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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

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Name:  Gerry Moore
Skinny:  Gerry Moore is a Morris County football guy through and through.  His high school playing days were at Parsippany High and he continued to play in the college ranks at William Paterson.  After that, he began his coaching career as an assistant for the Hornets.  Then he did a stint as head coach for the same Parsippany team he played for, only to come back to the Hornets.  Now in his eighth year as coach of the Hornets, he’s built a reputation among opposing coaches as always giving even the best teams a run for their money.  He’s searching for his first state championship ring and last year was one play away from getting his Hornets to MetLife Stadium.  It’s only a matter of time till this veteran coach gets to the pinnacle.
2016 Record:  8-3

The Players

Click HERE to get access to all of Morris Sussex Sports’ preseason camp visit of Hanover Park.

Franchise Player:  The guy all opposing coaches will be focusing on this season is senior WR/DB/K/PR Michal Radomski (6-3, 188).  Radomski has already carved out a big legacy for himself in the Hanover Park football lore as one of the most dynamic players ever.  As a sophomore he was a complete ball hawk as one of the leaders in the state for INTs.  Last season he was one of the most lethal players in Morris-Sussex whether it be as a wideout, a kicker, a punt returner or a defensive back.  Who the heck knows what he’s going to do as a senior!
Hottest Selling Jersey:  Junior defensive lineman Anthony Salvemini (5-9, 220) busted on the scene last year as a sophomore and racked up 33 solo tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. This year he’s another year stronger, faster and hungrier. Buy your #75 black home jersey quickly because they are flying off the shelves.
All Unruly Watch:  Senior runningback/linebacker Sean Conley (5-9, 175) is a headache for opponents.  Offensively he’s a battering ram who also can break ankles when need be.  Defensively he’s been a wrecking ball since his sophomore year.  Every year HP has some tough-as-nails wrestler-type who anchors the team on both sides of the ball.  This year that’s definitely Conley.
Under the Radar: Four guys that will all be household names by Week 2 will be senior QB/DB Tyler Scaff (5-9, 165), senior WR/LB Sebastian Bassolino (6, 175), senior RB/LB Connor Mildon (5-10, 170) and senior WR/DB Bobby Lupo (5-9, 160).  Each of these guys have varsity experience but have been waiting their turn behind last year’s stars.  Now they get their chance at getting all the headlines.
Benching the Weight Room:  Players who have really put the work in since last season ended are senior linemen Dan Corcoran (5-7, 210), Teddy Hsi (6, 255), and John Malrechauffe (6, 195).  All of these big men are returning which is going to bode well for all of the Hornet skill guys.
Throwback:  A player that is flat out scary is senior lineman Kyle Rinksy (6-2, 255).  Rinsky looks and acts like a lineman from 1985.  He’s huge, has the type of sense of humor where you’re not sure if he’s joking or serious, nothing rattles him, he wears #77…he’s got the whole bit down.  What is scary for everyone is when he’s the lead blocker on the outside barreling down on some shrimpy linebacker or defensive back.  If you are HP, you got to love this guy!  If your are an opponent, you just hope you don’t have to line up against him.


Click HERE to get access to all of Morris Sussex Sports’ preseason camp visit of Hanover Park.

Everyone thought last season was Hanover Park’s chance at getting that elusive championship title (something the school hasn’t achieved since 1990).  Yes, the Hornets did graduate a ton of great players but don’t think for a second this group is a bunch of bums.  In fact, I can’t think of any other Morris-Sussex team that has retooled as nicely as the HP.  Coach Moore smartly weaved in a lot of younger players into games last season, so they bring back a lot of players with real-life varsity experience.  Plus, most of their offensive linemen are coming back.  The schedule is no cakewalk but this team is a playoff caliber team.  If they do what they are supposed to, they should be invited to the dance after the 8-game cutoff.  From there it gets tricky.  Once in the playoffs, they’ll need to go 3-0 against playoff regulars like Madison, Lenape Valley, Mountain Lakes, Caldwell and Verona.


Click HERE to get access to all of Morris Sussex Sports’ preseason camp visit of Hanover Park.

