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The Coach

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Name: Bryan Gallagher
Skinny: Gallagher is a big disciple of the Wing-T. So much so that he’d run the Wing-T even if he had Brett Favre on his team…and will even tell you that Brett Favre ran the Wing-T in high school (true fact). If you are a football purist and want to see brilliant form tackling and textbook blocking then you must see a Boonton game this year. I’ve seen 160-pound Boonton linemen de-cleat 260-pound defenders based on precision technique on more than one occasion. Then put their hand out to help him up. Gallagher does everything the right way and it is reflected in the fact that he doesn’t win less than 7-games a season and has midget football players chomping at the bit for chance to the one day don the black & red. Every year every opposing coach rolls his eyes when they look at the week they have to play Gallagher’s Bombers on their schedule.
2016 Record: 7-2

The Players

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Franchise Player: Most Morris-Sussex teams aren’t naming their lineman as their “franchise player” but in Boonton there is no doubt OT/DT Joe Chermak is their guy. Chermak actually came in as a freshman as a QB…and a good one at that. But Coach Gallagher felt he’d better help the team if he moved to TE. Problem was, Chermak kept growing so this past year Gallagher asked him to move to tackle. The best part is the senior never flinched or resented being moved. He’s a “what’s best for the team” kind of guy and is poised to be one of the best linemen in all of Morris-Sussex.
Hottest Selling Jersey: A guy who you can’t help not to root for is RB/LB Vinny Ventricelli. The senior is just the epitome of a leader on and off the field and is dynamic enough to break for a TD on any given play.
All Unruly Watch: Unless you live under a rock, then you certainly remember Morris Sussex Sport’s All Unruly Player of the Year for 2015 Gage Cabalar. He will go down as one of Morris-Sussex’s all time greats. Well, he has a little brother named Trey  Cabalar who’s Boonton’s junior QB. Although the same bloodline he’s a different kind of player. He’s a few inches taller than Gage and has a different build. But what he does have is that Cabalar fire in his eyes that will pay big dividends for the Bombers over the next two years.
Under the Radar: There are a few players that will make an impact for the Bombers this season that you may not be that familiar with. Junior OG/NT Nick Ezzi has a motor that never stops and seems to have a knack for serving up pancakes. Senior TE/DE Julian Billa is guy that will be very disruptive on both sides of the ball. Another guy that has done everything right in summer camp is senior WR/DB Brandon Wong. Wong brings a ton of leadership and good character that Coach Gallagher loves to have in his senior players.
Benching the Weight Room: Junior FB/LB Joe Cannizzaro literally lived in the weight room this off-season. That’s important for this team as the Bombers rely heavily on having a durable player like Cannizzaro in the middle of their offense and defense.
Throwback: The two guys that should be playing in 1982 are offensive and defensive linemen, James Jacobson and Janok Bilgec. Both of these beefcakes seem to thrive on decleating opponents. These guys are no frills types of players who live for Friday nights.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Boonton is the Rocky Balboa of Morris-Sussex. They are not flashy. They are hard working. There’s a train that runs through the middle of town. Even parts of town look like some of those old streets that Rocky used to run down in Philly. And when they play teams, they just keep coming at them no matter how hard they hit. And I have a feeling Week 1 against Pequannock is going to play out like the original Rocky movie. Pequannock is definitely highly favored with their flashy red-white-blue boxing shorts and all the fanfare they will bring to the ring. But I guarantee, win or lose, Pequannock will be looking across the field at the Boonton players like Appolo Creed looked at Rocky all exhausted like, “Are you seriously not going to quit?” After that, I really like the Bomber’s stack up against their schedule. I feel the same way about their state section. Don’t get me wrong, things won’t be easy for them. But if everything goes according to the script, the Bombers’ season can finish the way Rocky IV ended…by beating some big steroided up blonde haired guy with an accent. You get the picture!


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

09-08 Pequannock Boonton HS
09-15 @ Weequahic Untermann Field
09-23 Parsippany Boonton HS
09-28 @ North Warren North Warren HS
10-06 Shabazz Boonton HS
10-13 @ Hopatcong Hopatcong HS
10-20 Dover Boonton HS
10-28 @ Verona Verona HS
11-03 Butler Boonton HS

Who’s In Their State Section

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Cedar Grove
Hasbrouck Heights
New Milford
North Warren
Park Ridge
Pompton Lakes
Saddle Brook
Wallkill Valley


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Boonton’s preseason camp visit HERE.

1 Brandon Wong 12 SE DB
3 Jad El Sahely 12 SE OLB
4 Jordan DeCosta 10 RB LB
5 Johan Marcelino 9 QB DB
6 Corey Dempster 10 RB DB
7 Jason Earle 11 RB OLB
8 Joe Kassar 10 QB DB
9 Justin Waters 11 TE OLB
11 Jason Whritenour 10 QB DB
12 Trey Cabalar 11 QB DB
14 Nick DeLuca 11 SE DB
20 Danny Portas 9 RB OLB
21 Vincent Federico 9 RB LB
22 Mylo Lee 9 RB DB
24 Nick DiLorenzo 11 RB OLB
27 Michael Kreitz 10 SE DB
28 Sami Uthman 11 RB OLB
30 Bryan Leon 10 RB DB
38 Vinny Ventricelli 12 RB LB
39 Mudesir Khan 9 SE DB
43 David Hanna 9 RB DL
44 Joe Cannizzaro 11 RB LB
47 Chad Reed 10 RB LB
51 Nick Slaughter 10 G LB
52 Tistan Martinez 11 G DL
53 Matt Cannizzaro 10 G LB
54 Janok Bilgec 12 G DL
55 Bryan Quintanar 11 C LB
56 Joe Chermak 12 T DL
57 Mason Davis 9 OL DL
58 CJ Ricci 9 OL LB
62 Josh Kondroski 10 T DL
63 John Quinones 10 G DL
64 Adrian Ferati 9 OL LB
64 Sean Tucker 9 OL DL
66 Juan Davila 9 OL DL
67 John Whritenour 11 C DL
70 Isaiah Anthony 9 OL DL
72 Jeff Yanez 9 OL DL
73 James Jacobson 11 T DL
76 Nick Ezzi 11 G DL
79 Adrian Tumang 10 T DL
80 Julian Billa 12 TE DL
84 Umar Zeb 9 SE DB
87 Turner Brennan 9 TE DL

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