2017 Parisi Speed School Morris Catholic Crusaders Football Preview

Photos by Bryan Metz

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The Coach

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Name:  John Hack
Skinny: Here’s the dealio on Hack. As a player, he donned the pads for Immaculata in the late 90s where he received All State honors as a lineman. Then he played college ball at St. Peters. Eventually, he became head coach of his old high school team but resigned three years ago to take the MC job. That’s just a little resume to let you know that Hack is a football guy through and through. Here’s why you can’t help rooting for this guy. Hack’s the kind of coach that does EVERYTHING the right way. He’s a coach and mentor to his players. He has players up at his house for pregame meals. He takes the entire squad on team building trips. He shakes hands with opposing players and wishes them well and he doesn’t cut corners. When he wins a state championship (“when” being the operative word), it is going to because he does everything with class.
2016 Record: 2-8

The Players

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Franchise Player: DePaul senior runningback transfer Darrell Sellers will be all the rage. He’s 6 foot, 190-pounds and runs like a gazelle. Arm tackles will prove to be fruitless.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Everyone’s going to want QB Nasir Clerk’s #2 jersey. He’s extremely dynamic and can turn a broken play into an 80-yard touchdown. The scariest part is that he’s only a sophomore.
All Unruly Watch: A player that is going to prove to be lethal in the defensive backfield is Damon Lattuga. He’s a total ball hawk and led the team in INTs as a junior.
Under the Radar: A few lesser known guys who will be making headlines this year will be RB/DB Kuomar Fitzgerald, OL Joe Onorati, RB/WR Naim Redding and TE/OLB Matt Luttenberger.
Benching the Weight Room: OLB/OT Joey Riotto is a beast in the weight room which will translate to the field. Chris Carter is another linemen who has worked really hard in the weight room this offseason and is having a great preseason.
Throwback: Center Anthony Forgione is a tough guy who could play in any era. Even though he’s a center, he’s often seen blocking players way downfield to do everything he can to extend the play.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Morris Catholic’s camp visit HERE.

I love, love, love the athleticism of this team. Their smart, athletic and is all about the vertical game. Momentum is going to be key for the Crusaders. If they can get multiple wins in a row, things can start snowballing for them in a good way. The trick is going to be getting that momentum as early as possible. That won’t be easy against a defending state champion in Weekquahic and a Whippany Park team that is built for a championship run themselves. But if MC can navigate those two games and get some downward momentum into the playoffs they can be lethal at the right time.


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09-02 Weequahic Morris Catholic HS
09-09 @ Whippany Park Whippany Park HS
09-16 Hudson Catholic Morris Catholic HS
09-22 @ Marist Bayonne HS
09-29 Hopatcong Morris Catholic HS
10-06 @ Butler Butler Athletic Complex
10-20 Imm. Concept. Morris Catholic HS
10-28 @ Newark Collegiate Newark Schools Stadium
11-04 Sussex Tech Morris Catholic HS

Who’s In Their State Section

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Gloucester Catholic
Holy Cross
Holy Spirit
Hudson Catholic
Immaculate Conception
Mater Dei Prep
Montclair Kimberley
Morris Catholic
Newark Academy
St. Joseph (Hamm.)
St. Mary


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Morris Catholic’s camp visit HERE.

Banton Khayri Freshmen 8 WR/S/LB
Barnes Kiar Sophomore 1 WR/DB
Benedetto Alex Junior 24 TE/LB
Blind James Senior 4 WR/CB
Briant Jason Freshmen 80 WR/DB
Carter Chris Junior 54 OL/DL
Castelano Domenick Junior 75 OL/DL
Clerk Nasir Sophomore 2 QB/WR/DB
Daley Eric Sophomore 26 WR/DB
Daniel Xavier Freshmen 34 RB/LB
Dotzman Anthony Senior 22 WR/DB
Duarte Jonathan Freshmen 20 WR/DB
Fitzgerald Justice Freshmen 36 WR/DB
Fitzgerald Kuomar Senior 3 RB/S/LB
Forgione Anthony Senior 56 OL/DL
Fox Aidan Freshmen TBD OL/DL
Kaelin Lucas Sophomore 71 OL/DL
Keigher Brian Sophomore 9 WR/QB/DB
Lamadieu BJ Junior 15 RB/LB
Lattuga Damon Senior 13 WR/DB
Leger Philippe Freshmen 18 QB/LB
Lehrer Colton Freshmen 82 WR/DB
Ludwig Joe Sophomore 10 WR/DB
Luttenberger Matthew Sophomore 87 TE/LB
Maines Michael Freshmen 74 OL/DL
McAndrew Ryan Sophomore 16 WR/DB
McGough Casey Freshmen 77 OL/DL
Navarro Carlos Sophomore 32 RB/TE/LB
Onorati Joe Senior 51 OL/LB
Redding Naim Sophomore 5 RB/DB
Richards Michael Freshmen TBD OL/LB
Riotto Joey Senior 55 OL/LB
Rivera Mateo Freshmen 44 OL/LB
Rodriguez Sebastian Freshmen 41 WR/DB
Scalchi Benjamin Freshmen 70 OL/DL
Schreiber Nick Freshmen 52 OL/DL
Sellers Darrell Senior 7 ATH/WR/S
Shelley John Freshmen 21 OL/DB
Shukla Aaditya Freshmen TBD WR/DB
Stark Thomas Freshmen 88 WR/QB/DB
Stevenson Duncan Junior 58 OL/DL
Walker William Freshmen TBD OL/DL
Wickenheisser Patrick Senior 25 TE/OLB/DL

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