TE/LB Brian Harris will be one of those players opposing coaches rewind over and over in the film room and scream, “Who is supposed to have this guy!”.
Benching the Weight Room: The families of senior linemen Paul Links and Trevor Jasen had to go in on a COSTCO account together to afford the food bill it takes to feed these behemoths. When you see how these two throw opposing linemen side by side, you’ll understand the amount of calories it must take to keep these bodies operating.
Throwback: Senior SE/OLB Santi Quintero is one of those players that could’ve played in any era. He’s a tough-as-nails player who shows up three hours before games in his full uniform ready to play.


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

There are little babies in Madison who’s first word is “Dodgers” and there are little kids who dress up as coach Chris Kubik in a maroon windbreaker and a headset on Halloween. Madison hasn’t lost a game going on three years now so I am not going to be the one who predicts anything but the continuation of the streak. I will say that I believe this season mimics last season with Lenape Valley being the one who gives them the most grief. I also believe the state title will have to go through the Patriots again.


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

09-08 @ Lenape Valley Lenape Valley HS
09-16 Verona Madison HS
09-23 @ Kinnelon Kinnelon HS
09-28 @ Pequannock Pequannock HS
10-07 Mountain Lakes Madison HS
10-21 Newark Central Madison HS
10-27 @ Hanover Park Hanover Park HS
11-03 Dover Madison HS
11-23 @ Millburn Millburn HS

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

Elmwood Park
Fort Lee
Hanover Park
Lenape Valley
Mountain Lakes
Newark Central
Whippany Park


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

1 Brian Bradley* 12 RB-LB
3 Nasir Love 11 RB-DB
4 Ryan Schmitz* 12 QB-DB
6 Santi Quintero* 12 SE-LB
7 Mike Holland 12 SE-DB
8 Ryan Kleiven 10 QB-LB
9 Ryan Manna 12 SE-DB
10 Andy Christos 11 QB-DB
11 Griffin Lutz 12 SE-DB
13 Brendan Quinn 11 WR-DB
14 Saketh Lakshmanan 11 SE-DB
15 Nick Taylor 12 QB-DB
21 Joe Luppino 10 RB-LB
22 Vincent Costa 10 SE-DB
23 Austin Schmitz 10 RB-LB
26 Pat Higgins 12 RB-LB
27 Luke Roche 11 RB-DB
28 Henry Ticknor 10 TE-LB
30 Henry Pace 12 SE-DB
32 Brian Harris* 12 TE-LB
33 Anthony Vacchiano 12 TE-LB
34 Matt Mulcahy 11 RB-DB
40 Max North 12 TE-DB
44 Steven Herrera 10 RB-LB
50 Paul Links 12 OL-DL
51/82 Ryan D’Ambola 11 OL/TE-LB
52 Nate Klimaszewski 12 OL-LB
54 Trevor Jasen 12 OL-DL
55 Kaiser Lajewski 12 OL-DL
56 Ryan Luttinger 11 OL-DL
59 Wyett Fritsch 10 OL-LB
60 Marcos Almeda 10 OL-DL
62 Michael Osorio 11 OL-DL
63 Nicholas Taylor 11 OL-DL
67 Liam Barry 11 OL-DL
70 Paul Saurer 10 OL-DL
71 Oliver Dines 11 OL-DL
72 Shane Heskett 10 OL-DL
74 Chris Penev 11 OL-DL
75 Ian Waresk 12 OL-DL
83 Anthony Mazzella 11 TE-LB
84 Ryan O’Neill 10 SE-DB
James Ottomanelli 11 Student Asst.

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