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The 2015 All Unruly Team

Twenty years from now two current football players from two separate teams in Morris Sussex will be in a business...

Preseason Guide
Par Hills Cover 615

The Ultimate Preseason Guide to Football

Morris Sussex Sports is your source for everything you need to know about high school football in Morris and Sussex...

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Weekly Scores & Top Performances

2015 Round 1 Stats & Top Performers

Whew, what a season! This time of year is always so exciting. One week you have all 37 teams...


2015 State Finals Predictions

It’s been almost four months since we visited Chatham and Madison to preview their teams. They were hot August...

Morris Hills vs Pope John

Pope John vs Morris Hills (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Check out the video highlights of Pope John’s 42-8 victory over Morris Hills on October 17th, 2015. Morris Sussex...

Inspired Stories
Dan (pictured here with his fiancee) donates 100% of his proceeds to cancer research.

Roxbury Grad Slays Cancer, Uses Hoops to Raise Awareness

Dan Exter was climbing the ranks covering sports in the Greater New York City area. Young and fit, Exter...