09-08 Cedar Grove Hanover Park HS
09-15 @ Newark Central Shabazz Stadium
09-22 Mountain Lakes Hanover Park HS
09-28 Dover Hanover Park HS
10-06 @ Mahwah Mahwah HS
10-13 @ Pequannock Pequannock HS
10-20 @ Kinnelon Kinnelon HS
10-27 Madison Hanover Park HS
11-03 @ West Essex West Essex HS

Who’s In Their State Section

Click HERE to get access to all of Morris Sussex Sports’ preseason camp visit of Hanover Park.

Elmwood Park
Fort Lee
Hanover Park
Lenape Valley
Mountain Lakes
Newark Central
Whippany Park


Click HERE to get access to all of Morris Sussex Sports’ preseason camp visit of Hanover Park.

1 Michal Radomski 12 6’3″ 188 WR DB
2 Malvin Rios 12 5’9″ 180 RB LB
3 Steven Wrieth 10 5’5″ 150 WR DB
5 Andrew Iantosca 11 6’3″ 175 TE LB
6 Mike Fortier 11 6’0″ 155 WR DB
7 Tyler Scaff 12 5’9″ 165 QB DB
8 Chris DuBeau 10 5’6″ 155 RB DB
9 Sal Engle 12 5’9″ 155 WR DB
10 Bobby Lupo 12 5’9″ 160 WR DB
11 Ryan Gryzmala 12 5’10” 155 RB DB
12 Matt Tuli 10 5’11” 170 QB DB
13 Mike DePhillips 10 5’5″ 150 QB DB
14 Luis Matias 10 5’10” 160 WR DB
15 Kyle Junda 10 5’10” 175 TE LB
16 Max Lockhart 11 6’4″ 180 TE DL
17 Michael Dirlam 11 6’2″ 150 WR DB
18 Sebastian Bassolino 12 6’0″ 175 WR LB
19 John Zhu 11 5’9″ 160 WR DB
20 Sean Conley 12 5’9″ 175 RB LB
21 Justin Eveland 11 5’9″ 150 RB DB
22 Dan Marinos 12 5’10” 200 TE LB
23 Ethan Gayle 10 5’7″ 160 RB DB
24 Michael Ferrone 11 5’9″ 155 RB LB
25 Joseph DePhillips 10 5’5″ 150 RB DB
26 Brice Summer 10 5’7″ 165 WR DB
33 Andrew Cohorsky 10 5’9″ 165 TE LB
34 Connor Mildon 12 5’10” 170 RB LB
39 Glen Torkos 10 5’9″ 160 WR DB
50 Carlo Forgione 10 5’10” 205 OL DL
52 Brandon Parkin 10 5’11” 210 OL Dl
54 Steven Batte 10 5’9″ 175 OL LB
55 John Malrechauffe 12 6’0″ 195 OL DL
56 Dan Corcoran 12 5’7″ 210 OL DL
57 Ryan O’Malley 10 5’8″ 170 OL DL
58 Steve Conley 12 5’8″ 170 OL DL
61 Dominic Menniti 10 5’9″ 175 OL DL
62 Sean Cunningham 11 5’10” 190 OL DL
64 Dylan Iantosca 11 5’8″ 160 OL LB
65 Gianpaolo Petrillo 10 5’10” 230 OL DL
66 Domenick Guarino 11 5’6″ 225 OL DL
67 Dan Jimenez 12 6’2″ 210 OL DL
68 Marco Frasso 10 5’5″ 170 OL DL
70 Timothy Doyle 11 5’9″ 210 OL DL
71 Teddy Hsi 12 6’0″ 255 OL DL
72 Kevin Julich 11 6’0″ 170 OL LB
74 Ryan Dominguez 10 5’10” 215 OL DL
75 Anthony Salvemini 11 5’9″ 220 OL LB
77 Kyle Rinsky 12 6’2″ 255 OL DL
78 Chris Mita 12 6’0″ 225 OL DL
88 Rich Corrao 11 5’9″ 150 WR DB

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