Roxbury Wins Big Over Par Hills, 40-14

Photo by Mattie Marano

Walking into Par Hills Stadium for the 2nd time in three weeks, you’d think I would recognize where I was. I didn’t. The whole stadium was so lit up in black and yellow, I thought I was at a Hanover Park game. But no, the entire Par Hills side was decked out in yellow in support of childhood cancer, specifically for a little viking, Sean Reese, fighting a brain tumor. The Roxbury fans decided to blackout their side of the stadium.


Roxbury’s Michael Roumes takes it around the end for a nice gain (photo by Mattie Marano).

The game started out fast, real fast. As soon as Par Hills deferred the toss and Tyshon Bradley brought it up to the 38 yard line after the kick, Donovan Brady’s passes to Paul Shady for the 52 yard touchdown. Riley O’Connor kick skirted wide, making it 6-0 Roxbury. Nick Verducci itched to get on the field after watching the Gaels score too easily on his home turf. He took shotgun almost immediately after stepping off the field airing out a beautiful pass 24 yard pass to Kyle Davis. This momentum was short lived, the Vikings couldn’t pull out the rush for the 4th down and turned it over to the Gaels.

Donovan Brady of Roxbury was on a warpath to move his team into the redzone. After some short and effective running gains by Joey Badgley and Michael Roumes, Brady’s pass to Roumes for 50 yards touchdown jacked up the Gaels’ lead to 12-0. The extra point missed.


Parsippany Hills’ QB Nick Verducci drops back to find an open receiver early in this contest (photo by Mattie Marano). 

The ending of the 1st quarter happened because of the Par Hills fans. They were not quiet for even a minute, even if their team was down two touchdowns. The energy they created with their constant cheers and chirps, radiated to the players on the field. The Vikings motored down the field, racking up yardage against the Gaels’ defense bringing the ball to the 50. Verducci passed it off to Michael Bettelli for the 50 yard touchdown. Roxbury kept the defense tight, not letting history repeating itself, the quarter ending at 7-12, Roxbury.

Roxbury off of their high being up a touchdown and from their hype fan section, continued their momentum. They extended their lead, Donovan Brady punching it in for a 5 yard touchdown, after Bradley, Roumes, and Justin Werder helped to propel the Gaels toward the end zone. Werder also rushed in for the two point conversion, score now 20-7.


Senior Tucker Voelbel torches around the bend for what would be a 60-yard touchdown run in the 3rd quarter (photo by Mattie Marano).

Par Hills was done with lying around letting three touchdowns in the end zone without much blocking. On the sidelines the whole team was fired up specially those sitting on the bench injured, were now up on their feet, cheering on and encouraging their teammates on the field. Nick Verducci with short solid handoffs and passes to primarily Nick Ho drove the Vikings into the redzone. Wilson Done carried the ball for the TD. The PAT was good and now only a touchdown separated the teams.

A defensive battle ensued the next possession from both the Vikings and the Gaels, not letting the other move the all very far. Most handoffs were shut down at the line, passes were tipped or found incomplete from both Verducci and Donovan. A holding penalty against Par Hills and a facemask against Roxbury lead to no major activity in the game.

The Vikings

The Vikings line made a big effort in the second half to get their offense going but it just seemed like it was Roxbury’s night (photo by Mattie Marano).  

Defensive battles are one of my favorite things to watch, because they always prelude action. Junior QB for the Gaels, Donovan Brady drove his offense and marched them down the field, barely needing a third down to get into the red zone. Badgley prompted the TD into the endzone after his carry, the score 26-14. The 2 point conversion not finding the endzone. After this touchdown, it seemed as if the demeanor changed at Par Hills, they couldn’t pull it together on their last possession. The half ended at 26-14, Gaels.

The third quarter started off shaky with no team really getting the ball moving on their opening possession. Yet, on Roxbury’s next possession they pulled the game away from the Vikings. Tucker Voelbel after Werder had gained some yardage for him, caught a short pass from Brady. He broke through the line hitting the end zone after running 40 yards. Score now 14-33, PAT good. This was the only action of the quarter and it was in fact the most important action of the game. Par Hills could not pull the momentum back together for the quarter or the rest of the game.

Roxbury senior Justin Werder

Roxbury senior Justin Werder gets in on the running attack for some positive yards (photo by Mattie Marano). 

The Gaels pulled out one last TD to open up the fourth quarter when Joey Badgley broke through the Vikings Defense after QB Brady hit almost every pass and hand-off. The PAT called good jacking up the score to 14-40. The Gaels second offense and defense kept Par Hills at bay for the remainder of the game, ending it at 14-40.

Catch your favorite dynamic duo this week as they head to Madison High School to see the Dodgers take on Pequonnock where it all began last year.

The Roxbury

The Roxbury faithful were in full force, doing their part as the 12th man for their Gaels (photo by Mattie Marano).  

Box Score

Roxbury 12 14 14 0 40
Parsippany Hills 7 7 0 0 14

Roxbury (40) at Parsippany Hills (14)

1st: Roxbury: Paul Shadel 77 pass from Donovan Brady (kick failed)
1st: Roxbury: Michael Roumes 50 pass from Donovan Brady (pass failed)
1st: Parsippany Hills: Mike Bettelli 50 pass from Nick Verducci (Cormac Bradley kick)
2nd: Roxbury: Donovan Brady 1 run (Justin Werder run)
2nd: Parsippany Hills: Wilson Done 4 run (Cormac Bradley kick)
2nd: Roxbury: Joey Badgley 2 run (pass failed)
3rd: Roxbury: Tucker Voelbel 60 run (Riley O’Connor kick)
3rd: Roxbury: Joey Badgley 14 run (Riley O’Connor kick)

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